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About the Mechanical Translation

About the Mechanical TranslationAbout the Mechanical Translation (Article)
Understanding that the Torah was originally written in Hebrew is important to proper Biblical interpretation.

Is a Mechanical Translation Possible?Is a Mechanical Translation Possible? (Article)
The Mechanical method of translating the Bible is new and revolutionary and superior to other translations in some aspects.

What is the Mechanical Translation?What is the Mechanical Translation? (Article)
A discussion on the unique aspects of this style of translation that will help with better Biblical understanding.

How to Use the BookHow to Use the Book (Article)
A detailed explanation of the different aspects of this translation and how to use it for better Biblical understanding.

MT and other translations ComparisonsMT and other translations Comparisons (Article)
A side-by-side comparison showing the differences between this and other translations.

Redefining Biblical WordsRedefining Biblical Words (Article)
In this translation, many Hebrew words are translated differently than one may be used to, but these differences will reveal new understandings and interpretations.

Translating and defining Hebrew WordsTranslating and defining Hebrew Words (Article)
An examination of the different methods used to determine the original meaning of Hebrew words.

Is Strong's Dictionary enough?Is Strong's Dictionary enough? (Article)
Strong's dictionary is the most popular Hebrew dictionary, but it does have limitations that most people are unaware of.

Theological FiltersTheological Filters (Article)
When reading the Bible, it is common to interpret it based on one's own preconceived perceptions, but one must ignore these in order to discover new truths.

About the Hebrew Language

Learn to Read HebrewLearn to Read Hebrew (Video)
How Mr. Benner's book, The Torah: A Mechanical Translation, and course, Learn Hebrew, can be used to assist one in learning how to read Biblical Hebrew.

The Ancient Hebrew AlphabetThe Ancient Hebrew Alphabet (Article)
A detailed history of the Hebrew alphabet from its original pictographic script to the modern alphabet used today.

The Ancient Hebrew LanguageThe Ancient Hebrew Language (Article)
A brief history of the Hebrew langauge as it relates to the Bible followed by an examination of the mechanics of the langauge, including the use of nouns and verbs and other forms of the words.

Ancient Hebrew Styles of WritingAncient Hebrew Styles of Writing (Article)
The different linguistic devices employed by the writers of the Bible to express poetry and logic.

History of the TorahHistory of the Torah (Article)
A history of how the Torah came to us today, including its original oral traditions, ancient inscriptions related to the torah and the various manuscripts and translations of the Torah.

The Documentary HypothesisThe Documentary Hypothesis (Article)
Textual evidence for the theory that the Torah was written by multiple authors and not just Moses.

Textual CriticismTextual Criticism (Article)
An example of how the various ancient manuscripts and translations of the Torah are examined to determine the original wording of the text.

Torah Resources

Genesis CorrectionsGenesis Corrections (Article)
Since its original publishing, several corrections have been and are identified here.

The Leningrad CodexThe Leningrad Codex (Article)
Complete images of the one thousand year old Leningrad Codex indexed by chapter and verse.

Modules for Modules for "eSword" (Article)
Several videos created by Mr. Benner delving into the langauge and meaning of various passages from the Torah.

Modules for Modules for "The Word" (Article)
Modules for the free The Word Bible program are available for the Mechanical Translation.

VideosVideos (Video)
Several videos created by Mr. Benner delving into the langauge and meaning of various passages from the Torah.