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The Psalms: Dictionary

ABUNDANCE: (masc.: רוב / rov) An ample quantity of number (many) or plentiful supply of strength (great). Alternate Translations: many. Strong's: #7230

ABUNDANT: (masc.: רב / rav) (fem.: רבה / ra'bah) Great plenty or supply of numbers (many) or strength (great). One who is abundant in authority such as a master or teacher. Also, an archer as one abundant with arrows. Strong's: #7227, #7228

ACCEPT(V): (רצה / r.ts.h) To receive from the messenger what is given as a message. Strong's: #7521

ACQUIT(V): (נקה / n.q.h) To declare one innocent of a crime or oath. Strong's: #5352

ACT.TREACHEROUSLY(V): (בגד) To perform an action covertly or with the intent to deceive. Strong's: #0898

ADD(V): (יסף / y.s.p) To augment something by increasing it in amount or supply. Alternate Translations: more (when written in the participle form); again (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3254

ADHERE(V): (דבק / d.b.q) To join or stick to someone or something. Strong's: #1692

ADMINISTRATOR: (masc.: כוהן / ko'heyn) One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. Strong's: #3548

Adonai: (masc.: אדוני / a'do'ni) MT: LORD~s~me RMT: My lords. Strong's: #0136

ADORATION: (fem.: תהילה / te'hi'lah) To praise or to be boastful. Strong's: #8416

AFFLICT(V): (ענה / ah.n.h) To oppress severely so as to cause persistent suffering or anguish in the sense of making dark; to be or make humbled. Strong's: #6031

AFFLICTION: (masc.: עני / a'ni) The cause of persistent suffering, pain or distress. Alternate Translations: afflicted Strong's: #6040, #6041

AFTER: (אחר / אחרי / a'hhar / a'hhar'iy) A time to come beyond another event. Alternate Translations: afterward; behind; follow. Strong's: #0310

AGONY: (masc.: חיל / hhil) (fem.: חילה / hhi'lah) A state of being in emotional or physical turmoil or pain. Strong's: #2427

AH: (האח / אי / אח / ahah / he'ah / ey / ahh) [To be verified] The sigh of one in exclamation out of a desire. Strong's: #0162, #0253, #0337, #1889(x2)

Aharon: (masc.: אהרון / a'ha'ron) MT: LIGHT.BRINGER RMT: Light bringer (Uncertain meaning, but related to the word for light). Strong's: #0175

ALL: (masc.: כול / kol) The whole of a group. Alternate Translations: any; every; among (when followed by the prefix "to~"). Strong's: #3605

ALL.AROUND: (masc.: סביב / sa'viv) (fem.: סביבה / se'vi'vah) On all sides; enclose so as to surround; in rotation or succession. A circling or bordering about the edge. Strong's: #5439

ALOE: (masc.: אהל / a'hal) (fem.: אהלה / a'ha'lah) Any chiefly shrub belonging to the genus Aloe, of the lily family. The oils or the shrub. Strong's: #0174

ALONE: (masc.: בדד / ba'dad) One who is separated from the group; solitary; desolate. Strong's: #0910

ALSO: (masc.: גם / gam) In addition to. The idea of a gathering of objects or ideas. Alternate Translations: and; both; even; should; since. Strong's: #1571

ALTAR: (masc.: מזבח / miz'bey'ahh) The place of sacrifice. Strong's: #4196

Alush: (masc.: אלוש / a'lush) MT: I~will~KNEAD(V) RMT: I will knead. Strong's: #0442

ANGER: (masc.: כעס / ka'as) Strong's: #3708

ANGUISH: (fem.: תוגה / ) Acute distress, suffering, or pain. Strong's: #8424

ANNOUNCER: (masc.: נביא / na'vi) (fem.: נביאה / na'vi'ah) One who utters the words or instructions of Elohiym that are received through a vision or dream. One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight. Strong's: #5030, #5031

ANNOYANCE: (fem.: קללה / qe'la'lah) The act of disturbing or irritating. Something that is light in stature; considered worthless as compared with something of much greater value or importance. Strong's: #7045

ANSWER(V): (ענה / ah.n.h) Something written or spoken in reply to a question. Strong's: #6030

APART.FROM: (masc.: בילעדי / bil'a'dey) At a little distance; away from in space or time; holding different opinions. Strong's: #1107

APPOINTED: (masc.: מועד / mo'eyd) A person, place, thing or time that is fixed in place or time; an officially set time or place. Alternate Translations: appointment. Strong's: #4150, #4151

APPOINTED.TIME: (fem.: עת / eyt) A fixed or officially set event, occasion or date. Strong's: #6256

Aram: (masc.: ארם / a'ram) MT: PALACE RMT: Palace (From a root meaning "a high place," such as used for building palaces and forts). Strong's: #0758

AREA: (masc.: מקום / ma'qom) An indefinite region or expanse; a particular part of a surface or body. A place. Strong's: #4725

ARM: (fem.: זרוע / ze'ro'a) The human upper limb; associated with and representing power. Strong's: #2220

ARMAMENT: (masc.: כבוד / ka'vod) The arms and equipment of a soldier or military unit. From a root meaning "heavy" and often paralleled with other weapons. Figurative for power. Strong's: #3519

ARMY: (fem.: צבא / tse'va) A large organized group mustered together and armed for war or service. Strong's: #6635

ARRANGE(V): (ערך / ah.r.k) To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. Alternate Translations: value, as in arranging a price (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form [see Leviticus 27]). Strong's: #6186

ARROGANT: (masc.: זד / zed) One who is proud, presumptuous or insolent toward another. Strong's: #2086

ARROW: (masc.: חץ / hheyts) A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers at the butt. Strong's: #2671

ASCENSION.OFFERING: (fem.: עולה / גולה / o'lah / go'lah) An offering that is "brought up" or "lifted up." Also, a burnt offering from the rising smoke of the offering. Strong's: #1473, #5930

ASH: (masc.: אפר / a'phar) The solid residue left when material is thoroughly burned. Strong's: #0665, #0666

ASSEMBLY: (masc.: קהל / qa'hal) (fem.: קהלה / qa'ha'lah) A large group, as a gathering of the flock of sheep to the shepherd. Strong's: #6951, #3862, #6952

AT: (את / et) A function word to indicate presence or occurrence, a goal of an implied or indicated action, etc. Commonly used as a grammatical tool to identify the direct object of a verb. Alternate Translations: by; for; to; upon; with. Strong's: #0853, #0854

AT.THAT.TIME: (אז / az) A specified moment or time. Strong's: #0227

AT.THIS.POINT: (masc.: הלום / ha'lom) To indicate a specific moment or place in time. Strong's: #1988

ATTACH(V): (חשק / hh.sh.q) To bring one's self into an association with another. To have an attachment to another. Strong's: #2836

ATTACK(V): (איב / a.y.b) To be antagonistic or unfriendly to another. An action taken by an enemy. Strong's: #0340, #0341

ATTRACTIVENESS: (masc.: יפי / ) Providing pleasure or delight in appearance or manner; beauty Strong's: #3308

Aviymelekh: (masc.: אבימלך / a'viy'me'lekh) MT: FATHER~me + KING RMT: My father is king (Can also mean "Father of the king."). Strong's: #0040

Avraham: (masc.: אברהם / av'ra'ham) MT: FATHER + LIFTED RMT: Father lifted. Strong's: #0085

AWE: (masc.: פחד / pa'hhad) As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. Strong's: #6343, #6344

Ba'al: (masc.: בעל / ba'al) MT: MASTER RMT: Master. Strong's: #1168

BACK: (masc.: אחור / a'hhor) The part of the body that is behind. To be in the rear of or behind something. Strong's: #0268

BALANCE: (masc.: מואזן / mo'zeyn) A pair of scales used on a balance to weigh an object. Strong's: #3976

BAND: (masc.: גדוד / ge'dud) A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. Strong's: #1416

BARRENNESS: (masc.: און / a'wen) Action or thought that is vain or for an improper purpose. Strong's: #0205

Bashan: (masc.: בשן / ba'shan) MT: SHAME RMT: Shame. Strong's: #1316

BATHE(V): (רחץ / r.hh.ts) To cleanse by being immersed in, or washing with, water. Strong's: #7364

BATTLE: (fem.: מלחמה / mil'hha'mah) A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces. Strong's: #4421

Bavel: (masc.: בבל / ba'vel) MT: MIXED.UP RMT: Mixed up. Strong's: #0894

BE.ABLE(V): (יכל / y.k.l) To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. Strong's: #3201

BE.AFRAID(V): (יגר / y.g.r) Having the feeling fear; filled with apprehension. Strong's: #3025

BE.ALONE(V): (בדד) Strong's: #0909

BE.ASHAMED(V): (בוש / b.w.sh) Feeling shame, guilt or disgrace; to be dried up with shame. Alternate Translations: refrained (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #0954

BE.BEAUTIFUL(V): (יפה) Possessing desired qualities. Strong's: #3302

BE.BRIGHT(V): (יפע / y.p.ah) Alternate Translations: shone (when written in the hiphil [causative] form). Strong's: #3313

BE.CLEAR(V): (זכה) To be without impurities (always in a moral sense). Strong's: #2135

BE.DIRTY(V): (טמא / t.m.a) Physically or morally impure; polluted, filthy. Strong's: #2930, #2933

BE.DYSFUNCTIONAL(V): (רעע / r.ah.ah) Impaired or abnormal filling of purpose; to act wrongly by injuring or doing an evil action. Strong's: #4827, #7489

BE.FACE.TO.FACE(V): (נגד / n.g.d) To face another. Alternate Translations: tell (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #5046

BE.FAR(V): (רחק / r.hh.q) To be distant, a long way off. Alternate Translations: afar Strong's: #7368

BE.HEAVY(V): (כבד / k.b.d) To be great in weight, wealth or importance. Alternate Translations: honor (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #3513

BE.LESS(V): (מעט / m.ah.t) To be fewer or diminished in size or amount. Strong's: #4591

BE.LEVEL(V): (שוה / sh.w.h) To be even or flat; to make something like something else, or to compare it to something else. Strong's: #7737, #7738

BE.OLD(V): (זקן / z.q.n) To be of an advanced age. Strong's: #2204

BE.SICK(V): (חלה / hh.l.h) To be twisted through pain. Strong's: #2470

BE.SILENT(V): (דמם / d.m.m) To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. Strong's: #1826

BE.SKILLED(V): (חכם / hh.k.m) To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. Strong's: #2449

BE.STEADFAST(V): (צדק / ts.d.q) To walk on the right path without losing the way. Strong's: #6663

BE.STRANGE(V): (זור / z.w.r) To be separated out from others; to be scattered abroad. Strong's: #2114

BE.STUBBORN(V): (סרר / שרר / s.r.r) To turn away from the correct path toward another direction. Strong's: #5637, #7786

BE.VAIN(V): (הבל) To be empty of contents or usefulness. Strong's: #1891

BE.WHOLE(V): (תמם / t.m.m) To be free of wound or injury, defect or impairment, disease or deformity; physically and mentally sound. Strong's: #8552

BE.ZEALOUS(V): (קנא / q.n.a) To be filled with eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. Alternate Translations: envious (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #7065

BEARD: (masc.: זקן / za'qeyn) The hair that grows on a man's face. A long and gray beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. Alternate Translations: elder (as one with a long beard). Strong's: #2205, #2206

BEAST: (fem.: בהמה / be'hey'mah) An animal as distinguished from man or a plant. A tall or large creature. Also, representative of wealth, as one who is exalted. Strong's: #0929, #0930

BEAT.TO.PIECES(V): (גרס) [To be verified] To be crushed as grain to make a meal. Strong's: #1638

BEAUTIFUL: (masc.: יפה / ya'pheh) Generally pleasing. Possessing the qualities of loveliness or functionality. Strong's: #3303, #3304

BEAUTY: (masc.: חן / hheyn) A person, place or thing that is graceful and precious; what is worth protecting. Strong's: #2580

BEFORE: (טרם / te'rem) What precedes another event. Alternate Translations: not yet. Strong's: #2962

BELCH.OUT(V): (נבע) To eject gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth; to issue out with force. Strong's: #5042

BELITTLE(V): (קלל / q.l.l) To regard or portray as less impressive or important; to be light in weight; to curse or despise in the sense of making light. Strong's: #7043

Beli'ya'al: (masc.: בליעל / be'li'ya'al) MT: UNAWARE + he~will~Gain(V) RMT: The unaware will gain. Strong's: #1100

BEND.DOWN(V): (שחה / sh.hh.h) To pay homage to another one by bowing low or getting on the knees with the face to the ground. Strong's: #7812

BETWEEN: (בין / beyn) In the time, space or interval that separates. Strong's: #0996, #1143

BEVERAGE: (masc.: שקוי / shi'quiy) A thick or sludgy drink; marrow, the thick liquid inside the channel of bones and used as a type of butter. Strong's: #8249, #8250

Binyamin: (masc.: בינימין / bin'ya'min) MT: SON + RIGHT.HAND RMT: Son of the right hand. Strong's: #1144

BIRD: (fem.: ציפור / tsi'por) A creature distinguished by a body covering of feathers and wings as forelimbs. Strong's: #6833

BLAME(V): (חרף / hh.r.p) Strong's: #2778(x2)

BLOOD: (masc.: דם / dam) The red fluid that circulates through the body. Alternate Translations: bloodshed (when in the plural form). Strong's: #1818

BOIL.UP(V): (רחש) To vigourously stir a boiling pot. Strong's: #7370

BOLDNESS: (masc.: עוז / oz) Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. Strong's: #5797

BONDWOMAN: (fem.: אמה / a'mah) A female slave. One who is bound to another. Strong's: #0519

BONE: (masc.: עצם / e'tsem) The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. Strong's: #6106

BORDER: (masc.: גבול / ge'vul) The outer edge of a region. Also, the area within the borders. Strong's: #1366

BOTTLE: (masc.: נואד / נוד / ) (fem.: נואדה / ) A narrow necked clay bottle used for storing wine or other fluids. Strong's: #4997

BOULDER: (masc.: צור / tsur) A large rock used as a weapon or a rock cliff used as a place of defense. Also, flint, a very hard rock that when fractured forms a razor sharp edge and used for knives, spears or arrowheads. Strong's: #6697

BOUND.UP(V): (קוה / q.w.h) To be confined or hedged in; to wait or to be held back. Strong's: #6960

BOW: (fem.: קשת / qe'shet) A weapon made from a stiff branch to shoots arrows. A bow-shaped object such as a rainbow. Strong's: #7198, #7199

BOWELS: (masc.: רחם / re'hhem) The belly; the lower portion of the torso. Alternate Translations: tenderness. Strong's: #7356, #7358

BOX: (masc.: ארון / a'ron) A rigid rectangular receptacle often with a cover. Any box-shaped object. Strong's: #0727

BRANCH: (masc.: מטה / ma'teh) A branch used as a staff. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. Strong's: #4294

BRAVERY: (fem.: גבורה / ge'vo'rah) An act of defending one's property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. Strong's: #1369

BREAD: (masc.: לחם / le'hhem) Baked and leavened bread primarily made of flour or meal. Also, food in general. Strong's: #3899, #3901

BREAK.OUT(V): (פרץ / p.r.ts) To be spread out wide or widespread. Strong's: #6555

BRIBE: (masc.: שחד / sha'hhad) To buy a favor or service that would be otherwise out of reach. Strong's: #7810

BRING(V): (יבל / y.b.l) To cause to come by carrying, leading or dragging. Strong's: #2986

BRING.FORTH(V): (ילד / y.l.d) To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. Alternate Translations: act as midwife (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #3205

BROKEN: (masc.: דכא / da'kah) Something that is struck into fragments. Strong's: #1793

BROTHER: (masc.: אח / ahh) A male who has the same parents as another or shares one parent with another. One who stands between the enemy and the family, a protector. Strong's: #0251, #1889

BUCK: (masc.: איל / a'yil) The large males of a flock of sheep or heard of deer. By extension, anything of strength including a chief, pillar (as the strong support of a building), or oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods). Strong's: #0352, #0353, #0354

BUILD(V): (בנה / b.n.h) To construct a building or home with wood, stone or other material or a family with sons. Strong's: #1129

BULL: (masc.: פר / par) A large male un-castrated bovine. Strong's: #6499

BULLOCK: (masc.: עגל / ey'gel) A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. Strong's: #5695

BURN(V): (בער / b.ah.r) To undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire; have fierce anger Alternate Translations: ignite (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1197

BURST.OUT(V): (פרח / p.r.hh) To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. Strong's: #6524

BUSINESS: (fem.: מלאכה / me'la'khah) The principal occupation of one's life. A service. Strong's: #4399

Buz: (masc.: בוז / buz) MT: DESPISED RMT: Despised. Strong's: #0938

BY: (עימד / i'mad) In proximity to. Alternate Translations: with. Strong's: #5978

CALCULATE(V): (שכל / s.k.l) To comprehend and carefully consider a path or course of action; to determine by deduction or practical judgment. Strong's: #4905, #7919

CALL.OUT(V): (קרא / q.r.a) To raise one's voice or speak loudly and with urgency; to give, a name; to meet in the sense of being called to a meeting; to have an encounter by chance; to read in the sense of calling out words. Strong's: #7121

CAMP: (masc.: מחנה / me'hha'neh) A place suitable for or used as the location of a camp. The inhabitants of a camp. Strong's: #4264

CAMP(V): (חנה / hh.n.h) To erect temporary shelters (as tents) together; to stop for the night and pitch the tents. Strong's: #2583

CANOPY: (fem.: חופה / ) [To be verified] A covering. Strong's: #2646

CART: (fem.: עגלה / a'ga'lah) A heavy, two-wheeled vehicle, animal-drawn, used for transporting freight or for farming. Strong's: #5699

CASSIA: (fem.: קציעה / קידה / q'tsiy'ah / qi'dah) The tree, wood or spice which is used in anointing oils and perfumes. Strong's: #6916, #7102

CAST.OUT(V): (גרש / g.r.sh) To forcefully drive away, expel, or thrust away. Strong's: #1644

CATTLE: (masc.: בקר / בעיר / ba'qar / be'iyr) Domesticated bovine animals. Strong beasts used to break the soil with plows. Strong's: #1165, #1241

CAVE: (fem.: מכרה / me'khey'rah) A natural underground chamber or series of chambers that open to the surface. A hole in the rock. Strong's: #4380, #4631

CEASING: (fem.: שבת / sha'bat) A stopping of work or activity; An activity curtailed before completion. The seventh day of the week (often transliterated as Sabbath) when all business ceases for rest and celebration. Strong's: #7674, #7676

CEDAR: (masc.: ארז / e'rez) A coniferous tree from the cyprus family having wide, spreading branches. The wood or tree or something made it. Strong's: #0730

CELEBRATE(V): (עלץ) To show joy or triumph; rejoice, jubilant. Strong's: #5970

CHAFF: (masc.: מוץ / ) The dry, scaly protective casings of grain seeds. Strong's: #4671

CHERISHED: (masc.: ידיד / ya'diyid) (fem.: ידידה / ya'di'dah) One held or treated as dear; feel love for. Strong's: #3039

CHOOSE(V): (בחר / b.hh.r) To select freely and after consideration. Strong's: #0977

CIRCUIT: (fem.: תקופה / te'qu'phah) A going around in a circle. To return to a starting point in the sense of going full circle. Alternate Translations: end. Strong's: #8622

CISTERN: (masc.: בור / bor) An artificial reservoir for storing water. A hole or well as dug out. Strong's: #0953, #2352, #2356

CITADEL: (masc.: משגב / mis'gav) A strongly fortified place; stronghold; a high place of defense and protection. Strong's: #4869

CITY: (masc.: עיר / ir) An inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a town or village. Usually protected by a wall. Strong's: #5892

CLAN: (fem.: משפחה / mish'pa'hhah) A group of persons of common ancestry. A group of people joined together by certain convictions or common affiliation. Strong's: #4940

CLEAN: (masc.: טהור / ta'hor) (fem.: טהורה / ta'ho'rah) Someone or something that is free of impurities or is not mixed with any other matter. Strong's: #2889, #2890

CLEAVE(V): (פרס / p.r.s) To split in two as the hoofs of a clean animal. Strong's: #6536

CLIFF: (masc.: סלע / se'la) A high rock, cliff or towering rock, as a place of defense. Strong's: #5553

CLING(V): (בטח / b.t.hh) To grab hold of someone or something that is secure and safe. Strong's: #0982

CLOTHING: (masc.: לבוש / le'vush) Garments in general. Strong's: #3830

COME(V): (בוא / b.w.a) To move toward something; approach; enter. This can be understood as to come or to go. Alternate Translations: bring (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #0935

COME.NEAR(V): (קרב / q.r.b) To come close by or near to. Alternate Translations: be brought near (when written in the niphil [passive] form); bring near (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7126

COMFORT: (fem.: נחמה / ) A feeling of relief or consolation. Strong's: #5165

COMFORT(V): (נחם / n.hh.m) Consolation in time of trouble or worry; to give solace in time of difficulty or sorrow. Alternate Translations: repent or regret (when written in the niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #5162

COMMENT: (fem.: מלה / ) A word or speech as a remark, observation, or criticism. Strong's: #4405

COMMUNITY: (masc.: לאום / la'um) A unified body of individuals; a group of people bound together. Strong's: #3816

COMPANION: (masc.: רע / ריע / rey'a / rey'ya) (fem.: רעה / rey'ah) One that accompanies another; a friend. Strong's: #7453, #7464

COMPANY: (fem.: עדה / ey'dah) A group of persons or things for carrying on a project or undertaking; a group with a common testimony. May also mean a witness or testimony. Strong's: #5712

COMPASSIONATE: (masc.: רחום / ra'hhum) Being sympathetic, and understanding. A protecting from harm. Strong's: #7349

COMPLETENESS: (masc.: שלם / שלום / sha'leym / sha'lom) (fem.: שלמה / she'ley'mah) Something that has been finished or made whole. A state of being whole. Strong's: #7965, #8003

COMPLETION: (fem.: כלה / ka'lah) The act or process of completing. This can be in a positive sense or negative, such as in a failure. Strong's: #3617

CONCEAL(V): (צפן / ts.p.n) To hide to prevent discovery. Strong's: #6845

CONCLUSION: (masc.: קץ / qeyts) To come to an end. The end of a time period or place or the end of something. The border of a country as its edges. Alternate Translations: after (when prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #7093

CONFIDENCE: (masc.: סוד / sod) Advice given in secret as a result of consultation. Strong's: #5475

CONSENT(V): (אבה / a.b.h) To give approval; to be in concord in opinion or sentiment; agreement as to action or opinion; to be willing to go somewhere or do something. Strong's: #0014

CONSEQUENCE: (עקב / ey'qev) An effect or result following an action; reward or compensation. Alternate Translations: consequently Strong's: #6118

CONSISTENCY: (masc.: איתן / ey'tan) Agreement or harmony of parts or features; showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom. Strong's: #0386

CONSORT: (fem.: שגל / ) Strong's: #7694

CONSORT(V): (חרף / hh.r.p) To be gathered or attached to. Strong's: #2778(x2)

CONTENTION: (fem.: מריבה / me'ri'vah) An act or instance of striving or struggling against great difficulty or opposition. Strong's: #4808

CONTINUALLY: (masc.: תמיד / ta'mid) Happening without interruption or cessation; continuous in time. Strong's: #8548

COPPER: (fem.: נחושת / ne'hho'shet) A malleable, ductile, metallic element having a characteristic reddish-brown color. A precious metal. Strong's: #5178

COUNSEL: (fem.: עצה / ey'tsah) A giving of advice. Strong's: #6098

COUNT(V): (ספר / s.p.r) To find the total number of units. Also, to give an account on record. Alternate Translations: recount (when written in the piel [active intensive] form); scribe (when written in the participle form). Strong's: #5608

COUPLE: (masc.: חבר / hha'var) A pair or group that are bound together. Strong's: #2267, #2270, #2271

COURAGEOUS: (masc.: גיבור / gi'bor) Having or characterized by mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty. Strong's: #1368

COURTYARD: (masc.: חצר / hha'tser) The grounds of a building or group of buildings. Villages outside of the larger cities, as "the yard of the city. " A courtyard as outside the house. Strong's: #2691

COVENANT: (fem.: ברית / be'rit) A solemn and binding agreement between two or more parties especially for the performance of some action. Often instituted through a sacrifice. Strong's: #1285

COVER(V): (כפר / k.p.r) To afford protection or security; to hide from sight or knowledge; to cover over as with a lid; to figuratively cover over an error or failure. Strong's: #3722

COVER.OVER(V): (כשה / k.s.h) To prevent disclosure or recognition of; to place out of sight; to completely cover over or hide. Strong's: #3680, #3780

CRACK(V): (שבר / sh.b.r) To break open, apart or into pieces. Alternate Translations: shatter; shattered (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #7665

CRAVE(V): (חמד / hh.m.d) To have a strong or inward desire for something. Strong's: #2530

CREMATE(V): (סרף / שרף / s.r.p) To reduce a dead body, or other object, to ashes by burning. Strong's: #5635, #8313

CROOKED: (masc.: עיקש / iy'qeysh) Strong's: #6141

CROSS.OVER(V): (עבר / ah.b.r) To pass from one side to the other; to go across a river or through a land; to transgress in the sense of crossing over. Alternate Translations: on account of 'or' in order that (when written in the passive participle and prefixed with the prefix "in~"). Strong's: #5668, #5674

CRY: (fem.: צעקה / tse'a'qah) To utter loudly; to shout; to shed tears, often noisily. A loud crying or calling out. Strong's: #6818

CRY.OUT(V): (צעק / ts.ah.q) To cry or call out loudly. Strong's: #6817

CUP: (fem.: כוס / kos) A vessel for holding liquids, usually for drinking. Strong's: #3563

CUSTOM: (masc.: חוק / hhuq) (fem.: חוקה / hhu'qah) A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual. Strong's: #2706, #2708

CUT(V): (כרת / k.r.t) To penetrate with a sharp-edged instrument. Strong's: #3772

CUT.SHARPLY(V): (חרץ / hh.r.ts) To divide or slice with a sharp instrument such as a potsherd or iron blade. To make a decision in the sense of dividing between two choices. To be diligent in the sense of a sharp action. Strong's: #2742, #2782

DAMAGE(V): (שחת / sh.hh.t) To bring to ruin by destruction; to destroy through disfigurement or corruption. Alternate Translations: destroy (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7843

DANCING.AROUND: (masc.: גיל / giyl) A circle of rejoicing. Strong's: #1524

DANDLE: (שעע) To bounce in an up and down motion. To be excited (through the idea of bouncing up and down with excitement). Strong's: #8173

DARKNESS: (masc.: חושך / hho'shekh) The state of being dark. As the darkness of a moonless night. Strong's: #2822

Datan: (masc.: דתן / da'tan) MT: LAWFUL RMT: Lawful. Strong's: #1885

DAUGHTER: (fem.: בת / bat) A female having the relation of a child to parent. A village that resides outside of the city walls; as "the daughter of the city." Strong's: #1323

Dawiyd: (masc.: דויד / da'wiyd) MT: BELOVED RMT: Beloved Strong's: #1732

DAY: (masc.: יום / yom) The time of light between one dusk and the next one. Usually in the context of daylight hours but may also refer to the entire day or even a season. Alternate Translations: today (when prefixed with "the~"); daily (when prefixed with "to ~the~", or when the word is doubled). Strong's: #3117

DAYTIME: (masc.: יומם / yo'mam) The time of the day when the sun is shining. Strong's: #3119

DEATH: (masc.: מות / mot) A permanent cessation of all vital functions; the end of life. Strong's: #4192, #4194

DEATH.SENTENCE: (fem.: תמותה / ) Appointed to die; worthy of death. Strong's: #8546

DECEIT: (fem.: מרמה / mir'mah) The act or practice of not being honest. Strong's: #4820

DECIDE(V): (שפט / sh.p.t) To make a determination in a dispute or wrong doing; to judge. Strong's: #8199

DECISION: (masc.: משפט / mish'pat) A pronounced opinion. Strong's: #4941

DECLARE(V): (חוה) To make known. Strong's: #2331

DECLARE(V): (נאם / n.a.m) To make a formal proclamation. Often used for the words of God. Strong's: #5001, #5002

DEDICATION: (masc.: נזר / ne'zer) The act of being set apart for a special purpose. Also, a crown of authority as a sign of dedication. Alternate Translations: crown. Strong's: #5145

DEED: (masc.: פועל / po'al) The work or task that is performed in order to produce something. Strong's: #6467

DEEP.BLACK: (masc.: אישון / iy'shon) The black of night or the pupil of the eye. Strong's: #0380

DEEP.WATER: (fem.: תהום / te'hom) Extending far below some surface or area; in difficulty or distress; a deep and tumultuous water; a subterranean body of water. Strong's: #8415

DELIGHT: (masc.: חפץ / hhey'phets) A desired object or action. Strong's: #2655, #2656

DELIGHT(V): (חפץ / hh.p.ts) To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. Strong's: #2654

DELIVER(V): (נצל / n.ts.l) To set free; to take and hand over to or leave for another. Strong's: #5337

DELIVERANCE: (fem.: תשועה / ) A rescue from a burden, enemy or trouble. Strong's: #8668

DEPOSIT: (fem.: מינחה / min'hhah) The act of making a gift or a free contribution. What is brought to another as a gift. Strong's: #4503

DEPRESSION: (masc.: כר / car) What is of a concave shape such as a saddle or pasture in a valley. Also, may mean the sheep of the pasture. Strong's: #3733

DESOLATE: (fem.: שממה / she'ma'mah) Vacant or void of required sources for life. Strong's: #8047, #8077

DESPISED: (masc.: בוז / buz) One who is looked down upon with contempt or aversion. Alternate Translations: despisableness Strong's: #0937

DESTROY(V): (שמד / sh.m.d) To bring to ruin a structure, existence, or condition. Strong's: #8045

DEVOTION: (fem.: חנוכה / hha'nu'khah) Reserved for a specific use or purpose. Strong's: #2598

DIE(V): (מות / m.w.t) To pass from physical life; to pass out of existence; to come to an end through death. Alternate Translations: kill or be put to death (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #4191

DIG.OUT(V): (חפר / hh.p.r) To dig something out of the ground. To dig into something as if searching. To confuse in the sense of being dug out. Strong's: #2658, #2659

DILIGENT: (masc.: מהיר / ) To be efficient, prompt and attentive. Strong's: #4106

DIMINISH(V): (חסר / hh.s.r) To make less or cause to appear less; to lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of. Be lacking or to decrease. Strong's: #2637

DIRECT(V): (צוה / ts.w.h) To cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course; give instructions or orders for a path to be taken. Strong's: #6680

DIRECTIVE: (fem.: מצוה / mits'wah) The direction to go. Serving or intended to guide, govern, or influence; serving to point direction. Strong's: #4687

DIRT: (masc.: עפר / a'phar) The dust of the ground; a fine powder. Strong's: #6083

DISCERNMENT: (fem.: דעת / da'at) The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. Knowledge. Alternate Translations: unknowingly (when following the word "UNAWARE"). Strong's: #1847

DISDAIN(V): (בזה / b.z.h) A feeling of contempt for what is beneath one; to look upon with scorn; to treat something as spoiled or no longer of value. Strong's: #0959

DISGRACE: (fem.: חרפה / hher'pah) A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. Strong's: #2781

DISOBEY(V): (מרה / m.r.h) To neglect or refuse to obey; to rebel against. Strong's: #4784

DISTANCE: (masc.: רחוק / ra'hhoq) (fem.: רחוקה / re'hho'qah) Separation in space or time. A distant place or time. Strong's: #7350

DISTANT: (masc.: עולם / o'lam) A far off place as hidden beyond the horizon. A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A place or time that cannot be perceived. Strong's: #5769

DISTRIBUTION: (masc.: חלק / hhey'leq) An individual's part or share of something. The portions dispersed out. Strong's: #2506

DO(V): (עשה / ah.sh.h) To bring to pass; to bring about; to act or make. Alternate Translations: make; use. Strong's: #6213

DO.NOT: (אל / al) The negative of an alternative choice. To be without; to not be. Strong's: #0408

DO.WELL(V): (יטב / y.t.b) To do something necessary; to be good. Alternate Translations: go well, thoroughly. Strong's: #3190

DOE: (fem.: אילה / ay'ya'lah) The adult female fallow deer. Strong's: #0355

DOG: (masc.: כלב / ke'lev) An unclean four-footed animal. Also, meaning "contempt" or "reproach." Strong's: #3611

DOVE: (fem.: יונה / yo'nah) Any of numerous species of birds, especially a small wild one. Strong's: #3123

DRIED.OUT: (fem.: חרבה / hhar'bah) A dry or desolate place. Barren or uncultivated land. Also, a dry land. Strong's: #2720, #2723, #2724

DRILL(V): (חלל / hh.l.l) To run into or through as with a pointed weapon or tool; pierce a hole through. Alternate Translations: begin, in the sense of pressing in (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); defile (when written in the hiphil [active causative], piel [active intensive] or niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #2490

DRILLED: (masc.: חלל / hha'lal) (fem.: חללה / hha'la'lah) One who has been run through with a sword. Strong's: #2491

DRINK(V): (שקה / sh.q.h) To swallow liquid, whether of man or of the land. Strong's: #8248

DRINKING: (masc.: משקה / mash'qeh) The act of swallowing water or other liquid. The drinking of the land in the sense of it being watered or irrigated. Strong's: #4945

DRIP(V): (דלף / d.l.p) To fall in drops. Strong's: #1811

DRIVE.OUT(V): (נדח / n.d.hh) To forcefully send someone or something out or away; to drive an axe through wood. Strong's: #5080

DRY.OUT(V): (יבש / y.b.sh) To be withered, ashamed or confused. Strong's: #3001

DUST.CLOUD: (masc.: שחק / sha'hhaq) A mass of fine powder being blown by the wind. Strong's: #7834

DWELL(V): (שכן / sh.k.n) To remain for a time; to live as a resident; to stay or sit in one location for an indeterminate duration. Alternate Translations: place (when written in the infinitive form). Strong's: #7931

DWELLING: (masc.: משכן / mish'kan) A place of habitation or residence. Strong's: #4908

DYSFUNCTIONAL: (masc.: רע / ra) (fem.: רעה / ra'ah) Impaired or abnormal action other than that for which a person or thing is intended. Something that does not function within its intended purpose. Strong's: #7451, #7455

EAR: (fem.: אוזן / o'zen) The organ of hearing on each side of the head. Strong's: #0241

EARTH: (fem.: תיבל / tey'vel) The whole of the land or region. Strong's: #8398

EAST: (masc.: קדם / qe'dem) The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. Strong's: #6924

EAST.WIND: (masc.: קדים / qa'dim) The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. Strong's: #6921

EAT(V): (אכל / a.k.l) To consume food; to destroy. A devouring of a fire. Strong's: #0398

Edom: (masc.: אדום / e'dom) MT: RED RMT: Red. Strong's: #0123, #0130

Ehyeh: (masc.: אהיה / eh'yeh) MT: I~will~EXIST(V) RMT: I exist (Used only once, Exodus 3:14, where it is used as a proper name). Strong's: #1961

ELEVATION: (fem.: שאת / se'eyt) The height to which something is raised. Strong's: #7613

Elohiym: (masc.: אלוהים / e'lo'him) MT: POWER~s RMT: Powers. Strong's: #0430

Elyon: (masc.: עליון / el'yon) MT: UPPER RMT: Upper. Strong's: #5945(x2)

EMBER: (masc.: גחל / ge'hhel) (fem.: גחלת / ga'hhe'let) A small live piece of coal, wood, etc., as in a dying fire. Strong's: #1513

EMBROIDERY: (masc.: רקם / re'qem) (fem.: ריקמה / riyq'mah) A decorative work of colorful needlework. Strong's: #7553

EMINENT: (masc.: אדיר / a'dir) What exerts power and status. Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. Strong's: #0117, #0155

Emor: (masc.: אמור / e'mor) MT: SAYER RMT: Sayer. Strong's: #0567

EMPIRE: (fem.: מלכות / mal'kut) The area under the control of a king; a kingdom. Strong's: #4438

EMPTINESS: (masc.: ריקם / rey'qam) Lack of contents which should be present. Void of contents or purpose. Strong's: #7387

END: (fem.: אחרית / a'hha'rit) A final point that marks the extent of something. The latter time as coming after everything else. Strong's: #0319

Enosh: (masc.: אנוש / e'nosh) MT: MAN RMT: Man. Strong's: #0583

ENRAGE(V): (זעם / z.ah.m) To be extremely angry; to be indignant. Strong's: #2194

ENTIRELY: (masc.: כליל / ka'lil) A state of being complete. All of it. No missing parts; complete by including everything. Strong's: #3632

ENVELOP(V): (עטף / ah.t.p) To be wrapped up or covered over; to be overwhelmed with grief, trouble, disease or burden. Strong's: #5848

ENWRAP(V): (עטה / ah.t.h) To tightly wrap something up. Strong's: #5844

Ephrayim: (masc.: אפרים / eph'ra'yim) MT: ASH~s2 RMT: Ashes (Can also mean "fruitful" or "double fruit."). Strong's: #0669

EVENING: (masc.: ערב / e'rev) The latter part and close of the day and the early part of the night. Dark of the evening or dark-skinned people. Strong's: #6153

EVIDENCE: (fem.: עדות / ey'dut) That which proves or disproves something; something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign. Strong's: #5715

EXIST(V): (היה / h.y.h) To have real being whether material or spiritual; to have breath. Alternate Translations: come to pass; is; what is needed (when used in the infinitive form and prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #1961

EXTEND(V): (נטה / n.t.h) To set up camp by stretching out the cover of the tent; to extend or stretch in length. Alternate Translations: turn away from (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #5186

EXTREMITY: (masc.: קצה / qa'tseh) (fem.: קצה / qa'tsah) The most distant end of a place or time; the end, corner or edge. Strong's: #7097, #7098

EYE: (fem.: עין / a'yin) The organ of sight or vision that tears when a person weeps. Also, a spring that weeps water out of the ground. Strong's: #5869

FACE: (masc.: פנה / pa'neh) The anterior part of the human head; outward appearance. One present, in the sense of being in the face of another. Often used in the context of being before or in front of. (Always written in the plural form, but usually used as a singular noun) Alternate Translations: because (when prefixed with "from~"); before, beforetime, within (when prefixed with "to~" or suffixed with "~unto"). Strong's: #3942, #6440

FACE.TOWARD(V): (קדם / q.d.m) To face another or meet face to face; to go before someone or something in space or time. Strong's: #6923

FADE(V): (נבל / n.b.l) To degrade a person, action or object. To droop or pass away. To wither away as a leaf. To wear out of strength. To act unproductively. Strong's: #5034

FAIL(V): (חטא / hh.t.a) To miss the target, whether a literal target or a goal that is aimed for. Alternate Translations: purge; bear the blame or purify (when written in the piel [active intensive] form); purify self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #2398

FAILURE: (masc.: חטא / hha'ta) (fem.: חטאה / חטאת / hha'ta'a / hha'ta'at) An act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior. Sin, in the sense of missing the target; a mistake. The sacrifice, which by transference, becomes the failure (sin). Strong's: #2399, #2400, #2401, #2403

FALL(V): (נפל / n.p.l) To leave an erect position suddenly and involuntarily; to descend freely by the force of gravity. Alternate Translations: throw self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #5307

FALSENESS: (שוא / shu-a) Words or actions that are not true or are empty. A Deception. Lacking value and content. Strong's: #7723

FAR.END: (masc.: אפס / ey'phes) The concluding part of an area or extremity. Also, used for the conclusion of a thought; finally, however, but. Alternate Translations: in the end. Strong's: #0657

FAT: (masc.: חלב / hhe'lev) Animal tissue consisting of cells distended with greasy or oily matter; adipose tissue. The fat of an animal as the choicest part. Also, milk; A white fatty liquid secreted by cows, sheep and goats, and used for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc. Alternate Translations: milk. Strong's: #2459, #2461

FATHER: (masc.: אב / av) A man who has begotten a child. The provider and support to the household. The ancestor of a family line. The patron of a profession or art. Strong's: #0001

FEAR(V): (ירא / y.r.a) To be afraid of; to have a strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger; the flowing, or quivering, of the gut from fear or awe; to dread what is terrible or revere what is respected. Strong's: #3372

FEARFUL: (masc.: ירא / ya'rey) Having great respect; being in a state of awe or fear. Strong's: #3373

FEARFULNESS: (fem.: יראה / yi'rah) A great respect; a state of awe or fear. Strong's: #3374

FEAST: (masc.: חג / hhag) A commemoration of a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food. A ceremony of joy and thanksgiving. A festival with a magnificent meal which is shared with a number of guests. Strong's: #2282

FEED(V): (רעה / r.ah.h) To give food to; to provide feed or pasture to the flock. Commonly used in the participle form meaning a "feeder" or "shepherd." Strong's: #7462

FEMALE.OWNER: (fem.: גברת / ge've'ret) A female master overseeing slaves or servants. Strong's: #1404

FENCE: (masc.: גדר / g'der) (fem.: גדרה / g'dey'rah) A wall for enclosing in livestock or garden. Strong's: #1444, #1447, #1448

FEW: (masc.: מצער / מזער / miz'ar / mits'ar) Small in number. Strong's: #4213, #4705

FIELD: (masc.: שדה / sa'deh) An open land area free of trees and buildings. A level plot of ground. Strong's: #7704

FILL(V): (מלא / m.l.a) To occupy to the full capacity. Alternate Translations: fulfill; fully; set (the setting of stone). Strong's: #4390

FILLING: (masc.: מלו / me'lo) An act or instance of filling; something used to fill a cavity, container, or depression. Strong's: #4393

FIND(V): (מצא / m.ts.a) To come upon, often accidentally; to meet with; to discover and secure through searching. Alternate Translations: reveal (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #4672

FINE.GOLD: (masc.: כתם / ) Strong's: #3800

FINISH(V): (כלה / k.l.h) To bring to an end; terminate; to complete an action, event. Alternate Translations: bring to an end. Strong's: #3615

FIRE: (fem.: אש / eysh) The phenomenon of combustion manifested by heat, light and flame. Strong's: #0784

FIRM: (masc.: עזוז / e'zuz) IN THE CONTEXT OF AN ARMY Strong's: #5807, #5808

FIRST: (masc.: ריאשון / ri'shon) The head of a time or position. Strong's: #7223

FIRSTBORN: (masc.: בכור / be'khor) The first offspring, usually a son, of a man or animal; the prominent one. Strong's: #1060

FLAMING.WRATH: (masc.: חרון / hha'ron) A fierce anger. Strong's: #2740

FLARE.UP(V): (חרה / hh.r.h) To become suddenly excited or angry; to break out suddenly. Burn with a fierce anger. Strong's: #2734

FLASH: (masc.: ברק / ba'raq) The bright light shining off the edge of a sword. The bright light of lightning. Strong's: #1300

FLAVOR: (masc.: טעם / ta'am) The taste of a food or the perception of a person's behavior. Strong's: #2940

FLEE.AWAY(V): (ברח / b.r.hh) To run away from. Alternate Translations: reach (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #1272

FLEECE: (masc.: גז / gaz) The coat of wool that covers a sheep or a similar animal. Also, the grasses that are sheared off with a sickle in harvest. Strong's: #1488

FLESH: (fem.: בשר / ba'sar) The soft parts of a human or animal, composed primarily of skeletal muscle. Skin and muscle or the whole of the person. Meat as food. Strong's: #1154, #1320

FLOCKS: (masc.: צונה / tso'neh) (fem.: צון / צאון / tson) Groups of birds or animals assembled or herded together. Strong's: #6629, #6792

FLOOD: (masc.: מבול / ma'bul) To cover with an overwhelming quantity or volume of water. Strong's: #3999

FLOURISH(V): (נוב) To prolifically increase; to bear fruit. Strong's: #5107

FLOWING.HONEY: (masc.: נופת / nophet) Honey that is being poured out of a container or dripping from the honeycomb. Strong's: #5317

FLYER: (masc.: עוף / oph) A flying creature such as a bird or insect. Strong's: #5775

FOODSTUFF: (masc.: אוכל / o'khel) A substance that may be eaten for giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: #0400

FOOL: (masc.: נבל / na'val) A silly or stupid person. Strong's: #5036

FOOT: (fem.: רגל / re'gel) The terminal part of the leg upon which the human, animal or object stands. Also, euphemistically for the leg. Alternate Translations: times (when in the plural form). Strong's: #7272

FOOTSTEP: (fem.: פעם / pa'am) A stroke of time as a rhythmic beating of time, one moment after the other. A moment in time. A foot or leg in the sense of stepping. Alternate Translations: foot; time; this time (when prefixed with "the~"). Strong's: #6471

FORBID(V): (נוא / n.w.a) Strong's: #5106

FORCE: (masc.: חיל / hha'yil) The pressure exerted to make a piercing. Strong's: #2428

FORCEFUL: (masc.: חזק / hha'zaq) (fem.: חזקה / hha'za'qah) A strong grip on something to refrain or support. Driven with force. Acting with power. Strong's: #2389, #2390, #2391

FOREIGNER: (masc.: נכר / ney'khar) A person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country. Strong's: #5235, #5236

FOREST: (masc.: יער / ya'ar) A dark place dense with trees. Strong's: #3264, #3293

FORGET(V): (שכח / sh.k.hh) To lose remembrance of; to cease remembering or noticing. Strong's: #7911

FORGIVE(V): (סלח / s.l.hh) To pardon; to overlook an offense and treat the offender as not guilty. Strong's: #5545

FOUNDATION: (masc.: מוסד / mu'sad) (fem.: מוסדה / mu'sa'dah) A supporting and level base of a building or structure which lies on or in the ground. Strong's: #4143, #4144, #4145, #4146

FOUNDED(V): (יסד / y.s.d) To lay a foundation of a house, place or plan; to establish, fix in place. Strong's: #3245

FOUNTAIN: (masc.: מקור / ma'qor) A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. The source of water necessary for life in the wilderness. Strong's: #4726

FOUR: (masc.: ארבעה / ar'ba'ah) (fem.: ארבע / ar'ba) A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: forty (when written in the plural). Strong's: #0702, #0705

FREE: (masc.: חפשי / hhaph'shi) Released from bondage or burden of obligation. Emancipation. Strong's: #2670

FREELY: (masc.: חינם / hhi'nam) Having no restrictions. A work or action that is performed without wages or without cause. Strong's: #2600

FROG: (fem.: צפרדע / tse'phar'dey'a) A four-legged amphibious animal. Strong's: #6854

FROM: (מן / מני / min / miney) A function word indicating a starting point or origin. (The short form "?" is used as a prefix meaning "from") Alternate Translations: before (when prefixed with "to~"). Strong's: #4480

FULL: (masc.: מלא / ma'ley) (fem.: מלאה / me'ley'ah) Containing as much or as many as is possible or normal. Strong's: #4392

FUNCTIONAL: (masc.: טוב / tov) (fem.: טובה / to'vah) Fulfilling the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used, or for which a thing exists. A functioning within its intended purpose. Strong's: #2896, #2898

FURY: (fem.: חמה / hha'mah) Intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. An intense heat from anger. Strong's: #2534

GARMENT: (masc.: בגד / be'ged) An article of clothing for covering. Strong's: #0899

GATE: (masc.: שער / sha'ar) The opening in a wall or fence through which livestock or people pass. Can be the gatekeeper. Strong's: #8179

GATHER(V): (אסף / a.s.p) To bring together; to accumulate and place in readiness. Strong's: #0622

GATHER.TOGETHER(V): (קבץ / q.b.ts) To come or bring into a group, mass or unit. Strong's: #6908, #6910

GENERATION: (masc.: דור / dor) A body of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor. Strong's: #1755

GENTLE: (masc.: ענו / עניו / a'naw) A characterstic trait of being meek or humble. Strong's: #6035

GENTLENESS: (fem.: ענוה / ) Strong's: #6037, #6038

Gil'ad: (masc.: גילעד / gil'ad) MT: DANCING.AROUND + WITNESS RMT: Dancing around the witness. Strong's: #1568

GIRD.UP(V): (חגר / hh.g.r) To bind the loose portions of clothing into a belt or sash to prepare to go to war; to be bound with arms for war. Strong's: #2296

GIVE(V): (נתן / n.t.n) To make a present; to present a gift; to grant, allow or bestow by formal action. To place in its proper position. Alternate Translations: allow; made; make; place. Strong's: #5414

GIVE.ADVICE(V): (יעץ / y.ah.ts) To assist another by providing wise counsel. Strong's: #3289

GIVE.MILK(V): (עול / ah.w.l) To provide nourishment to the young by the female. Strong's: #5763

GIVEN.THAT: (כי / ki) Prone or disposed to according to what preceded. A reference to the previous or following context. Alternate Translations: because; but; even; given; if; that; there; when; even though (when attached to the word "WHICH"); except, instead or unless (when followed by the word "IF"); since (when followed by the word "SO"). Strong's: #3588

GLIMMERING: (fem.: להבה / להבת / לבה / leh'ha'vah / le'he'vet / lab'bah) The flash of light from a fire or metal. Strong's: #3827, #3852

GLITTER(V): (נצח / n.ts.hh) Literally to sparkle from a distance. Figuratively to be brilliant, pre-eminent or permanent. Alternate Translations: director (when written in the piel [intensive] participle form) Strong's: #5329

GO.ASTRAY(V): (שגה / sh.g.h) To wander away from the desired path; to make an error. Strong's: #7686

GO.DOWN(V): (ירד / y.r.d) To go or come lower from a higher place. Alternate Translations: come down; bring down (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3381

GO.OUT(V): (יצא / y.ts.a) To go, come or issue forth. Alternate Translations: bring out (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3318

GO.UP(V): (עלה / ah.l.h) To go, come or bring higher. Alternate Translations: bring up (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #5927

GOING.OUT: (masc.: מוצא / mo'tsa) Coming or issuing out, such as a spring or words from the mouth. Strong's: #4161

GOLD: (masc.: זהב / za'hav) A malleable yellow metallic element that is used especially in coins, jewelry, and dentures. A precious metal. Strong's: #2091

Goyim: (masc.: גוים / go'yim) MT: NATION~s RMT: Nations. Strong's: #1471

GRAIN: (masc.: בר / bar) A seed or fruit of a cereal grass. The grain and the field as a place for growing grain. Strong's: #1250

GRAPEVINE: (masc.: גפן / ge'phen) A woody vine that usually climbs by tendrils and produces fruits that are grapes. Strong's: #1612

GRASS: (masc.: דשא / de'she) Herbage suitable or used for grazing animals. Young green sprouts. Strong's: #1877

GRAVE: (masc.: קבר / qe'ver) An excavation for the burial of a body. Strong's: #6913

GRAY-HEADED: (fem.: שיבה / si'vah) One who has gray hair from old age; an old man. Strong's: #7872

GREAT: (masc.: גדול / ga'dol) (fem.: גדולה / ge'do'lah) Something with increased size, power or authority. Strong's: #1419

GROUND: (fem.: אדמה / a'da'mah) The surface of the earth. From its reddish color. Strong's: #0127

GUIDE(V): (נחה / n.hh.h) One who leads or directs another in his way. Strong's: #5148

GULP(V): (שתה / sh.t.h) To drink plentifully; to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one swallow. Strong's: #8354

Hadar: (masc.: הדר / ha'dar) MT: HONOR RMT: Honor. Strong's: #1924

HAILSTONES: (masc.: ברד / ba'rad) A precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice. Strong's: #1259

HAIR: (masc.: שער / sey'ar) (fem.: שערה / sa'ra) The covering of filaments on a human head or the body of an animal. Strong's: #8163, #8181, #8185

HALF: (masc.: חצי / hha'tsi) An equal part of something divided into two pieces. Alternate Translations: middle. Strong's: #2677

HAND: (fem.: יד / yad) The terminal, functional part of the forelimb. Hand with the ability to work, throw and give thanks. Also, euphemistically for the arm. (Written as ?? in error in 1 Samuel 4:13) Strong's: #3027, #3197

HAPPY: (masc.: אשר / a'sheyr) A feeling of joy or satisfaction. Strong's: #0835

HARD: (fem.: קשה / qa'sheh) Not easily penetrated; resistant to stress; firm; lacking in responsiveness. Strong's: #7186

HARP: (masc.: כינור / ki'nor) A stringed musical instrument that is plucked. Strong's: #3658

HATE: (fem.: שנאה / sin'ah) Strong's: #8135

HATE(V): (שנא / s.n.a) Intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy. Strong's: #8130

HAVE.COMPASSION(V): (רחם / r.hh.m) Literally to cradle in ones arms to protect or cherish. By extension to have or show sympathy or sorrow. Strong's: #7355

HE: (masc.: הוא / hu) The male who is neither speaker nor hearer. Alternate Translations: it; that; this; they (when being used in conjunction with the singular noun PEOPLE). Strong's: #1931

HEAD: (masc.: ראש / ריש / rosh / riysh) The top of the body. A person in authority or role of leader. Alternate Translations: top; beginning; first; chief; best. Strong's: #7218, #7389

HEAP: (masc.: נד / neyd) A large pile dirt or rubbish. Strong's: #5067

HEAR(V): (שמע / sh.m.ah) To perceive or apprehend by the ear; to listen to with attention. To obey. Alternate Translations: listen (when followed by the preposition "TO" or the prefix "in~" or "to~"). Strong's: #8085

HEART: (masc.: לב / לבב / leyv / ley'vav) (fem.: לבה / liy'bah) Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. Strong's: #3820, #3824, #3826

HEAT: (fem.: חממה / ) Warmth felt from the sun or other source of heat. Strong's: #2535

HEAVY: (fem.: כבד / ka'ved) Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. Alternate Translations: heaviness; liver (as the heaviest organ in the body); many. Strong's: #3515, #3516

HEEL: (masc.: עקב / e'qev) What is restrained when taking a step forward. Strong's: #6119, #6120

HEIGHTS: (masc.: מרום / ) A place of considerable or great elevation. Strong's: #4791

HELP: (masc.: עזר / e'zer) (fem.: עזרה / עזרת / ez'rah / ez'rat) Providing assistance or relief to another. One who comes to assist with a trouble or burden. Strong's: #5828, #5833

HELPLESS: (masc.: דל / dal) (fem.: דלה / dal) Unable to care or provide for one's self; one who is weak, sick or poor. Strong's: #1800, #1803

HERB: (fem.: עשב / ey'sev) The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. Strong's: #6211, #6212

HERE: (masc.: פו / פא / פה / po) In or at this place. Strong's: #6311

Hevel: (masc.: הבל / he'vel) MT: VANITY RMT: Vanity. Strong's: #1893

HEW(V): (חצב / hh.ts.b) Strong's: #2672

Hham: (masc.: חם / hham) MT: FATHER-IN-LAW RMT: Father-in-law. Strong's: #2526

Hhermon: (masc.: חרמון / hher'mon) MT: PERFORATED.ONE RMT: Perforated one. Strong's: #2768

Hhorev: (masc.: חורב / hho'rev) MT: PARCHING.HEAT RMT: Parching heat. Strong's: #2722

HIDE(V): (סתר / שתר / s.t.r) To put out of sight; to conceal from view; to keep secret. Hide or conceal. Strong's: #5641, #8368

HIGH: (masc.: גבוה / ga'vo'ah) Advanced in height such as a wall or hill. Strong's: #1364

HILL: (masc.: הר / הרר / har / harar) An elevation of land such as a hill or mountain. Strong's: #2022

HIT(V): (נכה / n.k.h) To deliver a blow by action; to strike with the hand; to clap, kill or harm. Alternate Translations: Beat (when written in the pual [passive intensive] form); attack (when written in the hiphil [active causative] and hophl [passive causative] forms). Strong's: #5221

HONEY: (masc.: דבש / d'vash) A sweet material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees. Also, dates as a thick, sticky and sweet food. Strong's: #1706

HONEYCOMB: (masc.: צוף / tsuph) [To be verified] A thick sticky mass like pitch. Strong's: #6688

HONOR: (masc.: הדר / ha'dar) (fem.: הדרה / ) Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. Strong's: #1925, #1926, #1927

HORDE: (masc.: ערוב / a'rov) A large swarm of insects. Also, used for a large group of people. Strong's: #6157

HORN: (fem.: קרן / qe'ren) One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals and used as a wind instrument. The horns of an animal or a musical instrument in the shape of a horn. Strong's: #7161

HOUSE: (masc.: בית / beyt) The structure or the family, as a household that resides within the house. A housing. Within. Alternate Translations: inside. Strong's: #1004

HOW: (איככה / איכוה / איך / eykh / eykhah / eykhakhah) In what way or manner; by what means. Strong's: #0349

HOW.LONG: (מתי / ma'tai) An unknown duration of time. Strong's: #4970

HUMAN: (masc.: אדם / a'dam) Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. (Derived from a root meaning "blood" and "of reddish color."). Strong's: #0120

HUNGER: (masc.: רעב / ra'eyv) A craving or urgent need for food. Strong's: #7457, #7458

HURRY(V): (מהר / m.h.r) To carry or cause to go with haste. Strong's: #4116, #4117

I: (אנוכי / אני / a-ni, a-no-khi) A person aware of possessing a personal identity in self-reference. Alternate Translations: me. Strong's: #0589, #0595

IF: (אים / im) Allowing that; on condition that. A desire to bind two ideas together. Alternate Translations: or; that; therefore (when followed by the word "NOT"). Strong's: #0518

ILLUMINATE(V): (זהר / z.h.r) To give off light; to shine. Alternate Translations: warn (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form), in the sense of bringing something to light; be careful (when written in the piel [intensive] form, in the sense of one who is illuminated will take care). Strong's: #2094

IMAGE: (masc.: צלם / tse'lem) A reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing. The form of something as a shadow of the original. Strong's: #6754

IMMIGRANT: (masc.: גר / גיר / ger / giyr) A foreigner that permanently or temporarily resides with a native. A person or thing unknown or with whom one is unacquainted. Strong's: #1616

IMMIGRATE(V): (גור / g.w.r) To dwell as a non-native. Travel in a strange land. Also, the extended meaning of "to be afraid" as an immigrant. Alternate Translations: fear. Strong's: #1481

IMMIGRATION: (masc.: מגור / ma'gur) A journey of an immigrant; the course of life on earth. One who travels in a strange land. The dwelling place of an immigrant. Strong's: #4033

IN.LAW: (masc.: חתן / hha'tan) One related by marriage. Strong's: #2860

INCENSE.SMOKE: (fem.: קטורת / קטורה / qe'to'ret / qe'to'rah) Usually made of several spices and or fruits, etc. To emit a fragrance. Used at the altar as a sweet savor. Strong's: #6988, #7004

INCREASE(V): (רבה / r.b.h) To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young; to be abundant of number, strength or authority. Alternate Translations: great, long. Strong's: #7235

INCREASE.IN.NUMBER(V): (רבב / r.b.b) To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young. Multiply. Also, meaning "to shoot" from the abundant arrows of the archer. Strong's: #7231, #7232

INDEED: (אומנם / um'nam) Without any question. Strong's: #0552

INHERITANCE: (masc.: נחל / na'hheyl) (fem.: נחלה / na'hha'lah) The acquisition of a possession from past generations. Strong's: #5159

INNOCENT: (masc.: נקיא / נקי / na'qi) Free from guilt or sin. A state of innocence as an infant. Strong's: #5355

INQUIRE(V): (שאל / sh.a.l) To ask about; to search into; to seek to understand what is not known. Alternate Translations: grant (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7592

INSIDE: (masc.: קרב / qe'rev) The inner or interior part. Alternate Translations: among, near. Strong's: #7130, #7131

INTELLIGENCE: (masc.: תבון / ta'vun) (fem.: תבונה / te'vu'nah) The ability to learn, reason, plan and build. Strong's: #8394

IRON: (masc.: ברזל / bar'zel) A heavy element frequently used in the making of weapons and tools. The most used of metals. Strong's: #1270

JOURNEY(V): (נסע / n.s.ah) To travel or pass from one place to another; to break camp and begin a journey. Strong's: #5265

JOY: (masc.: ששון / sa'son) In a state of gladness or exultation; rejoicing. Strong's: #8342

KEEP.BACK(V): (חשך / hh.s.k) To hold something back or restrain. Strong's: #2820

KEEP.SECRET(V): (כחד / k.hh.d) To refrain from disclosing information. Alternate Translations: hide (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3582

Kena'an: (masc.: כנען / ke'na'an) MT: LOWERED RMT: Lowered. Strong's: #3667, #3669

KERMES: (masc.: תולע / to'la) The 'coccus ilicis,' a worm used for medicinal purposes as well as for making a crimson or scarlet dye. Alternate Translations: crimson. Strong's: #8438

KERUV: (masc.: כרוב / ke'ruv) A supernatural creature, identified in other Semitic cultures as a winged lion, a Griffin. Strong's: #3742

KILL(V): (הרג / h.r.g) To deprive of life; to slaughter. Strong's: #2026

KIN: (masc.: שאר / sha'ar) (fem.: שארה / sha'a'rah) A person of close relation. Strong's: #7608

KINDNESS: (masc.: חסד / hhe'sed) Of a sympathetic nature; quality or state of being sympathetic. Strong's: #2617

KING: (masc.: מלך / me'lekh) The male ruler of a nation or city state. Strong's: #4428

KINGDOM: (fem.: ממלכה / mam'la'khah) The area under the control of a king. Strong's: #4467

KNEE: (masc.: ברך / be'rekh) The joint between the femur and tibia of the leg. Strong's: #1290

KNEEL(V): (ברך / b.r.k) To bend the knee, to kneel in homage or to kneel down to get a drink water. Figuartively, to exalt. Alternate Translations: exalt (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1288

KNOW(V): (ידע / y.d.ah) To have an intimate and personal understanding; to have an intimate relationship with another person, usually sexual. Alternate Translations: reveal self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #3045

Kush: (masc.: כוש / kush) MT: BLACKISH RMT: Blackish. Strong's: #3568, #3569, #3571

LABOR: (עמל / a-mal) To exert one's power of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort. A labor that causes grief, pain or weariness. A laborer as one who toils. Strong's: #5999, #6001

LAMP: (masc.: נר / ner) A container for an inflammable liquid, as oil, which is burned at a wick as a means of illumination. Strong's: #5216

LAND: (fem.: ארץ / e'rets) The solid part of the earth's surface. The whole of the earth or a region. Strong's: #0776

LAST: (masc.: אחרון / a'hha'ron) (fem.: אחרונה / a'hha'ro'nah) In, to or toward the back. To be in back of, at the rear or following after something. Alternate Translations: after. Strong's: #0314

LEAD(V): (נהל / n.h.l) To guide on a way, especially by going in advance. The flock directed to the pasture at the end of the journey. Strong's: #5095

LEAF: (masc.: עלה / a'leh) Foliage of a tree or plant. As high in the tree. Strong's: #5929

LEARN(V): (למד / l.m.d) To acquire knowledge or skill through instruction from one who is experienced. Alternate Translations: teach (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #3925

LEAVE(V): (עזב / ah.z.b) To go away from; to neglect. Strong's: #5800, #5805

LEAVE.ALONE(V): (נטש / n.t.sh) To be left behind by those who leave. Strong's: #5203

LENGTH: (masc.: אורך / o'rekh) A measured distance or dimension. Strong's: #0753

Le'um: (masc.: לאום / le'um) MT: COMMUNITY RMT: Community. Strong's: #3817

Levanon: (masc.: לבנון / le'va'non) MT: WHITE.ONE RMT: White one. Strong's: #3844

Lewi: (masc.: לוי / le'wi) MT: JOINING~me RMT: My joining. Strong's: #3878, #3881

LIE: (masc.: כזב / ka'zav) An untruth. Strong's: #3577

LIE.DOWN(V): (שכב / sh.k.b) To give up; to lie down for copulation, rest or sleep. Strong's: #7901

LIFT.UP(V): (נסא / נשא / n.s.a) To raise a burden or load and carry it; to break camp and begin a journey; to forgive in the sense of removing the offense. Strong's: #4984, #5375

LIGHT: (אור / or) The illumination from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other source. Strong's: #0216, #0217

LIGHT(V): (אור / a.w.r) To shine with an intense light; be or give off light; to be bright. Alternate Translations: shine. Strong's: #0215

LION: (masc.: אריה / ארי / ar'yeyh / a'riy) A large carnivorous chiefly nocturnal cat. A feared animal. Strong's: #0738

LIP: (fem.: שפה / sa'phah) The rim or edge of the mouth or other opening. Language, as spoken from the lips. Alternate Translations: edge. Strong's: #8193

LIQUOR: (masc.: שכר / shey'khar) An intoxicating drink. Strong's: #7941

LITTLE.ONE: (masc.: צעיר / צעור / זעיר / tsa'ir / tsa'ur / za'iyr) Small in size or extent. Something or someone that is smaller, younger or less significant. Strong's: #2191, #6810

LITTLE.OWL: (fem.: כוס / kos) An unknown species of bird. Strong's: #3563

LIVE(V): (חיה / hh.y.h) To be alive and continue alive. Have life within. The revival of life gained from food or other necessity. Alternate Translations: keep alive (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #2421, #2425

LIVING: (masc.: חי / hhai) (fem.: חיה / hhai'ah) The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; life. Literally the stomach. Used idiomatically of living creatures, especially in conjunction with land, ground or field. Alternate Translations: life (when in the plural form); creature (as a living one). Strong's: #2416

LONG(V): (תאב) [To be verified] To long for something. Strong's: #8373, #8374

LONGING: (fem.: תאבה / ) [To be verified] A longing for something. Strong's: #8375

LOOK: (masc.: הינה / hi'ney) To ascertain by the use of one's eyes. Alternate Translations: here; saw. Strong's: #2009

LOOK.DOWN(V): (שקף / sh.q.p) To look out and down as through a window. Strong's: #8259

LORD: (masc.: אדון / a'don) The ruler as the foundation to the community or family. Strong's: #0113

LOST: (masc.: רשע / re'sha) Departed from the correct path or way, either out of ignorance or revolt. Strong's: #7562, #7563

Lot: (masc.: לוט / lot) MT: TIGHTLY.WRAPPED RMT: Tightly wrapped. Strong's: #3876

LOVE(V): (אהב / a.h.b) To provide and protect that which is given as a privilege. An intimacy of action and emotion. Strong affection for another arising from personal ties. Strong's: #0157

MAGNIFICENCE: (masc.: גודל / go'del) An increase in size power or authority. Strong's: #1433

MAGNIFY(V): (גדל / g.d.l) To increase in size or one's position of honor. Strong's: #1431

Mahhalat: (masc.: מחלת / ma'hha'lat) MT: SICKENED RMT: Sickened. Strong's: #4257, #4258

Mahn: (masc.: מן / mahn) MT: SHARE RMT: Share (The bread-like substance provided to the Israelites while in the wilderness. The actual meaning of this word is uncertain, but can mean "stringed instrument," "from," or "portion." In the Greek Septuagint, this word is written as "mahn" in the book of Exodus and "manna" in Numbers and Deuteronomy.). Strong's: #4478

MAID: (fem.: שיפחה / shiph'hhah) An unmarried young woman. Strong's: #8198

MAJESTY: (masc.: גאון / ga'on) Elevated to a higher position. Supreme greatness or authority. Strong's: #1347

MAKE(V): (פעל / p.ah.l) To perform a task of physical labor to produce something. Strong's: #6466, #6468

MAKE.BARE(V): (חשף) Strong's: #2834

MAKE.FAT(V): (דשן / d.sh.n) To make or become large with fat tissue. Alternate Translations: "remove the fat" or "anoint" (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1878

MAKE.RESTITUTION(V): (שלם / sh.l.m) To restore or make right through action, payment or restoration to a rightful owner. Strong's: #7999

MALE: (masc.: זכר / za'khar) Being the gender who begets offspring. One who acts and speaks for the family. Strong's: #2145

MALE.GOAT: (masc.: עתוד / a'tud) A male member of a flock of goats. Strong's: #6259, #6260

MAN: (masc.: איש / אנוש / iysh / e'nosh) An adult male human. (Often used to mean "each" in the sense of an individual.) Alternate Translations: each; one. Strong's: #0376, #0377, #0582

MANOR: (masc.: היכל / ) The residence of a god (temple) or king (palace). Strong's: #1964

MANY: (masc.: מאוד / me'od) A large, but indefinite number. An abundance of things (every, many, much, great), actions (complete, wholly, strong, quick) or character (very). Alternate Translations: great; greatly; more; much; very; ever; every. Strong's: #3966

Mas'sah: (fem.: מסה / ma'sah) MT: TRIAL RMT: Trial. Strong's: #4532

MATERIAL: (masc.: קינין / qin'yan) Something owned, occupied or controlled. The goods and wealth acquired from the idea of acquiring materials for building a nest. Strong's: #7075

MATTER: (masc.: אומר / o'mer) A word or utterance that is spoken about. Strong's: #0562

MATTRESS: (fem.: ערש / e'res) Strong's: #6210

MATURE: (masc.: תם / tam) Having completed natural growth and development. An upright and correct nature. Strong's: #8535

MEASURING.LINE: (masc.: קו / קוה / qav / qa'vah) A cord or string used to measure distances. Strong's: #6957, #6961

MEDITATE(V): (שיח / שוח / s.y.hh / s.w.hh) [To be verified] A sweeping away in thought. Strong's: #7878

MEDITATION: (masc.: שיח / si'ahh) (fem.: שיחה / ) To engage in contemplation. A sweeping away in thought. Strong's: #7742, #7879, #7881

MEET(V): (קרה / קרא / q.r.h / q.r.a) To come into the presence of; to go to meet another; to have a chance encounter. Alternate Translations: come to meet (when written in the niphal [passive] form). Strong's: #7122, #7125, #7136

MELODY: (masc.: מזמור / miz'mor) Instrumental music. A song set to music. Strong's: #4210

MELT.AWAY(V): (מסס / m.s.s) To become liquefied by warmth or heat. Also, the dissolving of the heart through fear or discouragement. Strong's: #4549

MEMORY: (masc.: זכר / zey'kher) A remembering based on a past event often through an annual festival. Strong's: #2143

MESSENGER: (masc.: מלאך / mal'akh) One who bears a message or runs an errand. Walks for another. Strong's: #4397

METROPOLIS: (fem.: קריה / qir'yah) A large populace of people; a town or village. A place of meeting and gathering. Strong's: #7151

MIDSECTION: (fem.: ירך / ya'rey'akh) The lower abdomen and back. Strong's: #3409

MIDST: (masc.: תוך / ta'wek) The center or middle of the whole. Alternate Translations: middle. Strong's: #8432

Migdol: (masc.: מגדול / mig'dol) MT: TOWER RMT: Tower. Strong's: #4024

MIGHTY.ONE: (masc.: אל / el) One who holds authority over others, such as a judge, chief or god. Strong's: #0410

MIMIC(V): (לוץ / l.w.ts) To imitate another person's speech as an interpretation or in mocking. Alternate Translations: interpret (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); mocking or mocker (when written in the participle form). Strong's: #3887

MISCHIEF: (fem.: זמה / zam'mah) An annoying action resulting in grief, harm or evil. Strong's: #2154

Mits'rayim: (fem.: מצרים / mits'ra'yim) MT: STRAIT~s2 RMT: Two straits (A double plural name). Strong's: #4713, #4714

Mivtsar: (masc.: מבצר / miv'tsar) MT: FORTIFICATION RMT: Fortification. Strong's: #4014

MIX(V): (מסך) [To be verified] To mix water with wine. Strong's: #4537

Mo'av: (masc.: מואב / mo'av) MT: THAT.ONE + FATHER RMT: That one is father. Strong's: #4124

MODERATE(V): (דין / דון / d.y.n / d.w.n) To rule over quarrels or other conflicts. Strong's: #1|

MOMENT: (masc.: רגע / re'ga) A single point in time. A wink of the eye. Strong's: #7281, #7282

MOON: (masc.: ירח / ye'rey'ahh) The second brightest object in the sky which reflects the sun's light. Also, a month by counting its cycles. Strong's: #3391, #3394

Moreh: (masc.: מורה / mo'reh) MT: THROW(V)~ing(ms) RMT: Teacher (Can also mean rain). Strong's: #4176

MOREOVER: (אף / aph) In addition to what has been said. Strong's: #0637

MORNING: (masc.: בוקר / bo'qer) The time from sunrise to noon. Breaking of daylight. Strong's: #1242

MORTAL.MAN: (masc.: מת / mat) One subject to death. Alternate Translations: few (in the sense of being limited ). Strong's: #4962

Mosheh: (masc.: מושה / mo'sheh) MT: PLUCKED.OUT RMT: Plucked out. Strong's: #4872

MOTHER: (fem.: אם / eym) A female parent. Maternal tenderness or affection. One who fulfills the role of a mother. Strong's: #0517

MOUTH: (masc.: פה / peh) The opening through which food enters the body. Any opening. Alternate Translations: opening, according to. Strong's: #6310

MOVE.AWAY(V): (מוש / m.w.sh) To pass from one place or position to another. Strong's: #4185

MUSIC: (fem.: זימרת / zim'rat) An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Strong's: #2176

MUSICAL.SOUNDS: (fem.: זמירה / z'mi'rah) The sounds made from stringed instruments when plucked. Strong's: #2158(x2)

MUSING: (masc.: הגיון / hi'qa'yon) Absorbed in thought; meditative. Strong's: #1902

MUTTER(V): (הגה) To moun or growl in deep meditation or mourning. Strong's: #1897

MYRRH: (masc.: מור / mor) A sweet smelling spice. Used as an exchange due to its monetary value. Strong's: #4753

Naphtali: (masc.: נפתלי / naph'ta'li) MT: WRESTLING~me RMT: My wrestling. Strong's: #5321

NARROW: (masc.: צר / tsar) Of slender width. A narrow, tight place or situation, a difficulty. An enemy or adversary as one who closes in with pressure. Alternate Translations: enemy. Strong's: #6862

NATION: (masc.: גוי / goy) A community of people of one or more nationalities and having a more or less defined territory and government. The people as the back, or body of the nation. Strong's: #1471

NATIVE: (masc.: אזרח / ez'rahh) Born and raised in the Land. Strong's: #0249

NEAR: (קרוב / qa'rov) Close to; at or within a short distance from. Also, a kin, as a near relative. Strong's: #7138

NECK: (masc.: עורף / o'reph) The part of a person that connects the head with the body. Strong's: #6203

NEEDY: (masc.: אביון / ev'yon) In a condition of need or want. Strong's: #0034

NETTING: (fem.: רשת / re'shet) A sheet of meshed fabric, cord or metal. Strong's: #7568

NEW: (masc.: חדש / hha'dash) Something that is new, renewed, restored or repaired. Strong's: #2319

NIGHT: (masc.: ליל / לילה / la'yil / lai'lah) The time from dusk to dawn. The hours associated with darkness and sleep. Alternate Translations: tonight (when prefixed with "the~"). Strong's: #3915

NOBLEMAN: (masc.: סר / שר / sar) Possessing outstanding qualities or properties. Of high birth or exalted rank. One who has authority. May also mean "heavy" from the weight of responsibility on one in authority. Strong's: #5620, #8269

NODDING: (masc.: נוד / nod) Strong's: #5112

NORTH: (fem.: צפון / tsa'phon) The direction of the left hand when facing the rising sun. Strong's: #6828

NOSE: (masc.: אף / aph) The organ bearing the nostrils on the anterior of the face. Also, meaning "anger," from the flaring of the nostrils and the redness of the nose when angry. Alternate Translations: nostrils (when in the double plural form). Strong's: #0639

NOT: (לוא / לוה / lo) A function word to stand for the negative. As being without. Alternate Translations: cannot; no; nothing; un-; without; therefore (when preceded by the word "IF"); without (when prefixed with "in~"). Strong's: #3808

NOURISHMENT: (masc.: מאכל / ma'a'kal) Food; nutriment. For giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: #3978

NOW: (עתה / a'tah) At the present time or moment. Strong's: #6258

NUMBER: (masc.: מספר / mis'phar) A sum of units. Counting as a recording. Strong's: #4557

NUMEROUS: (masc.: עצום / a'tsum) Involving more than one. Strong's: #6099

OASIS: (masc.: מנוח / ma'no'ahh) (fem.: מנוחה / me'nu'hhah) A location where there is freedom from activity or labor; a place for resting or lodging. Strong's: #4494, #4496

OATH: (fem.: אלה / a'lah) Something corroborated by a vow. A binding agreement, including the curse for violating the oath. Strong's: #0423

OBJECT.OF.DELIGHT: (masc.: שעשוע / ) Strong's: #8191

OFFENSE: (masc.: פשע / pe'sha) The exceeding of due bounds or limits. Strong's: #6588

Og: (masc.: עוג / og) MT: BAKED.BREAD RMT: Baked bread (The meaning of the feminine Hebrew noun). Strong's: #5747

OIL: (masc.: שמן / she'men) A semi-liquid, often oily and thick. Usually olive oil and used as a medicinal ointment. Also, meaning "fat" or "rich." Alternate Translations: fat. Strong's: #8081, #8082

OLIVE: (masc.: זית / za'yit) The fruit or the tree. The fruit of the olive is used for food and as a source of oil. Strong's: #2132

ON.FOOT: (masc.: רגלי / rag'li) A soldier, messenger or traveler who moves on foot. Strong's: #7273

ONLY: (רק / raq) A single instance or thing and nothing more or different. Alternate Translations: at all. Strong's: #7535

OPEN(V): (פתח / p.t.hh) To open up as opening a gate or door; to have no confining barrier. Alternate Translations: engrave (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #6603, #6605

OPENING: (masc.: פתח / pe'tahh) Something that is open, as an entrance or opening of a tent, house or city. Strong's: #6607, #6608

Ophiyr: (masc.: אופיר / o'phir) MT: REDUCED.TO.ASHES RMT: Reduced to ashes. Strong's: #0211

OPPOSITE: (masc.: נגד / ne'ged) Something in front of; on the other side; in the presence of. Alternate Translations: before; in the face of. Strong's: #5048

OPPRESSION: (masc.: עושק / o'sheq) The act of pressing into or on another through force or deceit. Strong's: #6233

ORPHAN: (masc.: יתום / ya'tom) Having no mother or father. Strong's: #3490

OTHER: (masc.: אחר / a'hhar) One that remains or follows after another. Alternate Translations: another. Strong's: #0312

OTHERWISE: (masc.: פן / peyn) In a different manner or way. Strong's: #6435

OUTCRY: (fem.: שועה / shaw'ah) An expression of need, or help or injustice. A loud wail from distress. Strong's: #|5

OUTER.COVERING: (masc.: כסוי / k'su'iy) Strong's: #3681

OUTSIDE: (masc.: חוץ / hhuts) A place or region beyond an enclosure or barrier. Strong's: #2351

OVERCOME(V): (גבר / g.b.r) To get the better of. Be successful in strength or authority. Strong's: #1396

OVERTURN(V): (הפך / h.p.k) To turn something over or upside down, as if pouring out its contents. Strong's: #2015

OX: (masc.: שור / shor) A domestic bovine animal used for pulling heavy loads. Strong's: #7794

PALM: (fem.: כף / kaph) Part of the hand or foot between the base of the digits and the wrist or ankle; A palm-shaped object. (This word is written in the masculine form in Job 30:6 and Jeremiah 4:29, where it used for "rocks" or a "cliff," a hiding place.) Alternate Translations: spoon (from the curved shape being similar to a palm). Strong's: #3709, #3710

PARABLE: (masc.: משל / ma'shal) An illustration of similitude; a story of comparisons; a proverb. Strong's: #4912

Paroh: (masc.: פרעוה / par'oh) MT: GREAT.HOUSE RMT: Great house. Strong's: #6547

PASS.OVER(V): (חלף / hh.l.p) To pass through, by or over something. Also, to change in the sense of going to another one, side or thought. Alternate Translations: change (when written in the hiphil [active causative] or piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #2498

PASTURE: (fem.: נאה / ) [To be verified] As a place of beauty. Strong's: #4999

PASTURE: (fem.: מרעית / ) A grassy area for feeding livestock. Strong's: #4830

PATH: (masc.: אורח / o'rahh) The road or route one travels. Strong's: #0734

PATHWAY: (masc.: נתיב / ) (fem.: נתיבה / ) A trail or road used by travelers. Strong's: #5410

PATTERN: (fem.: תבנית / tav'nit) A model or instructions detailing a construction. Strong's: #8403

Peleg: (masc.: פלג / pe'leg) MT: TRIBUTARY RMT: Tributary. Strong's: #6389

PELICAN: (fem.: קאת / qa'at) An unknown bird that vomits up its food for its chicks. Strong's: #6893

PEOPLE: (masc.: עם / am) A large group of men or women. Strong's: #5971

Pe'or: (masc.: פעור / pe'or) MT: OPENED.WIDE RMT: Opened wide. Strong's: #1187, #6465

PERFORM(V): (פלא / p.l.a) To do a wondrous action that shows ones might. Alternate Translations: too difficult (when written in the niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #6381

PERFORMANCE: (masc.: פלא / pe'le) A wondrous action. Strong's: #6382

PERISH(V): (אבד / a.b.d) To be deserted or abandoned; separated from the whole, life or functionality. Alternate Translations: destroy (when written in the hiphil [causative] form). Strong's: #0006, #0008

PERSECUTION: (fem.: צרה / tsa'rah) To agitate mentally or spiritually; worry; disturb. Strong's: #6869

PESTILENCE: (fem.: מגפה / ma'gey'phah) A plague or other disaster that smites people or beasts. Strong's: #4046

PILLAR: (masc.: עמוד / a'mud) A standing upright post or column. Strong's: #5982

Piynhhas: (masc.: פינחס / pin'hhas) MT: MOUTH + SERPENT RMT: Mouth of the serpent. Strong's: #6372

PLACE(V): (סים / סום / s.y.m / s.w.m) To put or set in a particular place, position, situation, or relation. Strong's: #3455, #7760

PLAIN: (masc.: מישר / מיתר / mey'shar / mey'tar) A level, or straight, place. One who is right or upright. Strong's: #4334

PLAIT: (fem.: משבצה / mish'be'tsah) A woven or checkered work. Strong's: #4865

PLEA: (masc.: דין / דון / diyn / dun) A request to a person in authority. Strong's: #1779, #1781

PLEAD(V): (פלל / p.l.l) To entreat or appeal earnestly; to fall to the ground to plead a cause to one in authority; prevent a judgment. Alternate Translations: Intercede (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #6419

PLEADING: (fem.: תפילה / ) To earnestly appeal to another for or against an action. Strong's: #8605

PLEASE: (masc.: נא / אנא / אנה / na / a'na / a'nah) A pleading or request for action from another. Strong's: #0577, #4994

PLUCKING: (masc.: גזל / ga'zeyl) To pull with sudden force or with a jerk. Strong's: #1498, #1499

POSSESS(V): (ירש / y.r.sh) To come into possession of or receive especially as a right or divine portion; o receive from an ancestor at his death; to take possession, either by seizing or through inheritance. Alternate Translations: dispossess (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3423

POT: (masc.: סיר / sir) A vessel used for cooking or storing. Strong's: #5518

POUR.DOWN(V): (יצק / יסק / y.ts.q / y.s.q) To send a liquid from a container into another container or onto a person or object; to pour molten metal into a cast. Strong's: #3251, #3332

POUR.OUT(V): (שפך / sh.p.k) To let flow a liquid, often the blood of an animal in sacrifice or a man. Strong's: #8210

POWER: (masc.: אלוה / e'lo'ah) Possession of control, authority, or influence over others; physical might. The power or might of one who rules or teaches. One who yokes with another. Often applies to rulers or a god. Often used in the plural form literally meaning "mighty ones," but often used in a singular sense to mean "The Mighty One." Strong's: #0430, #0433

PRECIPITATE(V): (מטר / m.t.r) To rain or snow. Strong's: #4305

PRECIPITATION: (masc.: מטר / ma'tar) A rain, snow or exceptionally heavy dew. Strong's: #4306

PREPARE(V): (כון / k.w.n) To put in proper condition or readiness. Alternate Translations: be ready (when written in the niphil [passive] form); establish (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #3559

PRESENT: (fem.: ברכה / be'ra'khah) A gift given to another in respect as if on bended knee. Also, a pool of water as a place where one kneels down to drink from. Alternate Translations: pool (from the idea of kneeling down to drink from it). Strong's: #1293, #1295

PRESERVE(V): (נצר / n.ts.r) To watch over or guard for protection. Strong's: #5341

PRESS.IN(V): (צרר / ts.r.r) To confine or restrict in a tight place. Strong's: #6887

PREY: (masc.: טרף / te'reph) An animal taken as food by a predator. The meat that is torn by the predator. Strong's: #2964, #2965

PRISONER: (masc.: אסיר / a'sir) One who is bound or confined. Strong's: #0615, #0616

PRODUCE: (masc.: פרי / pe'ri) Agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The harvested product of a crop. Strong's: #6529

PRODUCT: (masc.: יבול / ye'vul) The produce of fruits and crops that flourish in fields frequently flooded. Strong's: #2981

PROFIT: (masc.: בצע / be'tsa) A valuable return; to derive benefit. The taking of money or something of value through force. Strong's: #1215

PROSPER(V): (צלח / ts.l.hh) To succeed; to move forward in distance, position or in thriving. Strong's: #6743

PROTECTIVE: (masc.: חנון / hha'nun) Providing a rescue or help to another in distress. Strong's: #2587

PROVIDE(V): (יהב / y.h.b) To give what is due; to grant or allow permission. Alternate Translations: bring; come. Strong's: #3051

PROVIDE.PROTECTION(V): (חנן / hh.n.n) To rescue or give help to another, to treat as valuable. Alternate Translations: beseech (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #2589, #2603

PROVISIONS: (fem.: צידה / tsi'dah) A stock of needed materials. The produce of the hunt. Also, used for "food" in general. Strong's: #6720

PROVOKE(V): (נאץ / n.a.ts) Strong's: #5006

PURCHASE(V): (קנה / q.n.h) To acquire ownership or occupation through an exchange. Strong's: #7069

PURE: (masc.: בר / bar) (fem.: ברה / ba'rah) Without impurity; clean (physically or morally). Strong's: #1249

PURE.GOLD: (masc.: פז / paz) Strong's: #6337

PURSUE(V): (רדף / r.d.p) To follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat; to pursue in chase or persecution. Strong's: #7291

PUSH(V): (דחח) [To be verified] To push something down or onward. Strong's: #1760

Qadesh: (masc.: קדש / qa'desh) MT: PROSTITUTE RMT: prostitute. Strong's: #6946

Qorahh: (masc.: קורח / qo'rahh) MT: BALDING RMT: Balding. Strong's: #7141

QUICKLY: (masc.: מהר / ma'heyr) (fem.: מהרה / me'hey'rah) To act on a matter as soon as possible. Strong's: #4118, #4120

RAGE: (masc.: זעם / ) A fierce anger. Strong's: #2195

RAGING.HEAT: (fem.: זלעפה / ) A hot wind or fever. Strong's: #2152

RAISE.UP(V): (רום / r.w.m) To lift something up. Alternate Translations: Tall (when written in the participle form). Strong's: #7311

RAM.HORN: (masc.: שופר / sho'phar) The horn of ram made into a trumpet that emits a bright and beautiful sound. Strong's: #7782

RANSOM(V): (פדה / p.d.h) To Pay the price stipulated, to retrieve what has been stolen or wrongfully taken. Strong's: #6299

Rapha: (masc.: רפא / ra'pha) MT: DEAD RMT: Dead. Strong's: #7497

RAVEN: (masc.: עורב / o'reyv) A glossy black bird. As black in color. Strong's: #6158

RAW: (masc.: נא / na) Uncooked meat. Meat that is not fit for consumption. Strong's: #4995

REBUKE(V): (יכח / y.k.hh) To express disapproval; reprove; reprimand. Strong's: #3198

RECKON(V): (מנה / m.n.h) To appoint, assign, count or number a set of things or people. Strong's: #4487

REDEEM(V): (גאל / g.a.l) To buy back. Restore one to his original position or avenge his death. In the participle form this verb means "avenger," as it is the role of the nearest relative to buy back one in slavery or avenge his murder. Strong's: #1350

REED.PIPE: (masc.: עוגב / u'gav) A wind instrument made of reeds. Strong's: #5748

REEDS: (masc.: סוף / suph) The plants that grow at the edge, or lip, of a river or pond. This word can also mean the edge or conclusion of something. Strong's: #5488, #5490

REFUGE: (masc.: מחסה / ) [To be verified] Refuge, shelter, hope, trust. Strong's: #4268

REGION: (masc.: חבל / hhe'vel) An area surrounded by a specific border. Strong's: #2256

REGISTER(V): (פקד / p.q.d) To indicate or show acknowledgement of someone or something; to document or count another. Alternate Translations: set over (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #6485, #6486

REGULATE(V): (משל / m.sh.l) To govern or correct according to rule; to bring order, method, or uniformity to; to compare one thing to another in the sense of a rule of measurement, often as a proverb or parable. Strong's: #4910, #4911

REGULATION: (fem.: ממשלה / mem'sha'lah) An authoritative rule dealing with details or procedure. The power and authority of one to regulate and control over another. Strong's: #4475

REIGN(V): (מלך / m.l.k) To rule over a kingdom as king or queen. Strong's: #4427

REJOICE(V): (שמח / s.m.hh) To be happy, glad. Strong's: #8055

REJOICING: (masc.: שמח / sa'mey'ahh) (fem.: שמחה / sim'hhah) A state of felicity or happiness. Strong's: #8056, #8057

RELIEF: (fem.: ישועה / ye'shu'ah) A deliverance or freedom from a trouble, burden or danger. Strong's: #3444

REMAINDER: (masc.: יתר / ye'ter) A group, individual or item that is left behind or set apart. Strong's: #3499

REMEMBER(V): (זכר / z.k.r) To recall an event or action in memorial or reflection. To speak on behalf of another. To reenact a past event as a memorial. Alternate Translations: mention (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #2142

REMNANT: (fem.: שארית / she'ey'rit) A usually small part, member, or trace remaining. Strong's: #7611

REMOVE.THE.COVER(V): (גלה / g.l.h) To reveal something by exposing it. Usually from the removal of clothing. Alternate Translations: uncover (when written in the niphil [passive] or hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #1540

REPROVE(V): (גער / g.ah.r) To communicate toward a disorderly person to effect a return to their rightful place of order. Strong's: #1605

RESCUE: (masc.: ישע / y'sha) A deliverance or freedom from a burden, enemy or trouble. Strong's: #3468

RESCUE(V): (ישע / y.sh.ah) To free or deliver from a trouble, burden or danger. Strong's: #3467

RESEMBLE(V): (דמה / d.m.h) To be like, similar or compared to something else. To become silent as one dead. Strong's: #1819, #1820

REST(V): (נוח / n.w.hh) Freedom from activity or labor. To rest from trouble or labor. Alternate Translations: leave (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #5117

RHINOCEROS: (masc.: ראם / re'eym) A large land animal where some species have one horn (Latin: unicornis) and others have two (Latin: bicornis). Strong's: #7214

RICH: (masc.: עשיר / a'shir) Having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds. Strong's: #6223

RIDE(V): (רכב / r.k.b) To sit and travel in any conveyance; to sit astride an animal, wagon or chariot. Strong's: #7392

RIGHT.HAND: (fem.: ימין / ya'min) The hand on the right side of a person. Also, a direction as in "to the right." Strong's: #3225

RISE(V): (קום / q.w.m) To assume an upright position; to raise or rise up; to continue or establish. Strong's: #6965

RIVER: (masc.: נהר / na'har) A natural stream of water of considerable volume. The life-giving water that washes over the soil. Strong's: #5104

ROAD: (masc.: דרך / de'rek) A route or path for traveled or walked. The path or manner of life. Strong's: #1870

ROLL(V): (עלל / g.l.l) To move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over, as a ball or a wheel. Alternate Translations: glean (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1556

ROOF: (masc.: גג / gag) The covering of a dwelling place. Strong's: #1406

RUN(V): (רוץ / r.w.ts) To go faster than a walk. Alternate Translations: quickly bring (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7323

SACK: (masc.: שק / saq) A bag of cloth or skins for carrying foods or objects. Strong's: #8242

SACRIFICE: (masc.: זבח / ze'vahh) An animal killed for an offering. Strong's: #2077

SACRIFICE(V): (זבח / z.b.hh) An act of offering to deity something precious; to kill an animal for an offering. Strong's: #2076

SAFEGUARD(V): (שמר / sh.m.r) The act or the duty of protecting or defending; to watch over or guard. To keep watch. Alternate Translations: guardian (when written in the participle form). Strong's: #8104, #8109

SAFELY: (masc.: בטח / be'tahh) A state or place of safety. Alternate Translations: safety. Strong's: #0983

SALT: (masc.: מלח / me'lahh) An ingredient that adds flavor to food and used in preserving foods. Strong's: #4417, #4419

SATISFACTION: (masc.: שבע / so'va) The state of being content. Strong's: #7648

SAY(V): (אמר / a.m.r) To speak chains of words that form sentences. Strong's: #0559

SCORCH(V): (חרר) Strong's: #2787

SCROLL: (masc.: ספר / se'pher) (fem.: סיפרה / siph'rah) A document or record written on a sheet of papyrus, leather or parchment and rolled up for storage. Strong's: #5612

SCULPTURE: (masc.: פסל / פסיל / pe'sel / pa'siyl) A figurine that is formed and shaped from stone, wood or clay. Strong's: #6456, #6459

SEA: (masc.: ים / yam) A large body of water. Also, the direction of the great sea (the Mediterranean), the west. Alternate Translations: west (as the Mediterranean Sea is west of Israel). Strong's: #3220

SEARCH(V): (חפש / hh.p.s) To look thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something. Strong's: #2664

SEARCH.OUT(V): (בקש / b.q.sh) To intently look for someone or something until the object of the search is found. Strong's: #1245

SEAT: (masc.: כיסה / ki'sey) A special chair of one in eminence. Usually a throne or seat of authority. Strong's: #3678

SECURE: (masc.: אמון / ey'mun) (fem.: אמונה / e'mu'nah) Firmly fixed in place. Alternate Translations: security Strong's: #0529, #0530

SECURE(V): (אמן / a.m.n) Solidly fixed in place; to stand firm; not subject to change or revision. Alternate Translations: support (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #0539

SEE(V): (ראה / r.a.h) To take notice; to perceive something or someone; to see visions. Alternate Translations: look; watch; appear or seen (when written in the niphil [passive] form); show (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7200, #7202, #7207, #7212

SEED: (masc.: זרע / ze'ra) The grains or ripened ovules of plants used for sowing. Scattered in the field to produce a crop. The singular word can be used for one or more. Also, the descendants of an individual, either male or female. Strong's: #2233

SEEING.AS: (masc.: יען / ya'an) In the degree that. Strong's: #3282

SEEK(V): (דרש / d.r.sh) To look for or search for something or for answers. Alternate Translations: require (when written in the niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #1875

SEIZE(V): (חזק / hh.z.q) To possess or take by force; grab hold tightly; to refrain or support by grabbing hold. Alternate Translations: strengthen (when written in the hiphil [causative] form); strengthen self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #2388

SELAH: (masc.: סלה / se'lah) A musical term probably showing accentuation, pause or interruption. Strong's: #5542

SELF-WILL: (masc.: רצון / ra'tson) Used to express determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness. One's desire. Alternate Translations: be accepted. Strong's: #7522

SELL(V): (מכר / m.k.r) To give up property to another for money or another valuable compensation. Strong's: #4376

SEND(V): (שלח / sh.l.hh) To cause to go; to direct, order, or request to go. Alternate Translations: send off (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #7971

SERPENT: (masc.: נחש / na'hhash) A poisonous snake that hisses, creeps and bites. Strong's: #5175

SERVANT: (masc.: עבד / e'ved) One who provides a service to another, as a slave, bondservant or hired hand. Strong's: #5650, #5652, #5657

SERVE(V): (עבד / ah.b.d) To provide a service to another, as a slave, servant or steward; to work at a profession; to serve the land. Strong's: #5647

SET.DOWN(V): (שית / sh.y.t) To cause to sit down; to lay down. Strong's: #7896

SETTLE(V): (ישב / y.sh.b) To stay in a dwelling place for the night or for long periods of time; to sit down. Strong's: #3427

SETTLER: (masc.: תושב / to'shav) One who stays temporarily. Travels from place to place. Strong's: #8453

SETTLING: (masc.: מושב / mo'shav) The place of sitting, resting or dwelling, usually temporarily. Strong's: #4186

SEVEN: (masc.: שבעה / shiv'ah) (fem.: שבע / she'va) A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: seventy (when written in the plural). Strong's: #7651, #7657

SEVENTH.TIME: (fem.: שיבעת / shiy'va'at) A sequence of events ending with the seventh. Alternate Translations: sevenfold (when written in the double plural). Strong's: #7659

SEVER(V): (קצר / q.ts.r) To cut short or small; to cut or reap the harvest in the sense of severing the crop from its stalk; to be impatient in the sense of patience being severed. Strong's: #7114

Shaddai: (masc.: שדי / shad'dai) MT: BREAST~s~me RMT: My breasts. Strong's: #7706

SHADOW: (masc.: צל / tseyl) The dark figure cast on a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a light source. Strong's: #6738

SHAPE(V): (ברא / b.r.a) To fashion or form. Strong's: #1254

Sha'ul: (masc.: שאול / sha'ul) MT: ENQUIRE(V)~ed(ms) RMT: Enquired. Strong's: #7586

SHE: (fem.: היא / הוא / hi) The female who is neither the speaker nor the one addressed. Alternate Translations: it; that; this. Strong's: #1931

SHEET: (masc.: רקיע / ra'qi'a) A broad piece of cloth or metal. As hammered out flat. Strong's: #7549

Shekhem: (masc.: שכם / she'khem) MT: SHOULDER RMT: Shoulder. Strong's: #7927, #7928

Shelahh: (masc.: שלח / she'lahh) MT: PROJECTILE RMT: Projectile. Strong's: #7974

Shem: (masc.: שם / shem) MT: TITLE RMT: Title. Strong's: #8035

Sheva: (masc.: שבא / she'va) MT: SEVEN RMT: Seven. Strong's: #7614

SHIELD: (masc.: מגן / ma'gen) A broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm. A protective structure. Wall of protection. Strong's: #4043

SHINE(V): (הלל / h.l.l) To emit rays of light. Shine brightly. To shine or cause another to shine through one's actions or words. Alternate Translations: endorse (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1984

SHIP: (masc.: אניה / a'ni'yah) A large sea-going vessel. As searching through the sea for a distant shore. Strong's: #0591

Shoshaniym: (masc.: שושנים / sho'sha'niym) MT: LILY~s RMT: Lilies. Strong's: #7799

SHOULDER: (masc.: שכם / she'khem) The top of the body where the arms and torso meet; Capable of bearing a task or figuratively a blame. Strong's: #7926

SHOUT.ALOUD(V): (רנן / r.n.n) To cry out loudly in triumph or joy. Strong's: #7442, #7444

SHOUTING: (fem.: רננה / re'na'nah) Strong's: #7445

Shur: (masc.: שור / shur) MT: ROCK.WALL RMT: Rock wall. Strong's: #7793

SHUT(V): (סגר / סכר / s.g.r / s.k.r) To close or block an opening. Alternate Translations: deliver (when written in the hiphil [causative]form). Strong's: #5462, #5534

SIGHING: (fem.: אנחה / ) [To be verified] The expression of burden and the desire for rest. Strong's: #0585

SIGN: (fem.: אות / ot) The motion, gesture, or mark representing an agreement between two parties. A wondrous or miraculous sign. Strong's: #0226

SIGNAL(V): (רוע / r.w.ah) To shout or sound an alarm of war or for great rejoicing. Strong's: #7321

Sihhon: (masc.: סיחון / si'hhon) MT: MEDITATING.ONE RMT: Meditating one. Strong's: #5511

SILENCE: (fem.: דומיה / du'miy'yah) In a state of noiselessness and motionlessness. Strong's: #1747

SILENT: (masc.: חרש / hhey'reysh) A state of speechlessness or extreme quiet. Strong's: #2795

SILVER: (masc.: כסף / ke'seph) A soft metal capable of a high degree of polish used for coinage, implements and ornaments. A desired and precious metal. Strong's: #3701

SIMPLE: (masc.: פתי / פתאי / p'tiy / p'ta'iy) (fem.: פתיות / p'tai'yut) One who is naieve or simple; simple-minded; open-minded; simplicity Strong's: #6612, #6615

Sinai: (masc.: סיני / si'nai) MT: SHARP.THORN~s~me RMT: My sharp thorns. Strong's: #5514

SING(V): (שיר / שור / sh.y.r / sh.w.r) To express one's voice in a melody or to music. Strong's: #7891

SINK.DOWN(V): (רפה / r.p.h) To drop down; to be slack or idle due to weakness, illness or laziness. Alternate Translations: lazy (when written in the niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #7503

Siryon: (masc.: סיריון / sir'yon) MT: HARNESS RMT: Harness. Strong's: #8303

SKILL: (fem.: חכמה / hhakh'mah) The ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; A deep understanding of a craft. Strong's: #2451

SKILLED.ONE: (masc.: חכם / hha'kham) A person characterized by a deep understanding of a craft; One with the ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong. Strong's: #2450

SKIP.ABOUT(V): (רקד) Strong's: #7540

SKIP.WITH.JOY(V): (שיש / שוש / s.y.s / s.w.s) To rejoice by moving with quick steps. Strong's: #7797

SKY: (masc.: שמה / sha'mah) The upper atmosphere that constitutes an apparent great vault or arch over the earth. Place of the winds. Strong's: #8064

SLANDER: (fem.: דיבה / di'bah) Speaking evil of another (usually done quietly). Strong's: #1681

SLOW: (masc.: ארך / a'reykh) Capable of calmly awaiting an outcome or result. Strong's: #0750

SMACKED: (masc.: מצור / מזור / ma'tsur / ma'zur) A pressing into a city for conquering it. Strong's: #4205, #4692

SMALL.AMOUNT: (masc.: מעט / me'at) Something that is few or small in size or amount. Alternate Translations: few, little, small thing; might have (when prefixed with "like~"). Strong's: #4592

SMEAR(V): (משח / m.sh.hh) To overspread with oil for medical treatment or as a sign of authority. Strong's: #4886

SMOKE: (masc.: עשן / a'sheyn) The gaseous products of combustion. Strong's: #6226, #6227

SMOKE(V): (עשן / ah.sh.n) To emit a gaseous cloud when burning. Strong's: #6225

SMOLDERING.FIRE: (masc.: מוקד / mo'qeyd) (fem.: מוקדה / mo'qey'dah) A fire that has burned itself out, but still smoldering. Strong's: #4168, #4169

SNARE: (masc.: מוקש / mo'qeysh) A trap laid with bait to capture an animal or person. An entrapment. Strong's: #4170

SO: (כן / keyn) In a manner or way indicated or suggested. What comes before or after another event. Alternate Translations: should; this; thus. Strong's: #3651

SO.BE.IT: (אמן / a'meyn) An affirmation of firmness and support. Strong's: #0543

SOAKED: (fem.: רויה / ) [To be verified] Something soaked with water. Strong's: #7310

SOLITARY: (masc.: יחיד / ya'hhid) Separated from the whole of the unit (see Psalm 68:7 [6]). Strong's: #3173

SON: (masc.: בן / ben) A male offspring. This can be the son or a later male descendant of the father. One who continues the family line. Strong's: #1121, #1248

SONG: (masc.: שיר / shir) (fem.: שירה / shi'rah) The act or art of singing. Strong's: #7892

SOUL: (fem.: נפש / ne'phesh) A person or creature; what has breath. The whole of an individual, god or animal including; the body, mind, emotion, character and inner parts. Alternate Translations: everyone (when following the word "to~ ALL~"). Strong's: #5315

SOUTH: (masc.: נגב / ne'gev) A cardinal point of the compass lying directly opposite north. Also, the Negev, the desert region in the southern part of Israel. Strong's: #5045

SPEAK(V): (דבר / d.b.r) A careful arrangement of words or commands said orally. Strong's: #1696

SPECIAL: (masc.: קודש / qo'desh) A person, item, time or place that has the quality of being unique; Separated from the rest for a special purpose. Strong's: #6944

SPEECH: (fem.: אמרה / am'rah) The chain of words when speaking. Strong's: #0565

SPIT.UPON(V): (ארר / a.r.r) To eject saliva, usually on another in spite or disrespect. Strong's: #0779

SPLENDOR: (masc.: הוד / hod) Something that is prominent in beauty or action. Strong's: #1935

SPLINTER: (masc.: קצף / qe'tseph) The sharp flying objects from a snapped piece of wood. Also, wrath as flying splinters. Strong's: #7110

SPOIL: (masc.: שלל / sha'lal) Plunder taken from an enemy in war or robbery. To impair the quality or effect of. Strong's: #7998

SQUEALING: (fem.: אנקה / ) A sharp or shrill cry. Strong's: #0603

STAFF: (masc.: שבט / she'vet) A walking stick made from the branch of a tree. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. Strong's: #7626

STAND(V): (עמד / ah.m.d) To rise, raise or set in a place. Strong's: #5975, #5976

STAND.UP(V): (נצב / n.ts.b) To be vertical in position; to stand tall and erect; to set in place. Strong's: #5324

STARE(V): (נבט / n.b.t) To carefully look; to make a close inspection. Strong's: #5027

STATEMENT: (masc.: אמר / a'mar) A single declaration or remark. Strong's: #0561

STATION(V): (יצב / y.ts.b) To stand firm and in place. Strong's: #3320

STATUTE: (masc.: פקוד / pi'qud) The orders or commands of the overseer; precept Strong's: #6490

STAVE: (fem.: משענה / mish'ey'nah) A staff made from a sapling or branch. A support for walking. Strong's: #4938

STAY(V): (יחר / יחל / y.hh.r / y.hh.l) To remain behind; to wait in anticipation. Alternate Translations: wait (when written in the piel (intensive) form) Strong's: #3176, #3186

STAY.THE.NIGHT(V): (לון / לין / l.w.n / l.y.n) To remain or stay through the night. Strong's: #3885

STEADFAST: (masc.: צדק / tse'deq) The following of the established path or course of action. Strong's: #6664

STEADFAST.ONE: (masc.: צדיק / tsa'diq) One that makes or sets right. Conforming to fact, standard or truth. Strong's: #6662

STEADFASTNESS: (fem.: צדקה / tse'de'qah) Being on the correct path; conformity to fact, standard or truth. Strong's: #6666

STEEP.VALLEY: (גיא / גי / gai / gai) An elongated depression between uplands, hills, or mountains. Strong's: #1516

STIR(V): (בהל / b.h.l) To disturb the quiet of; agitate. Strong's: #0926

STIR.UP(V): (עור / ah.w.r) To shake to awaken. Strong's: #5782, #5783

STONE: (fem.: אבן / e'ven) A piece of rock, often in the context of building material. Strong's: #0068

STOP(V): (עצר / ah.ts.r) To cause to cease; to stop from occurring in the sense of halting, shutting or restraining. Strong's: #6113

STRAIGHT: (masc.: ישר / ya'shar) Without a bend, angle, or curve. A straight line, path or thought. The cord of the bow as stretched taught. Strong's: #3477

STRAIGHT.TRUMPET: (fem.: חצוצרה / hha'tsots'rah) A loud wind instrument. Strong's: #2689

STRAIGHTNESS: (masc.: יושר / yo'sher) Strong's: #3476

STRAND: (masc.: בד / bad) A branch (which may be used as a staff or stave), string or filament, as separated from the tree or plant. Linen that is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Often used in the idiom "to his/her own strand" meaning "alone" or "self;" stranded. Alternate Translations: linen; part; apart; alone; aside; only; self; that alone (when prefixed with "to~"; besides (when prefixed with "from~" and "to~"). Strong's: #0905, #0906

STRAYING: (fem.: שגיאה / sh'giy'ah) Wandering from the desired path; error. Strong's: #7691

STREAM: (masc.: יאור / ye'or) A body of running water; any body of flowing water. Strong's: #2975

STRENGTH: (masc.: כוח / ko'ahh) The quality or state of being strong. Strong's: #3581

STRESS: (masc.: מצוק / ma'tsoq) (fem.: מצוקה / ) Activity or circumstance that causes oppression. Strong's: #4689, #4691

STRETCH.OUT(V): (רבץ / r.b.ts) To lie or stretch out as to rest; to crouch down to hide for an ambush. Strong's: #7257

STRIPPED: (masc.: ערער / ) Strong's: #6199

STRONG: (masc.: עז / az) (fem.: עזה / azah) Having or marked by great physical strength. Strong's: #5794

STYLUS: (masc.: עט / עד / ) [To be verified] What is grabbed by the bird of prey. A pointed stick used for writing in clay by pressing into the clay. Strong's: #5706, #5842

SUDDENLY: (masc.: פיתעום / pit'om) As a wink of time. Strong's: #6597

Suk'kot: (masc.: סוכות / suk'kot) MT: BOOTH~s RMT: Booths. Strong's: #5523

SUMMIT: (fem.: ראשית / rey'shit) The first or beginning; the best or most important; the source. Strong's: #7225

SUN: (fem.: שמש / she'mesh) The luminous body around which the earth revolves and from which it receives heat and light. Strong's: #8121

SUNKEN: (masc.: עמוק / a'moq) Strong's: #6013

SUNRISE: (masc.: מזרח / miz'rah) When the first light of the sun comes over the horizon. An eastward direction as the place of the rising sun. Strong's: #4217

SURELY: (masc.: אכן / אך / a'kheyn / akh) In a sure manner. To be firm in something. Alternate Translations: however; only. Strong's: #0389, #0403

SWALLOW(V): (בלע / b.l.ah) To pass through the mouth and move into the esophagus to the stomach. Strong's: #1104

SWARMING.LOCUST: (masc.: ארבה / ar'beh) A six legged insect having short antennae and commonly migrating in swarms that strip the vegetation from large areas. Strong's: #0697

SWEAR(V): (שבע / sh.b.ah) To completely submit to a promise or oath with words and spoken seven times. Strong's: #7650

SWEET.THING: (masc.: מתוק / ) Strong's: #4966

SWORD: (fem.: חרב / hhe'rev) A weapon with a long, possibly curved, blade for cutting or thrusting. Strong's: #2719

TABLE: (masc.: שולחן / shul'hhan) A flat surface, usually made of wood and with four legs, for laying out the meal to be eaten. Strong's: #7979

TAKE(V): (לקח / l.q.hh) To receive what is given; to gain possession by seizing. Strong's: #3947

TAKE.HOLD(V): (אחז / a.hh.z) To have possession or ownership of; to keep in restraint; to have or maintain in one's grasp; to grab something and keep hold of it. Strong's: #0270

TAKE.REFUGE(V): (חסה / hh.s.h) To take shelter or place ones trust in someone or something of support. Strong's: #2620

TAKE.STEPS(V): (דרך / d.r.k) To take a walk or journey. Also, stringing of a bow (from the action of stepping through the bow and using the leg to string the bow). Strong's: #1869

TAMBOURINE: (masc.: תוף / toph) A shallow, one-headed drum with loose disks at the sides played by shaking, striking with the hand, or rubbing with the thumb. Strong's: #8596

TEACHING: (fem.: תורה / to'rah) Acquired knowledge or skills that mark the direction one is to take in life. A straight direction. Knowledge passed from one person to another. Strong's: #8451, #8452

TEAR(V): (קרע / q.r.ah) To rip into pieces. Strong's: #7167

TEARS: (fem.: דימעה / dim'ah) A fluid appearing in or flowing from the eye as the result of being oppressed. Strong's: #1832

TEN: (masc.: עשרה / עסרה / a'sa'rah) (fem.: עשר / e'ser) A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: twenty (when written in the plural). Strong's: #6235, #6240, #6242

TENT: (masc.: אוהל / o'hel) A portable shelter made of black goat hair used by the nomads of the Near East. Strong's: #0168

TENTH.ONE: (masc.: עשור / a'sor) That which occupies the tenth position in a sequence. Strong's: #6218

TERMINATE(V): (חדל / hh.d.l) To stop or refrain from continuing an action. Strong's: #2308

TEST(V): (נסה / n.s.h) A critical examination, observation, or evaluation; trial. Strong's: #5254

THANKS: (fem.: תודה / to'dah) An expression of gratitude or acknowledgement toward another. Strong's: #8426

THAT: (מען / ma'an) The person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood from the situation. A close watching. (Always used with the prefix ? meaning "to") Alternate Translations: as; on account of, so that; "in order" or "for the sake of" (when prefixed with "to~"). Strong's: #4616

THAT.ONE: (מו / mo) Being the person, thing, or idea specified, mentioned, or understood. (Always prefixed with the letter ? meaning "in," the letter ? meaning "to," or the letter ? meaning "like.") Alternate Translations: as (when prefixed with "like~"); this (when suffixed with "~him"). Strong's: #1119, #3644, #3926

THERE: (masc.: שם / sham) Used to identify another place. Alternate Translations: in. Strong's: #8033

THERE.IS: (masc.: יש / אש / yeysh / eysh) Something that exists. Alternate Translations: are; is; will. Strong's: #0786, #3426

THESE: (masc.: אל / אלה / el / ey'lah) The persons, things, or ideas present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. A grammatical tool used to identify something specific in the sense of looking toward a sight. Strong's: #0411, #0428

THEY(f): (fem.: הנה / hey'nah) The plural of "she." Alternate Translations: those. Strong's: #2007, #3860

THEY(m): (masc.: המה / hey'mah) The plural of "he." Alternate Translations: those, these. Strong's: #1992

THICK.DARKNESS: (masc.: ערפל / a'ra'phel) A heavy darkness that can be felt. Strong's: #6205

THINK(V): (חשב / hh.sh.b) To plan or design a course of action, item or invention. Alternate Translations: consider (when written in the niphal form); plan (when written in the pi'el form). Strong's: #2803

THIS: (masc.: זה / zeh) (fem.: זאת / zot) A person, thing, or idea present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. As prominent or pointed out. Alternate Translations: that; here (when prefixed with "in~"). Strong's: #1454, #2063, #2088, #2090, #2097

THOUGH: (הן / heyn) However; nevertheless. In spite of the fact of. A possible or desired location. To bring attention to an event. Alternate Translations: but; look; since. Strong's: #2004, #2005

THOUSAND: (masc.: אלף / e'leph) Ten times one hundred in amount or number. Strong's: #0505

THREATEN(V): (התת / h.t.t) Strong's: #2050

THROW(V): (ירה / ירא / y.r.h / y.r.a) To propel through the air by a forward motion; to drizzle as a throwing down of water; to teach in the sense of throwing or pointing a finger in a straight line as the direction one is to walk. Alternate Translations: point or teach (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3384

THROW.OUT(V): (שלך / sh.l.k) To remove from a place, usually in a sudden or unexpected manner; to cast out, down or away. Strong's: #7993

THROW.THE.HAND(V): (ידה / הדה / y.d.h / h.d.h) To stretch out the hand to grab; to show praise or confession. Alternate Translations: thank (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); confess (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #1911, #3034

THUNDER(V): (רעם) To make a loud sound; to roar. Strong's: #7481

TIE.UP(V): (אסר / a.s.r) To wrap or fasten with a cord. Strong's: #0631

TITLE: (masc.: שם / sheym) A word given to an individual or place denoting its character. The character of an individual or place. Strong's: #8034

TO: (אל / el) Used as a function word to indicate movement or an action or condition suggestive of progress toward a place, person, or thing reached. Alternate Translations: at; by; for; on; into, belonging to. Strong's: #0413

TO.THIS.POINT: (masc.: הנה / hey'nah) A precise moment in time or a specific location. Alternate Translations: here. Strong's: #2008

TOGETHER: (masc.: יחד / ya'hhad) In or into one place, mass, collection, or group. Strong's: #3162

TOIL: (masc.: יגיע / ye'gi'a) The act of working one's self to exhaustion. Strong's: #3018, #3019

TONGUE: (masc.: לשון / la'shon) A fleshy moveable process on the floor of the mouth used in speaking and eating. Also, language as a tongue. Strong's: #3956

TOOTH: (שן / sheyn) Hard bony appendages on the jaws used for chewing food and forming of sounds when talking. Strong's: #8127

TOP.OF.THE.HEAD: (masc.: קדקוד / qad'qod) The crown of the head. Strong's: #6936

TOPAZ: (masc.: תרשיש / tar'shish) Possibly the Topaz, which may be yellow, gray, white, pink, green or blue in color. Other possible translations are Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Jasper, Serpentine, Olivine, or Flint. Strong's: #8658

TOTTER(V): (מוט / m.w.t) To waver as a green branch. Strong's: #4131

TOUCH(V): (נגע / n.g.ah) To lay hands upon; to touch or strike; to be touched by a plague. Strong's: #5060

TRANSPLANT(V): (שתל) Strong's: #8362

TRAPPINGS: (masc.: עדי / a'di) Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a person's position or rank. Strong's: #5716

TREAD(V): (רמס / רמש / r.m.s) To trample under foot. Strong's: #7429, #7430

TREADER: (masc.: רמש / re'mes) A creature that crawls or creeps on something. Strong's: #7431

TREE: (masc.: עץ / eyts) A woody perennial plant with a supporting stem or trunk and multiple branches. Alternate Translations: wood (especially when in the plural form, but occasionally, depending on context, in the singular as well). Strong's: #6086, #6097

TRENCH: (masc.: מעגל / ) (fem.: מעגלה / ) The trench made from the wheels of carts. Also an entrenchment. Strong's: #4570

TRIBUTARY: (masc.: פלג / pe'leg) A dividing of a watercourse into separate branches. Strong's: #6388

TRUTH: (fem.: אמת / e'met) The state of being the case. Fact. What is firm. Accurately so. Strong's: #0571


Tsal'ma'wet: (masc.: צלמות / tsal'ma'wet) MT: SHADOW + DEATH RMT: Shadow of death. Strong's: #6757


Tsiyon: (masc.: ציון / tsiy'yon) MT: LANDMARK RMT: Landmark Strong's: #6726

Tso'an: (masc.: צוען / tso'an) MT: REMOVED RMT: Removed. Strong's: #6814

Tsor: (masc.: צור / tsor) MT: SHARP.STONE RMT: Sharp stone Strong's: #6865

Tsur: (masc.: צור / tsur) MT: BOULDER RMT: Boulder. Strong's: #6701

TURN(V): (פנה / p.n.h) To rotate or revolve; to face another direction; to turn the face; to turn directions; to turn something back or away. Alternate Translations: clear away or clear out (when written in the piel [passive] form). Strong's: #6437

TURN.ASIDE(V): (סור / שור / s.w.r) To change the location, position, station, or residence; to remove. Alternate Translations: remove (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); make self ruler (when written in the hit'pa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #5493, #7787, #8323

TURN.BACK(V): (שוב / sh.w.b) To return to a previous place or state. Alternate Translations: return. Strong's: #7725

TWIRL(V): (נדף / n.d.p) To toss back and forth. Strong's: #5086

TWIST(V): (חול / חיל / hh.w.l / hh.y.l) A winding or wrapping together; entwined in pain or joy. Strong's: #2342

TWISTEDNESS: (masc.: עוון / a'won) Gross injustice; wickedness. The result of twisted actions. Strong's: #5771

TWO: (masc.: שנים / she'na'yim) (fem.: שתים / she'ta'yim) A cardinal number. (Always written in the double plural form) Strong's: #8147

UNAWARE: (masc.: בלי / be'li) Without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation. Alternate Translations: not; nothing; lack of (when followed with the word "WITHOUT"; unknowingly (when followed by the word "DISCERNMENT"). Strong's: #1097

UNDER: (masc.: תחת / ta'hhat) Beneath, below or underneath; a replacement, In the sense of being in place of something else. Alternate Translations: by; in place of; now; underneath; below (when prefixed with "from~"); how long (when attached to the word "WHEREVER"); single one (when followed by the word "UNIT"); because (when followed by the word "WHICH~"). Strong's: #8478

UNDERSTAND(V): (בין / b.y.n) To grasp the meaning of; to have comprehension. Strong's: #0995

UNDERWORLD: (שאול / she-ol) The place of the dead. Strong's: #7585

UNIQUE: (masc.: קדוש / qa'dosh) Someone or something that has, or has been given the quality of specialness, and has been separated from the rest for a special purpose. Strong's: #6918

UNIT: (masc.: אחד / e'hhad) (fem.: אחת / e'hhat) A unit within the whole, a unified group. A single quantity. Alternate Translations: another; first; one; other. Strong's: #0259

UNLESS: (לולי / לולא / lu'ley) Except on the condition that. Strong's: #3884

UNTIL: (עד / ad) The conclusion of a determinate period of time or space. Also, again; a repetition of time, either definite or indefinite; another time or place; once more. Alternate Translations: again; also; as far as; as well as; before; beyond; by; concerning; even; ever; for; unto; behalf (when prefixed with "in~"); forever (when prefixed with "to~"); still (when followed by the word "IN.THIS.WAY"); utterly (when followed by the word "MANY"). Strong's: #1157, #5703, #5704

UPON: (על / al) To be on or over in the sense of the yoke that is placed on the neck of the ox. Alternate Translations: about; above; according to; against; also; because; by; concerning; in; in addition; over; with; therefore (when followed by the word "SO"); why (when followed by the word "WHAT"); because (when followed by the word "WHICH~"). Strong's: #5921

UPPER: (masc.: עליון / el'yon) Higher than the others. Alternate Translations: above (when followed by the word "UPON~"). Strong's: #5945

UPRISING: (fem.: משאת / ma'se'eyt) Violence in defiance of something. Something that is lifted up such as a burden, gift or flame. Strong's: #4864

USURY: (masc.: נשך / ne'shek) The lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest. Strong's: #5392

UTENSIL: (masc.: כלי / ke'li) A container for carrying or storing various materials; an implement or weapon. Strong's: #3627

VALLEY: (masc.: עמק / ey'meq) An elongated depression between ranges of hills or mountains. Strong's: #6010, #6012

VALUABLE: (masc.: יקר / ) [To be verified] Something of value. Having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem Strong's: #3366, #3368

VANITY: (masc.: הבל / he'vel) The state of being empty of contents or usefulness. Strong's: #1892

VEHICLE: (masc.: רכב / re'khev) A wheeled transport such as a wagon or chariot used for transportation. Also, the top millstone as a wheel that rides on top of the lower millstone. Strong's: #7393, #7395

VENGEANCE: (masc.: נקם / na'qam) (fem.: נקמה / ne'qa'mah) The desire for revenge. Strong's: #5359, #5360

VINEGAR: (masc.: חומץ / hho'mets) A soured liquid made from grapes. Strong's: #2558

VIOLENCE: (masc.: חמס / hha'mas) Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. A fierce shaking. Strong's: #2555

VIRGIN: (fem.: בתולה / be'tu'lah) An unmarried young woman who is absolutely chaste. Strong's: #1330

VOICE: (masc.: קול / qol) The faculty of utterance. Sound of a person, musical instrument, the wind, thunder, etc. Alternate Translations: sound; thunder (when in the plural form). Strong's: #6963

VOW: (masc.: נדר / ne'der) To promise solemnly. Strong's: #5088

WADI: (masc.: נחל / na'hhal) The bed or valley of a stream. A choice piece of land desired in an inheritance because of its fertility. Strong's: #5158

WAGE: (masc.: שכר / se'kher) The reward or pay the price for one's labor. Strong's: #7938, #7939

WAITING: (fem.: תקוה / ) A standing still in anticipation or expectation. Strong's: #8615

WALK(V): (הלך / h.l.k) To move along on foot; walk a journey; to go. Also, customs as a lifestyle that is walked or lived. Alternate Translations: take (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #1980, #3212

WALL: (masc.: קיר / qir) A permanent upright construction having a length much greater than the thickness and presenting a continuous surface, may be constructed of a curtain, earth, rocks or hewed stones. Used for shelter, protection, or privacy, or to subdivide interior space. Strong's: #2426, #7023

WARRIOR: (masc.: גבר / ge'ver) One of great strength in battle, such as a warrior. One who is strong in authority, such as a master. Strong's: #1397, #1399

WATCH(V): (שקד) [To be verified] To be alert and watchful. Strong's: #8245

WATER: (masc.: מה / mah) The Liquid of streams, ponds and seas or stored in cisterns or jars. The necessary liquid that is drank. (Always written in the plural form) Strong's: #4325

WE: (אנחנו / נחנו / אנו / a-nu, nakh-nu, a-nakh-nu) I and the rest of a group. Alternate Translations: us Strong's: #0580, #0587, #5168

WEALTH: (masc.: הון / ) A sufficient supply. Strong's: #1952

WEAR.OUT(V): (בלה / b.l.h) To make useless, especially by long or hard usage. Strong's: #1086, #1089

WEEPINGS: (masc.: בכי / be'khi) The act of expressing sorrow by shedding tears. Strong's: #1065

WEIGH.OUT(V): (אזן / a.z.n) To measure the weight of something; to consider, in the sense of weighing in the mind. Alternate Translations: Pay attention, in the sense of giving weight (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #0238, #0239

WELL: (fem.: באר / be'eyr) A dug-out hole, usually a well or cistern. Strong's: #0875

WHAT: (מה / mah) Interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object. Can also be why, when or how. Alternate Translations: how; why (when prefixed with "to~," "in~" or preceded by the word "UPON"); how many (when prefixed with "like~"); what is the reason (when prefixed with "to~" and followed by the word "THIS"). Strong's: #4100

WHEAT: (fem.: חיטה / hhi'tah) A cereal grain that yields a fine white flour, the chief ingredient of bread. Strong's: #2406

WHERE: (איפוה / איכה / איה / אי / ey / ai'yeh / ey'khoh / ey'phoh) At, in, or to what place. Alternate Translations: why. Strong's: #0335, #0346, #0351, #0375

WHEREIN: (זו / zu) A person, thing, or idea present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. Strong's: #2098

WHEREVER: (אנה / אן / an / anah) Anywhere at all. A search for a person, place or time. Alternate Translations: how long (when attached to the word "UNTIL"). Strong's: #0575

WHET(V): (שנן / sh.n.n) To sharpen a knife or other cutting edge with a stone. Strong's: #8150

WHICH: (masc.: אשר / a'sheyr) This word links the action of the sentence to the one doing the action. Alternate Translations: because; because of what; how; such as; that; what; when; where; who; whoever; whom; whose; whereas (when prefixed with "in~"); just as (when prefixed with "like~"); even though (when attached to the word "GIVEN.THAT~"). Strong's: #0834

WHO: (מי / miy) What or which person or persons. Strong's: #4310

WHOLE: (masc.: תמים / ta'mim) (fem.: תמימה / ta'miy'mah) Free of wound or injury; free of defect or impairment; having all its proper parts or components. Strong's: #8549

WICKED: (masc.: עול / e'wel) (fem.: עולה / aw'lah) Strong's: #5766, #5767

WIDE: (רחב / ra-hhav) Having great extent or breadth. Strong's: #7338, #7342

WIDEN(V): (רחב / r.hh.b) To increase the size of an area wide; large; roomy. Strong's: #7337

WIDOW: (fem.: אלמנה / al'ma'nah) A woman who has lost her husband by death. Strong's: #0490

WILDERNESS: (masc.: מדבר / mid'bar) A tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings. Place of order, a sanctuary. Strong's: #4057

WILLING: (masc.: נדיב / na'div) To give honor or offering out of one's own free will. Strong's: #5081

WIND: (fem.: רוח / ru'ahh) A natural movement of air; breath. The breath of man, animal or God. The character. A space in between. Strong's: #7305, #7307

WINE: (masc.: יין / ya'yin) Fermented juice of fresh grapes. From the mire in the wine. Strong's: #3196

WING: (fem.: כנף / ka'naph) An appendage that allows an animal, bird or insect to fly. Also, the wings of a garment. Strong's: #3671

WINTER: (masc.: חורף / hho'reph) The season between summer and spring. Time of the piercing cold and relative bleakness. Strong's: #2779

WITH: (עים / im) Through the idea of being together in a group. Alternate Translations: among, by; away (when prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #5868, #5973

WITH.THE.EXCEPTION: (fem.: זולה / zu'lah) An exception. Strong's: #2108

WITHOUT: (masc.: אין / a'yin) (אין / a'yin) A lacking of something or the inability to do or have something. The search for a place of unknown origin. Alternate Translations: no; not; none; nothing; unable; where. Strong's: #0369, #0370, #0371

WITNESS: (masc.: עד / eyd) (fem.: עדה / ey'dah) Attestation of a fact or event. An object, person or group that affords evidence. Strong's: #5707, #5713

WOMAN: (fem.: אנשה / an'shah) An adult female person. As mortal. Alternate Translations: each; one. Strong's: #0802

WOMB: (fem.: בטן / be'ten) An organ where something is generated or grows before birth. Strong's: #0990

WONDER: (masc.: מופת / mo'phet) An amazing sight or event that causes one to be dismayed. Something out of the ordinary. Strong's: #4159

WOOD.BAR: (masc.: בריח / be'ri'ahh) Round wooden dowels. Strong's: #1280, #1281

WORD: (masc.: דבר / da'var) (fem.: דברה / dab'rah) An arrangement of words, ideas or concepts to form sentences. A promise in the sense of being 'ones word.' An action in the sense of acting out an arrangement. A plague as an act. A matter or thing, as words also have substance in the Hebrew mind. Alternate Translations: matter; thing. Strong's: #1697, #1703

WORK: (masc.: מעשה / ma'a'seh) Activity where one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something. An action. Strong's: #4639

WOULD.THAT: (לו / לוא / lu / liy) A yearning for certain direction or action. Strong's: #3863

WRATH: (fem.: עברה / ev'rah) Strong vengeful anger. As crossing over from peace. Strong's: #5678, #5679

WRITE(V): (כתב / k.t.b) To inscribe a story, thoughts or instructions on in a variety of mediums including stone, papyrus, leather or parchment. Strong's: #3789

Ya'aqov: (masc.: יעקוב / ya'a'qov) MT: he~will~RESTRAIN(V) RMT: He restrains. Strong's: #3290

Yah: (masc.: יה / yah) MT: EXISTING RMT: Existing (The actual pronunciation of this name is not certain but probably "Yah."). Strong's: #3050

Ya'ir: (masc.: יאיר / ya'ir) MT: he~will~make~LIGHT(V) RMT: He will make light. Strong's: #2971

Yamin: (masc.: ימין / ya'min) MT: RIGHT.HAND RMT: Right hand. Strong's: #3226

Yarden: (masc.: ירדן / yar'den) MT: DESCENDER RMT: Descender. Strong's: #3383

YEAR: (fem.: שנה / sha'neyh) The period of around 365 solar days. Strong's: #8141

YEARN(V): (אוה / a.w.h) To have an earnest or strong desire; long. Strong's: #0183

YEARNING: (fem.: תאוה / ta'a'wah) To long persistently, wistfully, or sadly. What is desired, whether good or bad. Strong's: #8378

Yedutun: (masc.: ידותון / ye'du'tun) MT: PRAISING RMT: Praising Strong's: #3038

Yehudah: (masc.: יהודה / ye'hu'dah) MT: THANKSGIVING RMT: Thanksgiving. Strong's: #3063

Yerushalem: (masc.: ירושלם / ye'ru'sha'lem) MT: THROW(V)~ing(ms) + COMPLETENESS RMT: Throwing completeness (Meaning "teaching completeness"). Strong's: #3389

YET.AGAIN: (masc.: עוד / od) A repeating of something. Alternate Translations: again; also; another; continue; even; ever; more; still; while; yet; whole life (when prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #5750

YHWH: (masc.: יהוה / yhwh) MT: he~will~BE(V) RMT: He will be (or YHWH. The actual pronunciation of this name is not certain). Strong's: #3068

YIELD(V): (גמל / g.m.l) To produce or be productive. Strong's: #1580

Yisra'eyl: (masc.: יסראל / yis'ra'eyl) MT: he~will~TURN.ASIDE(V) + MIGHTY.ONE RMT: He turns the mighty one aside. Strong's: #3478

Yoseph: (masc.: יוסף / yo'seph) MT: ADD(V)~ing(ms) RMT: Adding. Strong's: #3130

YOU(fs): (masc.: את / et) Relation to Root: Through the sense of approaching. Strong's: #0859(x4)

YOU(mp): (masc.: אתם / a'tem) Relation to Root: Through the sense of approaching. Strong's: #0859(x4)

YOU(ms): (masc.: אתה / a'tah) Pronoun, second person, masculine singular. Strong's: #0859(x4)

YOUNG.AGE: (fem.: נעור / na'ur) A person of short life. Strong's: #5271

YOUNG.MAN: (masc.: נער / na'ar) A male that has moved from youth to young adulthood. Strong's: #5288, #5289

ZEALOUSNESS: (fem.: קנאה / qin'ah) A protective or suspicious nature. Strong's: #7068

Zerahh: (masc.: זרח / ze'rahh) MT: RISING.SUN RMT: Rising sun. Strong's: #2226, #2227

Zevulun: (masc.: זבולון / ze'vu'lun) MT: RESIDENT RMT: Resident. Strong's: #2074

FALSE: (masc.: שקר / she'qer) A deliberate lie. An expression of a non-truth. Strong's: #8267

~me: (י / ני / I / niy) First person common singular pronoun (me), also used as a possessive pronoun (of me or my). Alternate Translations: my

~us: (נו / nu) First person common plural pronoun (we), also used as a possessive pronoun (of us or our). Alternate Translations: our

~you(ms): (masc.: ך / kha) Second person masculine singular pronoun (you), also used as a possessive pronoun (of you or your). Alternate Translations: your

~you(mp): (masc.: כם / khem) Second person masculine plural pronoun (you), also used as a possessive pronoun (of you or your). Alternate Translations: your

~you(fs): (fem.: ך / ek) Second person feminine singular pronoun (you), alsoused as a possessive pronoun (of you or your). Alternate Translations: your

~you(fp): (fem.: כן / khen) Second person feminine plural pronoun (you), also used as a possessive pronoun (of you or your). Alternate Translations: your

~him: (masc.: ו / o) Third person masculine singular pronoun (him) also used as a possessive pronoun (of him or his). Alternate Translations: his

~her: (fem.: ה / ah) Third person feminine singular pronoun (her) also used as a possessive pronoun (of him or his).

~them(m): (masc.: הם / hem) Third person masculine plural pronoun (them) also used as a possessive pronoun (of them or their). Alternate Translations: their

~them(f): (fem.: הן / hen) Third person feminine plural pronoun (them) also used as a possessive pronoun (of them or their). Alternate Translations: their

and~: (ו / we / wa / u) The conjunction meaning and. Often used as the vav consecutive meaning that when prefixed to a verb it will usually reverse the tense of the verb. Alternate Translations: as; but; or; so; that; then; when

which~: (ש / she) A preposition meaning which or who.

like~: (ך / ke) A preposition meaning like. Alternate Translations: about; as; same; when

to~: (ל / le) A preposition meaning to or for. Alternate Translations: about; as; at; belong to; by; for; has; have; so; with; within

in~: (ב / be) A preposition meaning in or with. Alternate Translations: among; at; by; on; over; to; with; excuse me (when suffixed with "me~")

from~: (ם / me) A preposition meaning from. Alternate Translations: above; at; by; in; kinds; more than; of; on; out of; rather than; some of; to; including; because of

the~: (ה / ha) The definite article meaning "the."

?~: (ה / ah) The interrogative hey converting the sentence into a question.

~s: (masc.: ים / iym) (fem.: ות / ot) Identifies the noun as a plural. When attached to the name of a person it identifies the name as plural possessive.

~s2: (ים / yim) Identifies the noun as a dual plural.

~of: (י / i) Identifies the noun as singular possessive.

~unto: (ה / ah) Directional Hey; implies movement toward the location identified in the word this suffix is attached to. Alternate Translations: upon

~&: (ה / h) Paragogic Hey; added to the ordinary forms of words, to express additional emphasis, or some change in the sense.

~must: (ן / n) Paragogic Nun; emphasizes the intensity of action of the verb. Alternate Translations: shall; cannot (when attached to a verb that is preceded by a negative participle)

+ : Placed between the two words of a compound word or name.

did~: Identifies the tense of the verb as perfect. The perfect tense is a completed action and in most cases is related to the English past tense. Alternate Translations: had (when the subject of the verb precedes the verb)

will~: Identifies the tense of the verb as imperfect. The imperfect tense is an incomplete action and is closely related to the English present and future tenses. Alternate Translations: do

be~: Identifies the voice of the verb as passive.

make~: Identifies the the mood of the verb as causative. Alternate Translations: cause; give; let; take

much~: Identifies the mood of the verb as intensive. Alternate Translations: many, completely

self~: Identifies the voice of the verb as reflexive. Alternate Translations: act

>~: Identifies the verb form as infinitive.

!(ms)~: Identifies the verb as a masculine singular imperative.

!(mp)~: Identifies the verb as a masculine plural imperative.

!(fs)~: Identifies the verb as a feminine singular imperative.

!(fp)~: Identifies the verb as a feminine plural imperative.

I~: Identifies the subject of the verb as first person common singular.

we~: Identifies the subject of the verb as first person common plural.

you(ms)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as second person masculine singular.

you(mp)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as second person masculine plural.

you(fs)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as second person feminine singular.

you(fp)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as second person feminine plural.

he~: Identifies the subject of the verb as third person masculine singular. Alternate Translations: any; it; one; that

she~: Identifies the subject of the verb as third person feminine singular.

they~: Identifies the subject of the verb as third person common plural.

they(m)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as third person masculine plural.

they(f)~: Identifies the subject of the verb as third person feminine plural.

~ing(ms): Masculine singular verb participle denoting an action (such as baking) or one of action (such as a baking one, or baker).

~ing(mp): Masculine plural verb participle denoting an action (such as baking) or one of action (such as a baking one, or baker).

~ing(fs): Feminine singular verb participle denoting an action (such as baking) or one of action (such as a baking one, or baker).

~ing(fp): Feminine plural verb participle denoting an action (such as baking) or one of action (such as a baking one, or baker).

~ed(ms): Masculine singular verb passive participle denoting an action (such as baked).

~ed(mp): Masculine plural verb passive participle denoting an action (such as baked).

~ed(fs): Feminine singular verb passive participle denoting an action (such as baked).

~ed(fp): Feminine plural verb passive participle denoting an action (such as baked).