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I: (אנוכי / אני / a-ni, a-no-khi) A person aware of possessing a personal identity in self-reference. Alternate Translations: me. Strong's: #0589, #0595

IBIS: (fem.: תינשמת / tiyn'she'met) An unknown animal. Strong's: #8580

ICE: (masc.: קרח / qe'rahh) Frozen water. Cold ice, frost or crystals. Strong's: #7140

IDOL: (masc.: גילול / gi'lul) The image of a god made from wood or stone that is revered. Strong's: #1544

IF: (אים / im) Allowing that; on condition that. A desire to bind two ideas together. Alternate Translations: or; that; therefore (when followed by the word "NOT"). Strong's: #0518

IGNITING: (masc.: בעור / ba'ur) To set on fire. Strong's: [Found in names only]

ILL(V): (דוה / d.w.h) To be of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick. Strong's: #1738

ILLNESS: (masc.: דוה / da'weh) Unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness. Also, a woman's cycle. Strong's: #1739

ILLUMINATE(V): (זהר / z.h.r) To give off light; to shine. Alternate Translations: warn (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form), in the sense of bringing something to light; be careful (when written in the piel [intensive] form, in the sense of one who is illuminated will take care). Strong's: #2094

IMAGE: (masc.: צלם / tse'lem) A reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing. The form of something as a shadow of the original. Strong's: #6754

IMAGERY: (fem.: משכית / mash'kiyt) The casting of an image. Strong's: #4906

IMAGINATION: (fem.: שרירות / sh'riy'rut) A twisting together of thoughts. Strong's: #8307

IMAGING: (fem.: צלמונה / tsal'mo'nah) A reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing. Strong's: [Found in names only]

IMBIBE(V): (סבא / s.b.a) To drink strong drink that can cause intoxication. Strong's: #5433

IMITATE(V): (תעע / t.ah.ah) To follow as a model, pattern or example. Strong's: #8591

IMMIGRANT: (masc.: גר / גיר / ger / giyr) A foreigner that permanently or temporarily resides with a native. A person or thing unknown or with whom one is unacquainted. Strong's: #1616

IMMIGRATE(V): (גור / g.w.r) To dwell as a non-native. Travel in a strange land. Also, the extended meaning of "to be afraid" as an immigrant. Alternate Translations: fear. Strong's: #1481

IMMIGRATION: (masc.: מגור / ma'gur) A journey of an immigrant; the course of life on earth. One who travels in a strange land. The dwelling place of an immigrant. Strong's: #4033

IMPATIENT: (masc.: לאה / la'ah) Strong's: [Found in names only]

IN.FRONT: (masc.: נוכח / no'khahh) Before or opposite to something. Strong's: #5227

IN.LAW: (masc.: חתן / hha'tan) One related by marriage. Strong's: #2860

IN.LINE: (fem.: מערכת / ma'a're'hhet) a number of things arranged in a row, especially a straight line. Strong's: #4635

IN.THIS.WAY: (masc.: כוה / ככה / ko / ka'kah) To do something in a certain manner; a reference to the previous or following context. Alternate Translations: that way; just like this (when prefixed with "like~"). Strong's: #3541, #3602

INCENSE.SMOKE: (fem.: קטורת / קטורה / qe'to'ret / qe'to'rah) Usually made of several spices and or fruits, etc. To emit a fragrance. Used at the altar as a sweet savor. Strong's: #6988, #7004

INCREASE(V): (רבה / r.b.h) To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young; to be abundant of number, strength or authority. Alternate Translations: great, long. Strong's: #7235

INCREASE.IN.NUMBER(V): (רבב / r.b.b) To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young. Multiply. Also, meaning "to shoot" from the abundant arrows of the archer. Strong's: #7231, #7232

INCREASING: (masc.: כסד / ka'sad) Strong's: [Found in names only]

INDEED: (אומנם / um'nam) Without any question. Strong's: #0552

INFANT: (fem.: שיליה / shiyl'yah) As drawn out of the mother. Strong's: #7988

INFECT(V): (צרע / ts.r.ah) To taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably. To be infected with leprosy, mildew or mold. Strong's: #6879

INFECTION: (fem.: צרעת / tsa'a'rat) A contaminated substance, such as a disease, mold or mildew, on the skin, cloth or a building. Strong's: #6883

INFIRMITY: (masc.: חלי / hha'liy) A physical weakness or ailment. Strong's: #2483

INFLAME(V): (דלק / d.l.q) To excite to excessive or uncontrollable action or feeling. Strong's: #1814

INFLAMMATION: (fem.: דלקת / dal'le'qet) Strong's: #1816

INHERIT(V): (נחל / n.hh.l) A passing down of properties, wealth or blessings to the offspring. Strong's: #5157

INHERITANCE: (masc.: נחל / na'hheyl) (fem.: נחלה / na'hha'lah) The acquisition of a possession from past generations. Strong's: #5159

INNOCENCE: (masc.: נקיון / na'qi'on) Freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil. A state of innocence as an infant. Strong's: #5356

INNOCENT: (masc.: נקיא / נקי / na'qi) Free from guilt or sin. A state of innocence as an infant. Strong's: #5355

INQUIRE(V): (שאל / sh.a.l) To ask about; to search into; to seek to understand what is not known. Alternate Translations: grant (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #7592

INSCRIBE(V): (חקק / hh.q.q) To write, engrave or print as a lasting record. A decree or custom. Strong's: #2710

INSIDE: (masc.: קרב / qe'rev) The inner or interior part. Alternate Translations: among, near. Strong's: #7130, #7131

INSTALLATION: (masc.: מלוא / mi'lu) Placed in its proper and permanent position. Strong's: #4394

INSTANT: (masc.: פתע / pe'ta) As a wink of time. Strong's: #6621

INTELLIGENCE: (masc.: תבון / ta'vun) (fem.: תבונה / te'vu'nah) The ability to learn, reason, plan and build. Strong's: #8394

INTERCEDE(V): (עתר / ah.t.r) To intervene between parties to reconcile differences. Supplicate on the behalf of another. Strong's: #6279

INTEREST: (fem.: תרבית / tar'biyt) From usury. Strong's: #8636

INTERPRET(V): (פתר / p.t.r) To explain or tell the meaning of. Strong's: #6622

INTERPRETATION: (masc.: פיתרון / pit'ron) The act or result of interpreting. Strong's: #6623

INTERPRETING: (masc.: פתור / pe'tor) Strong's: [Found in names only]

INVADE(V): (גוד / g.w.d) To enter for conquest or plunder. The slicing through of a band of men. Strong's: #1464

INVENTION: (fem.: מחשבה / ma'hha'sha'vah) A product of the imagination. Designing or planning of inventions or plans. Strong's: #4284

INVESTIGATE(V): (בקר / b.q.r) To look or search for something. Strong's: #1239

IRON: (masc.: ברזל / bar'zel) A heavy element frequently used in the making of weapons and tools. The most used of metals. Strong's: #1270

IRRITATE(V): (מאר / m.a.r) Strong's: #3992

IRRITATION: (masc.: גרב / ga'rav) To have or feel a peculiar tingling or uneasy itch of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected. Strong's: #1618

ISLAND: (masc.: אי / iy) A tract of land surrounded by water. Also, a country in the sense of isolated. Strong's: #0336, #0339

ISSUE(V): (זוב / z.w.b) To flow out; to go, pass, or flow out; emerge. Strong's: #2100

ITCH: (masc.: חרס / hha'res) A skin irritation. Strong's: #2775

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