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MADNESS: (masc.: שיגעון / shiy'ga'on) Strong's: #7697

MAGGOT: (fem.: רימה / ri'mah) The larvae of flies. Strong's: #7415

MAGICIAN: (masc.: חרטום / hhar'tom) A person skilled in divination. Strong's: #2748

MAGNIFICENCE: (masc.: גודל / go'del) An increase in size power or authority. Strong's: #1433

MAGNIFIED: (masc.: גדל / ga'deyl) An increased significance or size. Strong's: #1432

MAGNIFY(V): (גדל / g.d.l) To increase in size or one's position of honor. Strong's: #1431

MAID: (fem.: שיפחה / shiph'hhah) An unmarried young woman. Strong's: #8198

MAJESTY: (masc.: גאון / ga'on) Elevated to a higher position. Supreme greatness or authority. Strong's: #1347

MAKE(V): (פעל / p.ah.l) To perform a task of physical labor to produce something. Strong's: #6466, #6468

MAKE.A.PLEDGE(V): (עבט / ah.b.t) Alternate Translations: Lend (when written in the hiphil [causative] form). Strong's: #5670

MAKE.A.VOW(V): (נדר / n.d.r) To promise solemnly; to make an agreement where one promises an action if the other reciprocates with another action. Strong's: #5087

MAKE.BALD(V): (קרח / q.r.hh) To shave the hair of the head to make bald. Strong's: #7139

MAKE.BRICKS(V): (לבן / l.b.n) To shape moist clay or earth into blocks for construction purposes. Alternate Translations: Be white (when written in the hiphil [causative] form), from the color of the bricks. Strong's: #3835

MAKE.FAT(V): (דשן / d.sh.n) To make or become large with fat tissue. Alternate Translations: remove the fat (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #1878

MAKE.HASTE(V): (עוש / חוש / ah.w.sh / hh.w.sh) To quickly prepare. Strong's: #2363, #5789

MAKE.RESTITUTION(V): (שלם / sh.l.m) To restore or make right through action, payment or restoration to a rightful owner. Strong's: #7999

MALE: (masc.: זכר / za'khar) Being the gender who begets offspring. One who acts and speaks for the family. Strong's: #2145

MALE.GOAT: (masc.: עתוד / a'tud) A male member of a flock of goats. Strong's: #6259, #6260

MALE.KID: (masc.: גדי / ge'di) A young goat. Strong's: #1423

MAN: (masc.: איש / אנוש / iysh / e'nosh) An adult male human. (Often used to mean "each" in the sense of an individual.) Alternate Translations: each; one. Strong's: #0376, #0377, #0582

MANDRAKES: (masc.: דודי / du'dai) A plant boiled as an aphrodisiac. Strong's: #1736

MANE.OF.A.HORSE: (fem.: רעמה / ra'mah) Strong's: #7483

MANY: (masc.: מאוד / me'od) A large, but indefinite number. An abundance of things (every, many, much, great), actions (complete, wholly, strong, quick) or character (very). Alternate Translations: great; greatly; more; much; very, every. Strong's: #3966

MARCH(V): (צעד / ts.ah.d) To move along steadily, usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others. Strong's: #6805

MARKER: (fem.: טוטפה / to'ta'phah) A mark or emblem used to identify a purpose. Strong's: #2903

MARRY(V): (בעל / b.ah.l) To join as husband and wife. Strong's: #1166

MARSH.GRASS: (masc.: אחו / a'hhu) The tall grasses that line a body of water as a wall. Strong's: #0260

MARVEL(V): (תמה / t.m.h) Something that causes wonder or astonishment. To see or perceive a full sight, such as a wonder or miracle. Strong's: #8539

MASTER: (masc.: בעל / ba'al) Having chief authority; a workman qualified to teach apprentices. Strong's: #1167

MATERIAL: (masc.: קינין / qin'yan) Something owned, occupied or controlled. The goods and wealth acquired from the idea of acquiring materials for building a nest. Strong's: #7075

MATTER: (masc.: אומר / o'mer) A word or utterance that is spoken about. Strong's: #0562

MATTRESS: (fem.: ערש / e'res) Strong's: #6210

MATURE: (masc.: תם / tam) Having completed natural growth and development. An upright and correct nature. Strong's: #8535

MEASURE(V): (מדד / m.d.d) To determine the length of something by comparing it to a standard of measure. Strong's: #4058

MEASURED.AMOUNT: (masc.: תוכן / to'khen) A calculated measurement of weight. Strong's: #8506

MEASUREMENT: (fem.: מדה / mi'dah) A size or distance that is determined by comparing to a standard of measure. Strong's: #4060

MEASURING: (masc.: מודד / mu'dad) Strong's: [Found in names only]

MEAT: (masc.: מזון / ma'zon) Solid food as distinguished from drink; flesh; a meal. Strong's: #4202

MEDDLE(V): (גרה / g.r.h) To struggle with to gain control over. Strong's: #1624

MEDITATE(V): (שוח / s.w.hh) To engage in contemplation. A sweeping away in thought. Strong's: #7742

MEDITATING.ONE: (masc.: סיחון / si'hhon) Strong's: [Found in names only]

MEET(V): (קרה / קרא / q.r.h / q.r.a) To come into the presence of; to go to meet another; to have a chance encounter. Alternate Translations: come to meet (when written in the niphal [passive] form). Strong's: #7122, #7125, #7136

MEETING: (masc.: מקרא / miq'ra) To summon; to read. Strong's: #4744

MELON: (masc.: אבטיח / a'va'tiy'ahh) A fruit that clings to the vine. Strong's: #0020

MELT.AWAY(V): (מסס / m.s.s) To become liquefied by warmth or heat. Also, the dissolving of the heart through fear or discouragement. Strong's: #4549

MEMORIAL: (fem.: אזכרה / az'ka'rah) A remembering and action based on a past event. Strong's: #0234

MEMORY: (masc.: זכר / zey'kher) A remembering based on a past event often through an annual festival. Strong's: #2143

MEN: (masc.: זכור / za'khur) Male persons. Strong's: #2138

MERCHANDISE: (masc.: ממכר / mim'kar) (fem.: ממכרת / mim'ke'ret) Strong's: #4465, #4466

MESSENGER: (masc.: מלאך / mal'akh) One who bears a message or runs an errand. Walks for another. Strong's: #4397

METAL.PLATING: (masc.: צפוי / tsi'phu'i) Thin layers of metals used to cover materials to give the look of metal. A hammered-out sheet of gold used to overlay something. Strong's: #6826

METROPOLIS: (fem.: קריה / qir'yah) A large populace of people; a town or village. A place of meeting and gathering. Strong's: #7151

MIDDLEMOST: (masc.: תיכון / ti'khon) The absolute center. Strong's: #8484

MIDSECTION: (fem.: ירך / ya'rey'akh) The lower abdomen and back. Strong's: #3409

MIDST: (masc.: תוך / ta'wek) The center or middle of the whole. Alternate Translations: middle. Strong's: #8432

MIGHTY.ONE: (masc.: אל / el) One who holds authority over others, such as a judge, chief or god. Strong's: #0410

MIGRATION: (fem.: סלכה / sal'kah) Strong's: [Found in names only]

MILDEW: (masc.: ירקון / yey'ra'qon) As a thin green film. Strong's: #3420

MILLSTONE: (masc.: רחה / re'hheh) A large circular stone that is revolved on top of another stone to grind grain into flour. Strong's: #7347

MIMIC(V): (לוץ / l.w.ts) To imitate another person's speech as an interpretation or in mocking. Alternate Translations: interpret (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); mocking or mocker (when written in the participle form). Strong's: #3887

MINISTER(V): (שרת / sh.r.t) To give aid or service; to be in service to another. Alternate Translations: administer. Strong's: #8334

MINISTRY: (masc.: שרת / sh'reyt) Strong's: #8335

MIRE: (masc.: יון / ya'weyn) A swamp, bog or marsh. Strong's: #3121

MISCHIEF: (fem.: זמה / zam'mah) An annoying action resulting in grief, harm or evil. Strong's: #2154

MISCHIEVOUS: (masc.: זמזום / zam'zum) Maliciously or playfully annoying. Strong's: [Found in names only]

MISERY: (masc.: מכאוב / makh'ov) An agony of the heart. Strong's: #4341

MIST: (masc.: אד / ad) A vapor or fine spray. Strong's: #0108

MISTAKE: (fem.: משגה / mish'geh) An error in calculation or understanding. Strong's: #4870

MIX(V): (בלל / b.l.l) To combine in one mass; to mingle together. Strong's: #1101

MIXED.MULTITUDE: (masc.: אספסוף / a'saph'suph) A gathering of people. Strong's: #0628

MIXED.UP: (masc.: בבל / ba'val) To be put together indiscriminately or confusedly. Strong's: [Found in names only]

MIXTURE: (masc.: ערב / ey'rev) Two or more elements to create one new element. Also, the woof in weaving from its mixing of colors. Strong's: #6154

MODERATE(V): (דין / דון / d.y.n / d.w.n) To rule over quarrels or other conflicts. Strong's: #1|

MODERATOR: (masc.: דן / dan) A judge. One who presides over a dispute. Strong's: [Found in names only]

MOIST: (masc.: לח / lahh) Slightly or moderately wet. Strong's: #3892, #3893

MOLD(V): (יצר / y.ts.r) To give shape to; to press or squeeze, as when pressing clay into a shape to form a vessel. Alternate Translations: distress. Strong's: #3334, #3335

MOLDING: (masc.: זר / zeyr) Material used to encompass an area or to enhance or beautify. Spread or scattered over a large area. Strong's: #2213

MOMENT: (masc.: רגע / re'ga) A single point in time. A wink of the eye. Strong's: #7281, #7282

MONUMENT: (fem.: מצבה / ma'tsey'vah) A lasting evidence, reminder, or example of someone or something. As standing tall and firm. Strong's: #4676

MOON: (masc.: ירח / ye'rey'ahh) The second brightest object in the sky which reflects the sun's light. Also, a month by counting its cycles. Strong's: #3391, #3394

MOREOVER: (אף / aph) In addition to what has been said. Strong's: #0637

MORNING: (masc.: בוקר / bo'qer) The time from sunrise to noon. Breaking of daylight. Strong's: #1242

MORROW: (fem.: מחרת / ma'hha'ret) The next day. At a time following. Alternate Translations: the next day (when prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #4283

MORTAL.MAN: (masc.: מת / mat) One subject to death. Alternate Translations: few (in the sense of being limited ). Strong's: #4962

MORTAR: (masc.: חומר / hho'mer) A thick and slimy soil used to join bricks or for making bricks. Strong's: #2563

MORTAR.AND.PESTLE: (fem.: מדוכה / m'do'khah) Strong's: #4085

MOTHER: (fem.: אם / eym) A female parent. Maternal tenderness or affection. One who fulfills the role of a mother. Strong's: #0517

MOUND: (masc.: גל / gal) An artificial hill or bank of earth or stones. A pile of rocks or soil. A spring gushing out of the ground. Strong's: #1530

MOUNT: (masc.: הרר / ha'rar) To increase in amount or extent; to get up on something above the level of the ground. Strong's: #2042

MOUNTAIN-SHEEP: (masc.: זמר / ze'mer) An clean unknown species of animal. Strong's: #2169

MOUNTAINSIDE: (masc.: צדד / ze'dad) The side or slope of a mountain. Strong's: [Found in names only]

MOURN(V): (אבל / a.b.l) To feel or express grief or sorrow. Strong's: #0056

MOURNING: (אבל / a-veyl) A flowing of tears. Also, a meadow as a weeping ground. Strong's: #0057, #0058, #0060

MOUSE: (masc.: עכבר / akh'bar) A small rodent. Strong's: #5909

MOUTH: (masc.: פה / peh) The opening through which food enters the body. Any opening. Alternate Translations: opening, according to. Strong's: #6310

MOVE.AWAY(V): (מוש / m.w.sh) To pass from one place or position to another. Strong's: #4185

MOVING: (masc.: מוש / mush) What has passed from one place to another. Strong's: [Found in names only]

MULTITUDE: (masc.: המון / ha'mon) A great number of people. A loud group. Strong's: #1995

MURDER(V): (רצח / r.ts.hh) A killing committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation. Strong's: #7523

MURKINESS: (fem.: עיפה / ey'phah) Strong's: #5890

MURMUR(V): (לון / l.w.n) To make a low or indistinct sound, esp. Continuously. To complain in a low tone, usually in private. Strong's: #3885

MURMURING: (fem.: תלונה / te'lu'nah) A continuously low or indistinct sound. A complaining in low tones, usually in private. Strong's: #8519

MUSIC: (fem.: זימרת / zim'rat) An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Strong's: #2176

MUSICIAN: (masc.: זימרן / zim'rah) Strong's: [Found in names only]

MUSTER(V): (צבא / ts.b.a) To gather together a group for service, work or war. Strong's: #6633

MUTE: (masc.: אילם / i'leym) Inability to speak. A bound-up tongue. Strong's: #0483

MUTTER(V): (הגה) To moun or growl in deep meditation or mourning. Strong's: #1897

MUZZLE(V): (חסם / hh.s.m) Strong's: #2629

MYRIAD: (fem.: רבבה / re'va'vah) A great abundance in numbers. Strong's: #7233

MYRRH: (masc.: מור / mor) A sweet smelling spice. Used as an exchange due to its monetary value. Strong's: #4753

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