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WADI: (masc.: נחל / na'hhal) The bed or valley of a stream. A choice piece of land desired in an inheritance because of its fertility. Strong's: #5158

WAFER: (fem.: צפיחית / tsa'pi'hhit) Small thinly baked bread. Strong's: #6838

WAGE: (masc.: שכר / se'kher) The reward or pay the price for one's labor. Strong's: #7938, #7939

WAGES: (masc.: אתנן / et'nan) What is brought to a harlot as a gift. Strong's: #0868

WAIST: (masc.: מתן / ma'ten) The slender part of the body above the hips. Strong's: #4975

WALK(V): (הלך / h.l.k) To move along on foot; walk a journey; to go. Also, customs as a lifestyle that is walked or lived. Alternate Translations: take (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #1980, #3212

WALL: (masc.: קיר / qir) A permanent upright construction having a length much greater than the thickness and presenting a continuous surface, may be constructed of a curtain, earth, rocks or hewed stones. Used for shelter, protection, or privacy, or to subdivide interior space. Strong's: #2426, #7023

WALLOWER: (fem.: פלשת / pe'le'shet) One who rolls around in the dust or ashes. Strong's: [Found in names only]

WANDER(V): (תעה / t.ah.h) To go astray due to deception or an outside influence. To staggar, as from being intoxicated. Strong's: #8582

WANTING: (masc.: חוסר / hho'ser) Deficient in some part, thing, or respect. Strong's: #2640

WARP: (masc.: שתי / sh'tiy) A tool used for weaving, an activity performed while sitting down. Strong's: #8358, #8359

WARRIOR: (masc.: גבר / ge'ver) One of great strength in battle, such as a warrior. One who is strong in authority, such as a master. Strong's: #1397, #1399

WASH(V): (כבס / k.b.s) To immerse articles of clothing into a cleaning solution and agitate them, usually by treading upon them, to clean them; to clean the body. Strong's: #3526

WATCH.OVER(V): (בחן / b.hh.n) To inspect closely; to test, try or scrutinize. Strong's: #0974

WATCHER: (masc.: ציפיון / tsiyph'yon) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WATCHMAN: (masc.: צף / tsaph) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WATCHTOWER: (masc.: מצפה / mits'peh) A high place for watching a large area. Strong's: #4707

WATER: (masc.: מה / mah) The Liquid of streams, ponds and seas or stored in cisterns or jars. The necessary liquid that is drank. (Always written in the plural form) Strong's: #4325

WATERCOURSE: (masc.: יבל / ya'val) A flowing body of water. Strong's: #2988

WATERED: (masc.: רוה / ra'weh) Strong's: #7302

WATERING.TROUGH: (fem.: שוקת / sho'qet) A trench for bringing water into the village. A place for domestic animals to quench thirst. Strong's: #8268

WAVE(V): (נוף / n.w.p) To move an object, such as hammer or sacrifice, back and forth; brandish. Strong's: #5130

WAVER(V): (אזל / a.z.l) To go about in a shaking motion. Strong's: #0235

WAVING: (fem.: תנופה / te'nu'phah) The action of moving an object, such as hammer or a sacrifice, back and forth. Strong's: #8573

WAYWARDNESS: (fem.: רישעה / rish'ah) Strong's: #7564

WE: (אנחנו / נחנו / אנו / a-nu, nakh-nu, a-nakh-nu) I and the rest of a group. Alternate Translations: us Strong's: #0580, #0587, #5168

WEAKEN(V): (חלש / hh.l.sh) To reduce in strength. Strong's: #2522

WEALTHY: (masc.: חשמן / hhash'man) (fem.: חשמנה / hhash'ma'nah) Strong's: #2831

WEAR(V): (לבש / l.b.sh) To cover with cloth or clothing; to provide with clothing; put on clothing. Alternate Translations: clothe (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3847

WEAR.OUT(V): (בלה / b.l.h) To make useless, especially by long or hard usage. Strong's: #1086, #1089

WEARY: (masc.: יגע / ya'gey'a) The state of being exhausted from vigorous work. Strong's: #3022, #3023

WEASEL: (masc.: חולד / hho'led) An unclean animal of unknown species, possibly the weasel. Strong's: #2467

WEAVE(V): (שבץ / sh.b.ts) To interlace (threads, yarns, strips, fibrous material, etc.) so as to form a fabric or material. Strong's: #7660

WEEK: (masc.: שבוע / sha'vu'a) A period of time consisting of seven days or seven years. Strong's: #7620

WEEP(V): (בכה / b.k.h) To express deep sorrow, especially by shedding tears. Strong's: #1058

WEEPING: (masc.: בכי / be'khi) The act of expressing sorrow by shedding tears. Strong's: #1065

WEIGH(V): (שקל / sh.q.l) To ascertain the heaviness of by a balance or scale. Weigh out, usually of silver for payment. Strong's: #8254

WEIGH.OUT(V): (אזן / a.z.n) To measure the weight of something; to consider, in the sense of weighing in the mind. Alternate Translations: Pay attention, in the sense of giving weight (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #0238, #0239

WEIGHT: (masc.: משקל / mish'qal) The amount a thing weighs. Relative heaviness. Strong's: #4948

WELL: (fem.: באר / be'eyr) A dug-out hole, usually a well or cistern. Strong's: #0875

WELLNESS: (fem.: יטבה / ya'ta'vah) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WHAT: (מה / mah) Interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object. Can also be why, when or how. Alternate Translations: how; why (when prefixed with "to~" or preceded by the word "UPON"); how many (when prefixed with "like~"); what is the reason (when prefixed with "to~" and followed by the word "THIS"). Strong's: #4100

WHEAT: (fem.: חיטה / hhi'tah) A cereal grain that yields a fine white flour, the chief ingredient of bread. Strong's: #2406

WHEEL: (masc.: אופן / o'phen) A circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on a wagon or chariot. Strong's: #0212

WHELP: (masc.: גור / gur) (fem.: גורה / gu'rah) Usually a young lion. (May be derived from the sound of the lion). Strong's: #1482, #1484

WHERE: (איפוה / איכה / איה / אי / ey / ai'yeh / ey'khoh / ey'phoh) At, in, or to what place. Alternate Translations: why. Strong's: #0335, #0346, #0351, #0375

WHEREIN: (זו / zu) A person, thing, or idea present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. Strong's: #2098

WHEREVER: (אנה / אן / an / anah) Anywhere at all. A search for a person, place or time. Alternate Translations: how long (when attached to the word "UNTIL"). Strong's: #0575

WHET(V): (שנן / sh.n.n) To sharpen a knife or other cutting edge with a stone. Strong's: #8150

WHICH: (masc.: אשר / a'sheyr) This word links the action of the sentence to the one doing the action. Alternate Translations: because; because of what; how; such as; that; what; when; where; who; whoever; whom; whose; whereas (when prefixed with "in~"); just as (when prefixed with "like~"); even though (when attached to the word "GIVEN.THAT~"). Strong's: #0834

WHIP: (masc.: פרך / pe'rek) To strike, in punishment or anger with a rope or cord. Strong's: #6531

WHIRLWIND: (fem.: סופה / su'phah) A circling wind that devours what is on the land in its mouth. Strong's: #5492

WHIRRING.LOCUST: (masc.: צילצל / tsiyl'tsal) An unknown species of locust. Also, a cymbal. Strong's: #6767

WHISPER(V): (רגן / r.g.n) Strong's: #7279

WHITE: (masc.: לבן / la'van) (fem.: לבנה / le'va'nah) Free from color, the color of bricks in the Near East. Strong's: #3836

WHITE.ONE: (masc.: לבנון / lev'non) Of a whitish color. Strong's: [Found in names only]

WHO: (מי / miy) What or which person or persons. Strong's: #4310

WHOLE: (masc.: תמים / ta'mim) (fem.: תמימה / ta'miy'mah) Free of wound or injury; free of defect or impairment; having all its proper parts or components. Strong's: #8549

WHOREDOM: (fem.: זנות / ze'nut) The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for profit. Strong's: #2184

WHY: (מדוע / ma'du'a) For what cause, purpose or reason for which. Strong's: #4069

WICKED: (masc.: עול / e'wel) (fem.: עולה / aw'lah) Strong's: #5766, #5767

WICKEDNESS: (fem.: עלוה / al'wah) Strong's: #5932

WICKER.BASKET: (masc.: סל / sal) A receptacle made of interwoven materials such as reeds. Strong's: #5536

WIDE: (רחב / ra-hhav) Having great extent or breadth. Strong's: #7338, #7342

WIDE.OPEN(V): (שתם / sh.t.m) Strong's: #8365

WIDEN(V): (רחב / r.hh.b) To increase the size of an area wide; large; roomy. Strong's: #7337

WIDOW: (fem.: אלמנה / al'ma'nah) A woman who has lost her husband by death. Strong's: #0490

WIDOWHOOD: (fem.: אלמנות / al'me'nut) In a state of being a widow. Strong's: #0491

WIDTH: (masc.: רוחב / ro'hhav) Largeness of extent or scope. From the width of a road. Strong's: #7341

WILD.ASS: (masc.: פרא / פרה / pe're / pe'reh) A wild animal as prolific. Strong's: #6501

WILD.DONKEY: (masc.: ערד / a'rad) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WILD.GOAT: (masc.: אקו / aq'qo) An undomesticated goat. Strong's: #0689

WILDERNESS: (masc.: מדבר / mid'bar) A tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings. Place of order, a sanctuary. Strong's: #4057

WILLING: (masc.: נדיב / na'div) To give honor or offering out of one's own free will. Strong's: #5081

WILLOW: (masc.: ערב / a'rav) A species of tree. Strong's: #6155

WIND: (fem.: רוח / ru'ahh) A natural movement of air; breath. The breath of man, animal or God. The character. A space in between. Strong's: #7305, #7307

WIND.AROUND(V): (צנף / ts.n.p) Strong's: #6801

WINDOW: (חלון / hha-lon) A hole in the wall that admits light and a view of the other side. Strong's: #2474

WINE: (masc.: יין / ya'yin) Fermented juice of fresh grapes. From the mire in the wine. Strong's: #3196

WINE.TROUGH: (masc.: יקב / ye'qev) Strong's: #3342

WING: (fem.: כנף / ka'naph) An appendage that allows an animal, bird or insect to fly. Also, the wings of a garment. Strong's: #3671

WINTER: (masc.: חורף / hho'reph) The season between summer and spring. Time of the piercing cold and relative bleakness. Strong's: #2779

WIPE.AWAY(V): (מחה / m.hh.h) To remove by drying or sweeping away through rubbing; to polish in the sense of a vigorous rubbing; erase. Strong's: #4229

WIRE: (masc.: פח / pahh) A slender, string-like piece or filament of relatively rigid or flexible metal often used for snares. Strong's: #6341

WITH: (masc.: עים / im) (עים / im) Through the idea of being together in a group. Alternate Translations: among, by; away (when prefixed with "from~"). Strong's: #5868, #5973

WITH.THE.EXCEPTION: (fem.: זולה / zu'lah) An exception. Strong's: #2108

WITHDRAW(V): (חבא / hh.b.a) To take back or withhold what is cherished; to turn away or move back. Strong's: #2244

WITHDRAWING: (masc.: חובה / hhu'vah) Being withdrawn from view or contact. Strong's: [Found in names only]

WITHDRAWN: (masc.: נחבי / nahh'viy) Removed from view or contact. Strong's: [Found in names only]

WITHER(V): (צנם / ts.n.m) To become dry and sapless; to shrivel. Strong's: #6798

WITHHOLD(V): (מנע / m.n.ah) To hold back from action. Strong's: #4513

WITHHOLDING: (masc.: תמנע / ma'na) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WITHOUT: (masc.: אין / a'yin) (אין / a'yin) A lacking of something or the inability to do or have something. The search for a place of unknown origin. Alternate Translations: no; not; none; nothing; unable; where. Strong's: #0369, #0370, #0371

WITNESS: (masc.: עד / eyd) (fem.: עדה / ey'dah) Attestation of a fact or event. An object, person or group that affords evidence. Strong's: #5707, #5713

WOLF: (masc.: זאב / ze'eyv) A yellowish colored animal of the canine family. Strong's: #2061

WOMAN: (fem.: אנשה / an'shah) An adult female person. As mortal. Alternate Translations: each; one. Strong's: #0802

WOMB: (fem.: בטן / be'ten) An organ where something is generated or grows before birth. Strong's: #0990

WONDER: (masc.: מופת / mo'phet) An amazing sight or event that causes one to be dismayed. Something out of the ordinary. Strong's: #4159

WOOD.BAR: (masc.: בריח / be'ri'ahh) Round wooden dowels. Strong's: #1280, #1281

WOOL: (masc.: צמר / tse'mer) The sheared hair from the fleece of a sheep. Strong's: #6785

WORD: (masc.: דבר / da'var) (fem.: דברה / dab'rah) An arrangement of words, ideas or concepts to form sentences. A promise in the sense of being 'ones word.' An action in the sense of acting out an arrangement. A plague as an act. A matter or thing, as words also have substance in the Hebrew mind. Alternate Translations: matter; thing. Strong's: #1697, #1703

WORK: (masc.: מעשה / ma'a'seh) Activity where one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something. An action. Strong's: #4639

WORK.OVER(V): (עלל / ah.l.l) To carefully and thoroughly perform a task such as gleaning a field. Also, to mock or abuse in the sense of walking over another. Alternate Translations: abused (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #5953

WORKING: (masc.: אצבון / ats'von) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WORKINGS: (fem.: עלילה / a'liy'lah) Strong's: #5949

WORKS: (masc.: מעלל / ma'a'lal) What is done or performed. Strong's: #4611

WORTH: (fem.: מכסה / mikh'sah) The number assigned according to its amount, importance or need. Strong's: #4373

WORTHLESS: (masc.: אליל / e'liyl) A god or being without power. Strong's: #0457

WOULD.THAT: (לו / לוא / lu) A yearning for certain direction or action. Strong's: #3863

WOUND: (masc.: פצע / pe'tsah) An injury involving rupture of small blood vessels and discoloration without a skin break. The dark coloring of the skin caused by being hit or smashed. Strong's: #6482

WOUND(V): (פצע / p.ts.ah) Strong's: #6481

WOVEN.BASKET: (fem.: צינצנת / tsin'tse'net) A container made from multiple pieces of material entwined together into one unit. Strong's: #6803

WOVEN.MATERIAL: (masc.: תשבץ / tash'beyts) Material made from weaving threads of fibers together to become a solid piece. Strong's: #8665

WRAP(V): (עלף / ah.l.p) To envelop and secure for transport or storage. Also, meaning "to faint." Strong's: #5968

WRAP.AROUND(V): (עוד / ah.w.d) To enclose; to repeat or do again what has been said or done. Alternate Translations: warn (when written in the hiphil [active causative] or hophal [passive causative] form). Strong's: #5749

WRAPPER: (masc.: לוטן / lu'tan) Strong's: [Found in names only]

WRATH: (fem.: עברה / ev'rah) Strong vengeful anger. As crossing over from peace. Strong's: #5678, #5679

WREATH: (fem.: עטרה / a'ta'rah) Strong's: #5850

WRESTLING: (masc.: נפתול / naph'tul) To entwine, such as when twisting cords together to make a rope; to be entwined together when wrestling. Strong's: #5319

WRIST: (masc.: פס / pas) The joint between the hand and arm. Also, a garment with sleeves that reaches to the wrist. Strong's: #6446

WRITE(V): (כתב / k.t.b) To inscribe a story, thoughts or instructions on in a variety of mediums including stone, papyrus, leather or parchment. Strong's: #3789

WRITING: (fem.: כתובת / k'to'vet) Strong's: #3793

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