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JAR: (masc.: כד / kad) A sudden and unexpected shake; a wide-mouthed container. Strong's: #3537

JASPER: (fem.: ישפה / yash'phey) Probably the Jasper which may be red, yellow or brown in color. The Septuagint uses laspis meaning "Jasper." Other possible translations are Ruby, Hyacinth and Emerald. Strong's: #3471

JAW: (masc.: לחי / l'hhiy) From the moist cheeks. Strong's: #3895

JEWEL: (fem.: סגולה / se'gu'lah) A precious stone. Something of value. Strong's: #5459

JOIN(V): (לוה / l.w.h) To bind together. Alternate Translations: loan (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3867

JOINED.TOGETHER(V): (שלב / sh.l.b) Two becoming one purposely. Strong's: #7947

JOINING: (masc.: לו / law) The attachment of objects through binding together. Strong's: [Found in names only]

JOINT: (fem.: מחברת / mahh'be'ret) The point at which two opposing objects meet. Strong's: #4225

JOURNEY: (masc.: מסע / mas'sah) The packing up of camp for the purpose of beginning a journey. Strong's: #4550, #4551

JOURNEY(V): (נסע / n.s.ah) To travel or pass from one place to another; to break camp and begin a journey. Strong's: #5265

JUBILEE: (masc.: יובל / yo'vel) A special celebration every fifty years. Also, the jubilee horn of a ram that was used to announce the time of celebration. Strong's: #3104

JUDGE: (masc.: פליל / pa'lil) One who presides over a dispute. Strong's: #6414

JUDGMENT: (masc.: שפט / she'phet) Reward for action, good or bad. An aspect of determining the outcome. Strong's: #8201

JUDICIAL: (masc.: שפטן / shaph'tan) Strong's: [Found in names only]

JUG: (fem.: קשה / qa'sah) A vessel used for storage of water, grain, etc. Strong's: #7184

JUICE: (fem.: משרה / mish'rah) As loosened from the fruit. Strong's: #4952

JUMP(V): (זנק / z.n.q) To rise suddenly or quickly. Strong's: #2187

JUNIPER: (masc.: רתם / re'tem) (fem.: רתמה / rit'mah) A species of tree, possibly the Juniper. Strong's: #7574

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