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TABLE: (masc.: שולחן / shul'hhan) A flat surface, usually made of wood and with four legs, for laying out the meal to be eaten. Strong's: #7979

TAIL: (masc.: זנב / na'nav) The hindmost flexible appendage of an animal. Strong's: #2180

TAKE(V): (לקח / l.q.hh) To receive what is given; to gain possession by seizing. Strong's: #3947

TAKE.A.FIFTH(V): (חמש / hh.m.sh) To separate out one equal portion out of five. Strong's: #2567

TAKE.AS.A.PLEDGE(V): (חבל / hh.b.l) To receive an object in exchange for a promise. Strong's: #2254

TAKE.AWAY(V): (גרע / g.r.ah) To scrape off or clip. To impair or degrade. Strong's: #1639

TAKE.HEED(V): (סכת / s.k.t) To be silent. Strong's: #5535

TAKE.HOLD(V): (אחז / a.hh.z) To have possession or ownership of; to keep in restraint; to have or maintain in one's grasp; to grab something and keep hold of it. Strong's: #0270

TAKE.REFUGE(V): (חסה / hh.s.h) To take shelter or place ones trust in someone or something of support. Strong's: #2620

TAKE.STEPS(V): (דרך / d.r.k) To take a walk or journey. Also, stringing of a bow (from the action of stepping through the bow and using the leg to string the bow). Strong's: #1869

TAKE.UPON(V): (יאל / y.a.l) The placing of a yoke on the shoulders, literally or figuratively, to perform work or undertake a task. Alternate Translations: agree (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #2974

TALEBEARER: (masc.: רכיל / ra'khiyl) A traveler selling stories and songs. As a talebearer. Strong's: #7400

TALK(V): (מלל / m.l.l) To deliver or express in spoken words. Strong's: #4448

TAMARISK: (masc.: אשל / a'shal) The tree or a grove of desert shrubs and trees with masses of minute flowers. Strong's: #0815

TAMBOURINE: (masc.: תוף / toph) A shallow, one-headed drum with loose disks at the sides played by shaking, striking with the hand, or rubbing with the thumb. Strong's: #8596

TASK.WORK: (masc.: מס / mas) A forced labor or service. Strong's: #4522, #4523

TASSEL: (masc.: גדיל / ga'diiyl) An ornament consisting of twisted threads, small cords, or other strands. Strong's: #1434

TASTE.SWEET(V): (מתק / m.t.q) To have a pleasant taste to the mouth. Strong's: #4985, #4988

TASTY.FOOD: (masc.: מעדן / ma'a'dan) Having a marked and pleasing flavor. As a pleasurable thing. Strong's: #4574

TATTOO: (masc.: קעקע / qa'qa) Strong's: #7085

TAUNT(V): (גדף / g.d.p) To reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock. Strong's: #1442

TEACHING: (fem.: תורה / to'rah) Acquired knowledge or skills that mark the direction one is to take in life. A straight direction. Knowledge passed from one person to another. Strong's: #8451, #8452

TEAR(V): (קרע / q.r.ah) To rip into pieces. Strong's: #7167

TEAR.AWAY(V): (נסח / n.s.hh) Strong's: #5255

TEAR.INTO.PIECES(V): (טרף / t.r.p) To tear into pieces as a predator does to its prey; to rip a cloth into pieces. Strong's: #2963

TEAR.OFF(V): (פרק / p.r.q) To remove reluctantly. Strong's: #6561

TEAT: (masc.: דד / dad) The protuberance on the udder in female mammals, through which the milk ducts discharge. Strong's: #1717

TEN: (masc.: עשרה / עסרה / a'sa'rah) (fem.: עשר / e'ser) A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: twenty (when written in the plural). Strong's: #6235, #6240, #6242

TENDER: (masc.: רך / rakh) (fem.: רכה / ra'kah) Having a soft or yielding texture; easily broken, cut, or damaged. From the tenderness of the loins. Strong's: #7390

TENDERNESS: (masc.: רוך / rokh) Strong's: #7391

TENT: (masc.: אוהל / o'hel) A portable shelter made of black goat hair used by the nomads of the Near East. Strong's: #0168

TENT.CURTAIN: (fem.: פרוכת / pa'ro'khet) A wall of fabric or hung from the roof to make a dividing of a room. Strong's: #6532

TENT.PEG: (fem.: יתד / ya'teyd) An instrument used to secure the corners and sides of the tent to the ground. Strong's: #3489

TENTH: (masc.: עשירי / a'si'ri) An ordinal number. Strong's: #6224

TENTH.ONE: (masc.: עשור / a'sor) That which occupies the tenth position in a sequence. Strong's: #6218

TENTH.PART: (masc.: מעשר / ma'a'seyr) One portion of a whole divided into ten equal portions. Strong's: #4643

TERMINATE(V): (חדל / hh.d.l) To stop or refrain from continuing an action. Strong's: #2308

TERROR: (fem.: אימה / ey'mah) A state of intense fear. Strong's: #0367

TEST(V): (נסה / n.s.h) A critical examination, observation, or evaluation; trial. Strong's: #5254

TESTICLES: (masc.: אשך / e'shekh) Strong's: #0810

THANKS: (fem.: תודה / to'dah) An expression of gratitude or acknowledgement toward another. Strong's: #8426

THANKSGIVING: (masc.: יהודה / ye'hu'dah) An expression of thanks through shouting. Strong's: [Found in names only]

THAT: (מען / ma'an) The person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood from the situation. A close watching. (Always used with the prefix ל meaning "to") Alternate Translations: as; on account of, so that, or in order (when prefixed with "to~"). Strong's: #4616

THAT.ONE: (מו / mo) Being the person, thing, or idea specified, mentioned, or understood. (Always prefixed with the letter ב meaning "in," the letter ל meaning "to," or the letter כ meaning "like.") Alternate Translations: as (when prefixed with "like~"); this (when suffixed with "~him"). Strong's: #1119, #3644, #3926

THEFT: (fem.: גנבה / ge'ney'vah) The unlawful taking of another's property. Strong's: #1591

THEN: (masc.: אפו / ey'pho) An inquiry of a time or place. Strong's: #0645

THERE: (masc.: שם / sham) Used to identify another place. Alternate Translations: in. Strong's: #8033

THERE.IS: (masc.: יש / אש / yeysh / eysh) Something that exists. Alternate Translations: are; is; will. Strong's: #0786, #3426

THESE: (masc.: אל / אלה / el / ey'lah) The persons, things, or ideas present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. A grammatical tool used to identify something specific in the sense of looking toward a sight. Strong's: #0411, #0428

THEY(f): (fem.: הנה / hey'nah) The plural of "she." Alternate Translations: those. Strong's: #2007, #3860

THEY(m): (masc.: המה / hey'mah) The plural of "he." Alternate Translations: those, these. Strong's: #1992

THICK: (עב / av) Heavily compacted material, such as a cloud, forest or thicket, and is filled with darkness. Strong's: #5645

THICK.DARKNESS: (masc.: ערפל / a'ra'phel) A heavy darkness that can be felt. Strong's: #6205

THICK.GLOOMINESS: (fem.: אפלה / a'phey'lah) A heavy darkness that brings about sadness or depression. Strong's: #0653

THICK.WOVEN: (fem.: עבות / a'vot) A rope or other woven object that is tightly wrapped. Strong's: #5687, #5688

THIEF: (masc.: גנב / ga'nav) One who steals the property of another. Strong's: #1590

THIGH: (fem.: שוק / shuq) The upper part of the leg of a man or animal. Also, a street. Strong's: #7784, #7785

THIGH.MUSCLE: (masc.: נשה / na'she) Each side of the trunk formed by the lateral parts of the pelvis and upper part of the femur (thigh bone) together with the fleshy parts covering them. Strong's: #5384

THIN: (masc.: רק / raq) Not dense in distribution; not well-fleshed. Strong's: #7534

THIN.BREAD: (masc.: רקיק / ra'qiq) Dough that has been spread thin before baked. Strong's: #7550

THING.WRITTEN: (masc.: מכתב / mikh'tav) A composition that has been recorded by the written words. Strong's: #4385

THINK(V): (חשב / hh.sh.b) To plan or design a course of action, item or invention. Alternate Translations: consider (when written in the niphal form); plan (when written in the pi'el form). Strong's: #2803

THIRD: (masc.: שלישי / she'li'shi) An ordinal number. Strong's: #7992

THIRD.GENERATION: (masc.: שילש / shi'leysh) The third increment within the sequence. Strong's: #8029

THIRST: (masc.: צמא / tsa'mey) (fem.: צימאה / tsiy'mah) The lack of sufficient water. Strong's: #6771, #6772, #6773

THIRST(V): (צמא / ts.m.a) To lack sufficient water. Strong's: #6770

THIRSTY.LAND: (masc.: צימאון / tsiy'ma'on) A thirsty land. Strong's: #6774

THIS: (masc.: זה / zeh) (fem.: זאת / zot) A person, thing, or idea present or near in place, time, or thought or just mentioned. As prominent or pointed out. Alternate Translations: that; here (when prefixed with "in~"). Strong's: #1454, #2063, #2088, #2090, #2097

THIS.ONE: (fem.: הלזה / ha'la'zeh) The one nearer or more immediately under observation or discussion. Strong's: #1976

THISTLE: (masc.: דרדר / dar'dar) A prickly plant used by the shepherd to build a corral around the flock at night. Strong's: #1863

THORN.BUSH: (masc.: סנה / se'neh) A plant, bush or tree, that grows thorns. Strong's: #5572

THOUGH: (הן / heyn) However; nevertheless. In spite of the fact of. A possible or desired location. To bring attention to an event. Alternate Translations: but; look; since. Strong's: #2004, #2005

THOUGHT: (masc.: יצר / yey'tser) The forming of ideas in the mind. Strong's: #3336

THOUSAND: (masc.: אלף / e'leph) Ten times one hundred in amount or number. Strong's: #0505

THREAD: (masc.: חוט / hhut) A filament of fibers twisted together by spinning and used for sewing or tying items together. Strong's: #2339

THREE: (masc.: שלושה / she'lo'shah) (fem.: שלוש / she'losh) A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: thirty (when written in the plural). Strong's: #7969, #7970

THREE.DAYS.AGO: (masc.: שילשום / shil'shom) Literally the day before yesterday, but used as an idiom for the past. Strong's: #8032

THRESH(V): (אדש / a.d.sh) To separate the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. Strong's: #0156

THRESHER: (masc.: דישן / diy'shan) One who separates the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. Strong's: [Found in names only]

THRESHING: (masc.: דיש / da'iysh) The separating of the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. Strong's: #1786

THROW(V): (ירה / ירא / y.r.h / y.r.a) To propel through the air by a forward motion; to drizzle as a throwing down of water; to teach in the sense of throwing or pointing a finger in a straight line as the direction one is to walk. Alternate Translations: point or teach (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3384

THROW.DOWN(V): (רמה / r.m.h) To lead astray; to deliver to an enemy by treachery; to reveal unintentionally. Alternate Translations: betray (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #7411

THROW.OUT(V): (שלך / sh.l.k) To remove from a place, usually in a sudden or unexpected manner; to cast out, down or away. Strong's: #7993

THROW.THE.HAND(V): (ידה / הדה / y.d.h / h.d.h) To stretch out the hand to grab; to show praise or confession. Alternate Translations: thank (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); confess (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #1911, #3034

THROWING: (masc.: מידד / miy'dad) Strong's: [Found in names only]

THRUST(V): (תקע / t.q.ah) To push or drive with force a pole into the ground, such as when setting up the tent; to blow the trumpet in the sense of throwing out the sound. Alternate Translations: blow Strong's: #8628

THUMB: (fem.: בוהן / bo'hen) The opposable digit of the hand. Also, the big toe of the foot. Perceived as the builder because of its unique abilities. Strong's: #0931

TIE(V): (קשר / q.sh.r) To fasten, attach, or close by means of a string or cord; to tie around; to conspire in the sense of tying up. Alternate Translations: robust (when written in the pual [passive intensive] form). Strong's: #7194

TIE.ON(V): (רכס / r.k.s) To attach or bind one object to another by tying them together. Strong's: #7405

TIE.UP(V): (אסר / a.s.r) To wrap or fasten with a cord. Strong's: #0631

TIGHTLY.WRAPPED: (masc.: לוט / lut) To cover or encircle tightly. Strong's: #3875

TIME: (masc.: מונה / mo'neh) The measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues. A counting or reckoning of time. Strong's: #4489

TIME.OF.WEEPING: (fem.: בכית / be'khit) A period of sadness or mourning. Strong's: #1068

TIN: (masc.: בדיל / be'diyl) A metal separated out by smelting. Strong's: #0913

TINY: (masc.: צוער / tso'ar) Strong's: [Found in names only]

TIP: (masc.: תנוך / te'nuk) The pointed end of an object. Strong's: #8571

TIRED: (masc.: עיף / a'yeyph) Drained of strength and energy; fatigued. Strong's: #5889

TITLE: (masc.: שם / sheym) A word given to an individual or place denoting its character. The character of an individual or place. Strong's: #8034

TO: (אל / el) Used as a function word to indicate movement or an action or condition suggestive of progress toward a place, person, or thing reached. Alternate Translations: at; by; for; on; into, belonging to. Strong's: #0413

TO.THIS.POINT: (masc.: הנה / hey'nah) A precise moment in time or a specific location. Alternate Translations: here. Strong's: #2008

TOGETHER: (masc.: יחד / ya'hhad) In or into one place, mass, collection, or group. Strong's: #3162

TOIL: (masc.: יגיע / ye'gi'a) The act of working one's self to exhaustion. Strong's: #3018, #3019

TOKEN: (masc.: ערבון / ey'ra'von) Something given as a promise as an exchange. Strong's: #6162

TOMORROW: (masc.: מחר / ma'hhar) The next day. At a time following. Strong's: #4279

TONG: (masc.: מלקח / mel'qahh) An instrument used for grasping, having two arms working together. A tool for taking coals out of the fire. Strong's: #4457

TONGUE: (masc.: לשון / la'shon) A fleshy moveable process on the floor of the mouth used in speaking and eating. Also, language as a tongue. Strong's: #3956

TOOLS: (masc.: אזן / a'zeyn) An implement used for agriculture or war. Strong's: #0240

TOOTH: (שן / sheyn) Hard bony appendages on the jaws used for chewing food and forming of sounds when talking. Strong's: #8127

TOP.OF.THE.HEAD: (masc.: קדקוד / qad'qod) The crown of the head. Strong's: #6936

TOPAZ: (masc.: תרשיש / tar'shish) Possibly the Topaz, which may be yellow, gray, white, pink, green or blue in color. Other possible translations are Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Jasper, Serpentine, Olivine, or Flint. Strong's: #8658

TOPPLE(V): (כשל / k.sh.l) To fall over in death or from being pushed. Strong's: #3782

TORCH: (masc.: לפיד / la'pid) A burning stick of resinous wood. Also, lightning as a torch in the night sky. Strong's: #3940

TORN: (fem.: טרפה / te'rey'phah) Pulled apart. Flesh that is torn. Strong's: #2966

TORTOISE: (masc.: צב / tsav) An unknown creature, but probably a turtle or tortoise because of it's protective shell. Strong's: #6632

TOSS(V): (נדד / n.d.d) To heave or fling about; to throw with a quick, light, or careless motion; to be thrown about or wander around as nodding the head. Strong's: #5074

TOSS.OUT(V): (כור / קור / בור / k.w.r / q.w.r / b.w.r) To look deeply. Strong's: #0952, #6979

TOTTER(V): (מוט / m.w.t) To waver as a green branch. Strong's: #4131

TOUCH: (masc.: נגע / ne'ga) A mark as a sign of a touch; a mark indicating a sore, illness or epidemic. Alternate Translations: plague. Strong's: #5061

TOUCH(V): (נגע / n.g.ah) To lay hands upon; to touch or strike; to be touched by a plague. Strong's: #5060

TOUGHNESS: (masc.: דובא / do've) Strong and durable. [The meaning of this word is unknown, but is translated as "strength" in the Aramaic, Syriac and Greek translations.]. Strong's: #1679

TOWER: (masc.: מגדל / mig'dal) A structure higher than its diameter and high relative to its surroundings. Place of great size. Strong's: #4026

TOWN: (fem.: חוה / hha'wah) A small village. Strong's: #2333

TRADE(V): (סחר / s.hh.r) The business of buying and selling or bartering commodities. To go about as a merchant trading goods. In Psalm 38:11 this word is used for the beating of the heart in the sense of going about to and fro. Strong's: #5503

TRAMPLE.DOWN(V): (בוס / b.w.s) To purposely destroy by stomping upon to break or smash. Strong's: #0947

TRANCE: (fem.: תרדמה / tar'dey'mah) A state of partly suspended animation or inability to function. A deep sleep or unconsciousness. Strong's: #8639

TRANQUILITY: (masc.: שילוה / shi'loh) A state of rest. Strong's: #7886

TRANSGRESS(V): (מעל / m.ah.l) To commit an unintentional or treacherous act that results in error. Strong's: #4603

TRANSGRESSION: (masc.: מעל / ma'al) An unintentional or treacherous act that results in error. Strong's: #4604

TRANSPLANT(V): (שתל) Strong's: #8362

TRAP(V): (לכד / l.k.d) To forcefully take or seize. Strong's: #3920

TRAPPINGS: (masc.: עדי / a'di) Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a person's position or rank. Strong's: #5716

TREAD(V): (רמס / רמש / r.m.s) To trample under foot. Strong's: #7429, #7430

TREAD.ABOUT(V): (רגל / r.g.l) To be on foot walking through a foreign land, usually in the sense of spying; to trample another with the tongue. Alternate Translations: spy (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #7270, #8637

TREADER: (masc.: רמש / re'mes) A creature that crawls or creeps on something. Strong's: #7431

TREASURE: (masc.: מטמון / mat'mon) Wealth hoarded up or stored. What is hidden. Strong's: #4301

TREASURY: (masc.: צפנת / tsaph'nat) Strong's: [Found in names only]

TREE: (masc.: עץ / eyts) A woody perennial plant with a supporting stem or trunk and multiple branches. Alternate Translations: wood (especially when in the plural form, but occasionally, depending on context, in the singular as well). Strong's: #6086, #6097

TREMBLE(V): (חרד / hh.r.d) To shake involuntarily; shiver. Strong's: #2729

TREMBLING: (masc.: חרד / hha'rad) (fem.: חרדה / hha'ra'dah) An involuntary shaking or shivering out of fear or awe. Strong's: #2730, #2731

TREMBLING.IN.FEAR: (masc.: חת / hhet) A physical reaction, such as shivering, in fear or dread. Strong's: #2844

TRIAL: (fem.: מסה / ma'sah) The act of trying, testing, or putting to the proof. Strong's: #4530

TRIBAL: (masc.: עמון / a'mon) Strong's: [Found in names only]

TRIBE: (fem.: אומה / u'mah) A social group consisting of numerous families, clans or generations together. A family lineage as bound together. Strong's: #0523

TRIBUTARY: (masc.: פלג / pe'leg) A dividing of a watercourse into separate branches. Strong's: #6388

TRIBUTE: (masc.: מכס / me'khes) An assessment based on a number. Strong's: #4371

TRICKLING: (fem.: זילפה / ziyl'pah) To flow or fall by drops, or in a small, gentle stream. Strong's: [Found in names only]

TROUBLE: (fem.: תלאה / te'la'ah) A difficulty that brings about weariness. Strong's: #8513

TROUBLED: (masc.: זעון / ze'ah) To disturb the mental calm and contentment of; worry; distress; agitate. Strong's: [Found in names only]

TROUGH: (masc.: רהט / ra'hat) A long, shallow often V-shaped receptacle for the drinking water or food of domestic animals. Strong's: #7298

TRUTH: (fem.: אמת / e'met) The state of being the case. Fact. What is firm. Accurately so. Strong's: #0571

TUMOR: (masc.: עפל / a'phal) A mound on the skin. Strong's: #6076

TUMULT: (fem.: מהומה / m'hu'mah) A tormenting; trouble; distress; plague; worry. Strong's: #4103

TUMULTUOUS: (masc.: משא / ) Strong's: [Found in names only]

TUNIC: (fem.: כתונת / ke'to'net) A simple slip-on garment with or without sleeves. Strong's: #3801

TURBAN: (fem.: מצנפת / mits'ne'phet) A cloth that is wrapped around the head. Strong's: #4701

TURN(V): (פנה / p.n.h) To rotate or revolve; to face another direction; to turn the face; to turn directions; to turn something back or away. Alternate Translations: clear away or clear out (when written in the piel [passive] form). Strong's: #6437

TURN.ASIDE(V): (סור / שור / s.w.r) To change the location, position, station, or residence; to remove. Alternate Translations: remove (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); make self ruler (when written in the hit'pa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #5493, #7787, #8323

TURN.AWAY(V): (שרה / s.r.h) To deviate from the correct path toward another direction. Strong's: #8280

TURN.BACK(V): (שוב / sh.w.b) To return to a previous place or state. Alternate Translations: return. Strong's: #7725

TURN.OVER(V): (עטף / ah.t.p) To turn aside in fainting or hiding. Alternate Translations: feeble (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #5848

TURNING.ASIDE: (fem.: סרה / sa'rah) A change in location, position, station or residence, usually as a revolt. Strong's: #5627

TURQUOISE: (masc.: נופך / no'phek) Possibly the Turquoise, a blue to green stone that was commonly mined in the Near East. The Septuagint has Anthrax meaning "coal." Other possible translations are Carbuncle, Garnet, Emerald and Malachite. Strong's: #5306

TURTLEDOVE: (fem.: תור / tor) A small wild pigeon. Strong's: #8449

TWIG: (masc.: שריג / sa'rig) A secondary shoot or stem arising from a main trunk or axis.. Strong's: #8299

TWILIGHT: (fem.: עלטה / a'la'tah) The light from the sky between full night and sunrise; or between sunset and full night. Strong's: #5939

TWIN: (masc.: תאום / ta'om) Born with one other or as a pair at birth. Strong's: #8380

TWIRL(V): (נדף / n.d.p) To toss back and forth. Strong's: #5086

TWIST: (fem.: עוה / aw'wa) Strong's: #5754

TWIST(V): (חול / חיל / hh.w.l / hh.y.l) A winding or wrapping together; entwined in pain or joy. Strong's: #2342

TWIST.AROUND: (fem.: חוילה / hhu'il) A winding together. Strong's: [Found in names only]

TWIST.BACKWARDS(V): (סלף / s.l.p) A path that winds back on itself. To twist words or actions away from their proper context. Strong's: #5557

TWIST.TOGETHER(V): (שזר / sh.z.r) To wrap separate pieces together forming one unit. Alternate Translations: twisted (when written in the hophal [passive causative] form). Strong's: #7806

TWISTED: (masc.: פתלתל / p'tal'tol) Strong's: #6618

TWISTEDNESS: (masc.: עוון / a'won) Gross injustice; wickedness. The result of twisted actions. Strong's: #5771

TWO: (masc.: שנים / she'na'yim) (fem.: שתים / she'ta'yim) A cardinal number. (Always written in the double plural form) Strong's: #8147

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