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PACK(V): (טען / t.ah.n) A bundle arranged for carrying. Strong's: #2943

PALACE: (masc.: ארם / a'ram) A large house. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PALE: (masc.: חור / hhor) Strong's: #2353, #2715

PALENESS: (masc.: חורי / hho'ri) Made with bleached flour. Strong's: #2355, #2751

PALM: (fem.: כף / kaph) Part of the hand or foot between the base of the digits and the wrist or ankle; A palm-shaped object. (This word is written in the masculine form in Job 30:6 and Jeremiah 4:29, where it used for "rocks" or a "cliff," a hiding place.) Alternate Translations: spoon (from the curved shape being similar to a palm). Strong's: #3709, #3710

PALM.GROVE: (fem.: דיקלה / da'phaq) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PAN: (fem.: מחבת / ma'hha'vat) Any shallow open or closed container used over a fire. Strong's: #4227

PARABLE: (masc.: משל / ma'shal) An illustration of similitude; a story of comparisons; a proverb. Strong's: #4912

PARAPET: (masc.: מעקה / ma'a'qeh) A place of pressing as one leans on it. A wall that is placed around the roof as this place was occupied because of its coolness in the summer. Strong's: #4624

PARCEL: (fem.: חלקה / hhal'qah) A section or portion of land that has been purchased or aquired. Strong's: #2513

PARCHING.HEAT: (masc.: חורב / hho'rev) An intense heat that causes shriveling or toasting. Strong's: #2721

PART(V): (פצה / p.ts.h) To separate. Part the lips to open the mouth. Strong's: #6475

PARTNER: (masc.: מרע / mey'rey'a) One that shares. A close companion. Strong's: #4828

PARTRIDGE: (fem.: חגלה / hhag'lah) A species of game bird. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PASS.OVER(V): (חלף / hh.l.p) To pass through, by or over something. Also, to change in the sense of going to another one, side or thought. Alternate Translations: change (when written in the hiphil [active causative] or piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #2498

PAST.TIME: (fem.: קדמה / qad'mah) A time that is before. Strong's: #6927

PASTE(V): (חמר / hh.m.r) To smear a paste such as mortar on bricks or tar on a boat. Strong's: #2560

PATH: (masc.: אורח / o'rahh) The road or route one travels. Strong's: #0734

PATTERN: (fem.: תבנית / tav'nit) A model or instructions detailing a construction. Strong's: #8403

PAYMENT: (fem.: משכרת / mas'ko'ret) Something that is paid. Strong's: #4909

PEASANT: (masc.: פרז / pa'raz) One of lower rank, or value, usually dwelling in a town without walls. Strong's: #6518

PEDESTAL: (fem.: מכונה / me'kho'nah) A base that is firm and functions as a supports. Strong's: #4350

PEEL(V): (פצל / p.ts.l) To strip off an outer layer. Strong's: #6478

PEG: (masc.: וו / waw) A peg, nail or hook as used for attaching one thing to another. (The short form "ו" is used as a prefix meaning "and."). Strong's: #2053

PELICAN: (fem.: קאת / qa'at) An unknown bird that vomits up its food for its chicks. Strong's: #6893

PENIS: (fem.: שפכה / shaph'khah) The male reproductive organ. Strong's: #8212

PEOPLE: (masc.: עם / am) A large group of men or women. Strong's: #5971

PERCEIVE(V): (חזה / hh.z.h) To be able to understand on a higher level; to see something that is not physically present. Strong's: #1957, #2372

PERFORATE(V): (חרם / hh.r.m) To fill with holes; to make holes; to destroy. Strong's: #2763

PERFORATED: (masc.: חרם / hhe'rem) Something filled with holes or is perforated. Also, something accursed in the sense of being filled with holes. Strong's: #2764

PERFORATED.ONE: (masc.: חרמון / hher'mon) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PERFORM(V): (פלא / p.l.a) To do a wondrous action that shows ones might. Alternate Translations: too difficult (when written in the niphil [passive] form). Strong's: #6381

PERFORMANCE: (masc.: פלא / pe'le) A wondrous action. Strong's: #6382

PERFORMING: (masc.: פלוא / pa'lu) The act of doing, displaying, or creating. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PERISH(V): (אבד / a.b.d) To be deserted or abandoned; separated from the whole, life or functionality. Alternate Translations: destroy (when written in the hiphil [causative] form). Strong's: #0006, #0008

PERMANENT: (fem.: צמיתות / ts'miy'tut) Something that is continual. Strong's: #6783

PERSECUTION: (fem.: צרה / tsa'rah) To agitate mentally or spiritually; worry; disturb. Strong's: #6869

PERSUADE(V): (סות / s.w.t) Strong's: #5496

PESTILENCE: (fem.: מגפה / ma'gey'phah) A plague or other disaster that smites people or beasts. Strong's: #4046

PICK.OUT(V): (נקר / n.q.r) Strong's: #5365

PICK.UP(V): (לקט / l.q.t) To take hold of and lift up; to gather together. Strong's: #3950

PIECE: (masc.: נתח / ney'tahh) A part of the original. What has been cut from the whole. Strong's: #5409

PIERCE(V): (דקר / d.q.r) To pierce through with a sword or other sharp object. Strong's: #1856

PIERCE.THROUGH(V): (נקב / n.q.b) To make a hole by puncturing or penetrating; to curse in the sense of piercing through. Strong's: #5344

PIERCED.BREAD: (fem.: חלה / hha'lah) Bread that has many holes, as perforated. Strong's: #2471

PIERCING: (fem.: שנינה / sh'niy'nah) Strong's: #8148

PILE(V): (ערם / ah.r.m) To mound up in a heap. Strong's: #6192

PILE.OF.RUINS: (masc.: עי / iy) Strong's: #5856

PILE.UP(V): (צבר / ts.b.r) To heap something up in a mound. Strong's: #6651

PILLAR: (masc.: עמוד / a'mud) A standing upright post or column. Strong's: #5982

PILLAR.BASE: (masc.: רפיד / re'phid) (fem.: רפידה / r'phiy'dah) The lowest or deepest part of anything. Strong's: #7507

PISTACHIO: (masc.: בוטן / bo'ten) A greenish-yellow nut from a small tree of the same name. From its belly shape. Strong's: #0992

PIT: (masc.: פחת / pa'hhat) (fem.: פחתת / p'hhe'tet) A hole in the skin from disease. Strong's: #6354, #6356

PIT.DIGGER: (masc.: שוחם / shu'hham) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PITCH: (fem.: זפת / ze'phet) A sticky substance used to seal wood from water leakage. Strong's: #2203

PITCH.TENT(V): (אהל / a.h.l) To set up camp. By extension, can also mean a distant shining, such as the moon. Strong's: #0166, #0167

PITIED: (masc.: חמול / hha'mul) One who deserves pity, sorrow, or regret. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PITY: (fem.: חמלה / hhem'lah) Having or showing sympathetic consciousness of others' distress with a desire to alleviate it. Strong's: #2551

PLACE(V): (סים / סום / s.y.m / s.w.m) To put or set in a particular place, position, situation, or relation. Strong's: #3455, #7760

PLACE.OF.LODGING: (masc.: מלון / ma'lon) An establishment for lodging and entertaining travelers. A place for spending the night. Strong's: #4411

PLACE.TO.BURN: (masc.: מקטר / miq'tar) A specific location used for burning incense. Strong's: #4729

PLAIN: (masc.: מישר / מיתר / mey'shar / mey'tar) A level, or straight, place. One who is right or upright. Strong's: #4334

PLAIT: (fem.: משבצה / mish'be'tsah) A woven or checkered work. Strong's: #4865

PLAN: (masc.: עוץ / uts) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PLANT(V): (נטע / n.t.ah) To put or set into the ground for growth; to establish plants. Strong's: #5193

PLANTATION: (masc.: כרמל / kar'mel) A field that produces an abundance of grains, fruit or another crop. By metonymy, the crops of the plantation. Strong's: #3759

PLASTER(V): (טוח / t.w.hh) To spread a clay and straw mixture out to create a smooth surface. Strong's: #2902

PLATFORM: (fem.: במה / ba'mah) A place higher than the surrounding area. Often used in reference to sacred, or exalted, places. Strong's: #1116

PLATTER: (fem.: קערה / qe'a'rah) A large plate, serving dish. Strong's: #7086

PLEA: (masc.: דין / דון / diyn / dun) A request to a person in authority. Strong's: #1779, #1781

PLEAD(V): (פלל / p.l.l) To entreat or appeal earnestly; to fall to the ground to plead a cause to one in authority; prevent a judgment. Alternate Translations: Intercede (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #6419

PLEASANT: (fem.: חמדה / hhem'dah) Having qualities that tend to give pleasure. An object of desire. Strong's: #2532

PLEASANTNESS: (masc.: נעמן / na'a'man) Strong's: #5282

PLEASE: (masc.: נא / אנא / אנה / na / a'na / a'nah) A pleading or request for action from another. Strong's: #0577, #4994

PLEASURE: (עדן / e-den) A state of gratification. Strong's: #5730

PLEDGE: (masc.: עבוט / a'vot) What is given as security for a loan. Strong's: #5667

PLENTY: (masc.: שבע / sa'va) A full or more than adequate supply. What is full, satisfied or abundant. Alternate Translations: many. Strong's: #7647, #7649

PLOT(V): (זמם / z.m.m) To devise a plan of action, usually with evil intent. Strong's: #2161

PLOWING: (masc.: חריש / hha'rish) Breaking up the ground in order to plant a crop. The time of plowing. Strong's: #2758

PLOWSHARE: (masc.: את / et) The cutting point of a plow. Strong's: #0855

PLUCK(V): (זמר / z.m.r) To make music by plucking an instrument. To pick fruit. Strong's: #2167, #2168

PLUCK.AWAY(V): (גזל / g.z.l) To take off something or someone by force through picking off, robbing or plundering. Strong's: #1497

PLUCK.OUT(V): (משה / m.sh.h) To draw or pull out. Strong's: #4871

PLUCK.UP(V): (עקר / ah.q.r) To pull or dig out the roots. Strong's: #6131

PLUCKED: (fem.: גזלה / ge'zey'lah) To pull with sudden force or with a jerk. Strong's: #1500

PLUCKED.OUT: (masc.: מושה / mo'sheh) What is drawn or pulled out. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PLUCKING: (masc.: גזל / ga'zeyl) To pull with sudden force or with a jerk. Strong's: #1498, #1499

PLUMAGE: (fem.: ניצן / ni'tsan) The feathers of a bird. Strong's: #5339

PLUNDER: (masc.: בז / baz) What is seized by war or robbery; prey; booty; spoils Strong's: #0957

PLUNDER(V): (בזז / b.z.z) To commit robbery or looting. Strong's: #0962

POINT: (masc.: צפורן / tsiy'po'ren) The sharp pointed talon of a bird. Also, a fingernail or the sharp point of a flint. Strong's: #6856

POINT(V): (תאה / t.a.h) To identify a mark. Strong's: #8376

POINT.OUT(V): (אוה / a.w.h) To show a direction. Strong's: #0184

POLE: (fem.: מוטה / mo'tah) The bent bar of the yoke that goes around the neck, also a branch that is used as pole. Strong's: #4133

POMEGRANATE: (masc.: רמון / ri'mon) A sweet deep red fruit prolific with seeds. A symbol of compassion and love. Strong's: #7416

POOL: (masc.: אגם / a'gam) A collection of water, either natural or manmade. Once (Jeremiah 51:32) used for the reeds which line the pond. Strong's: #0098, #0099

POPLAR: (fem.: ליבנה / liv'nah) A tree with white bark. Strong's: #3839

POSSESS(V): (ירש / y.r.sh) To come into possession of or receive especially as a right or divine portion; o receive from an ancestor at his death; to take possession, either by seizing or through inheritance. Alternate Translations: dispossess (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form). Strong's: #3423

POSSESSION: (masc.: מורש / mo'rash) (fem.: מורשה / mo'ra'shah) Something that is personally owned. Strong's: #4180, #4181

POSSIBLY: (אולי / u-li) Being within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization. A possible outcome. To desire what you are without. Strong's: #0194

POST: (masc.: נציב / ne'tsiv) The place at which a soldier is stationed. As standing tall and firm. A garrison. Strong's: #5333

POSTERITY: (masc.: נכד / ne'khed) The offspring of a progenitor to the furthest generation. Continuation through the next generation. Strong's: #5220

POT: (masc.: סיר / sir) A vessel used for cooking or storing. Strong's: #5518

POUCH: (masc.: צרור / tse'ror) A group of things fastened together for convenient handling. Something that is bound up tightly. Strong's: #6872

POUR(V): (נסך / n.s.k) To cause to flow in a stream; to give full expression to. Strong's: #5258, #5259

POUR.DOWN(V): (יצק / יסק / y.ts.q / y.s.q) To send a liquid from a container into another container or onto a person or object; to pour molten metal into a cast. Strong's: #3251, #3332

POUR.OUT(V): (שפך / sh.p.k) To let flow a liquid, often the blood of an animal in sacrifice or a man. Strong's: #8210

POURED.OUT: (masc.: נסיך / na'siyk) A liquid poured out as an offering. Strong's: #5257

POURING: (masc.: נסך / ne'sak) A liquid poured out as an offering or the pouring of a molten metal to form images. Strong's: #5262

POVERTY: (fem.: מסכנות / mis'key'nut) Those who rely on benefits from others. Strong's: #4544

POWDERY: (masc.: עפרון / eph'ron) Strong's: [Found in names only]

POWER: (masc.: אלוה / e'lo'ah) Possession of control, authority, or influence over others; physical might. The power or might of one who rules or teaches. One who yokes with another. Often applies to rulers or a god. Often used in the plural form literally meaning "mighty ones," but often used in a singular sense to mean "The Mighty One." Strong's: #0430, #0433

PRECIOUS: (masc.: מגד / me'ged) What is choice or excellent. Strong's: #4022

PRECIOUS.METAL: (masc.: בצר / be'tser) Valuables that are stored away and protected. Strong's: #1220, #1222

PRECIPITATE(V): (מטר / m.t.r) To rain or snow. Strong's: #4305

PRECIPITATION: (masc.: מטר / ma'tar) A rain, snow or exceptionally heavy dew. Strong's: #4306

PREDICT(V): (נחש / n.hh.sh) To foretell what is to come. Strong's: #5172

PREDICTION: (masc.: נחש / ne'hhash) A foretelling of what is to come. Strong's: #5173

PREDICTOR: (masc.: נחשון / nahh'shun) One who is able to foretell what is to come. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PREGNANCY: (masc.: הרון / הריון / hey'ron / hey'ra'yon) The quality of containing unborn young within the body. From the mound of the belly. Strong's: #2032

PREGNANT: (fem.: הרה / הרי / ha'reh / ha'riy) Containing unborn young within the body. Strong's: #2030

PREPARE(V): (כון / k.w.n) To put in proper condition or readiness. Alternate Translations: be ready (when written in the niphil [passive] form); establish (when written in the piel [active intensive] form). Strong's: #3559

PREPARED: (masc.: עתיד / a'tiyd) Strong's: #6264

PRESENT: (fem.: ברכה / be'ra'khah) A gift given to another in respect as if on bended knee. Also, a pool of water as a place where one kneels down to drink from. Alternate Translations: pool (from the idea of kneeling down to drink from it). Strong's: #1293, #1295

PRESERVE(V): (נצר / n.ts.r) To watch over or guard for protection. Strong's: #5341

PRESS(V): (שחט / s.hh.t) Pressure or pushing action. Strong's: #7818

PRESS.FIRMLY(V): (מעך / m.ah.k) Strong's: #4600

PRESS.HARD(V): (פצר / p.ts.r) To push or urge another into an action. Strong's: #6484

PRESS.IN(V): (צרר / ts.r.r) To confine or restrict in a tight place. Strong's: #6887

PRESS.OUT.OIL(V): (צהר / ts.h.r) Extracting the fluids from the olive. Strong's: #6671

PRESUME(V): (עפל / ah.p.l) To lift up an idea. Strong's: #6075

PREY: (masc.: טרף / te'reph) An animal taken as food by a predator. The meat that is torn by the predator. Strong's: #2964, #2965

PRICE: (masc.: מחיר / m'hhiyr) The payment for an item. Strong's: #4242

PRICKLY.THORN: (masc.: צנן / צנין / tsa'niyn) A sharp thorn that causes pain. Strong's: #6796

PRIDE: (fem.: גאוה / ga'a'wah) A lifting up of one's status in a positive or negative sense. Strong's: #1346

PRISON: (masc.: סוהר / so'har) A place of confinement. Strong's: #5470

PRISONER: (masc.: אסיר / a'sir) One who is bound or confined. Strong's: #0615, #0616

PRODUCE: (masc.: פרי / pe'ri) Agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The harvested product of a crop. Strong's: #6529

PRODUCT: (masc.: יבול / ye'vul) The produce of fruits and crops that flourish in fields frequently flooded. Strong's: #2981

PRODUCTION: (fem.: תבואה / te'vu'ah) Total output of a commodity or an industry. An increase of produce, usually of fruit. Strong's: #8393

PROFIT: (masc.: בצע / be'tsa) A valuable return; to derive benefit. The taking of money or something of value through force. Strong's: #1215

PROJECTILE: (masc.: שלח / she'lahh) A weapon that is sent by the hand. Also, a plant shoot as sent out of the ground. Strong's: #7973

PROLONG(V): (ארך / a.r.k) To lengthen or delay. Strong's: #0748

PROPERTY: (fem.: ירשה / y'rey'shah) Strong's: #3424

PROPORTION: (fem.: מיסה / miy'sah) An offering. Strong's: #4530

PROSPER(V): (צלח / ts.l.hh) To succeed; to move forward in distance, position or in thriving. Strong's: #6743

PROSTITUTE: (masc.: קדש / qa'deysh) (fem.: קדשה / qe'dey'shah) One who exchanges sexual intercourse for payment. Strong's: #6945, #6948

PROSTITUTION: (masc.: זנון / za'nun) The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for profit. Strong's: #2183

PROTECTION: (masc.: סיתר / si'tar) Shielded from harm or destruction. Strong's: [Found in names only]

PROTECTIVE: (masc.: חנון / hha'nun) Providing a rescue or help to another in distress. Strong's: #2587

PROVENDER: (masc.: מספוא / mis'po) Dry food for domestic animals. A gathering of food. Strong's: #4554

PROVIDE(V): (יהב / y.h.b) To give what is due; to grant or allow permission. Alternate Translations: bring; come. Strong's: #3051

PROVIDE.FOOD(V): (לעט / l.ah.t) Supply nourishment. Strong's: #3938

PROVIDE.PROTECTION(V): (חנן / hh.n.n) To rescue or give help to another, to treat as valuable. Alternate Translations: beseech (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form). Strong's: #2589, #2603

PROVISIONS: (fem.: צידה / tsi'dah) A stock of needed materials. The produce of the hunt. Also, used for "food" in general. Strong's: #6720

PROVOKE(V): (נאץ / n.a.ts) Strong's: #5006

PULL.OUT(V): (שלף / sh.l.p) To pull out, up or off. Strong's: #8025

PULLED.OUT: (masc.: שלף / sha'laph) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PULVERIZE(V): (שחק / sh.hh.q) To continually beat something to make it small or turn to powder. Strong's: #7833

PUNISHMENT: (fem.: ביקורת / bi'qo'ret) Strong's: #1244

PURCHASE(V): (קנה / q.n.h) To acquire ownership or occupation through an exchange. Strong's: #7069

PURCHASED: (masc.: קנת / qe'nat) Strong's: [Found in names only]

PURE.GOLD: (masc.: פז / paz) Strong's: #6337

PURPLE: (masc.: ארגמן / ar'ga'man) A reddish-blue color used to dye yarn and used in weaving. Strong's: #0713

PURSUE(V): (רדף / r.d.p) To follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat; to pursue in chase or persecution. Strong's: #7291

PUSH(V): (נגש / n.g.sh) To drive oxen or men. Strong's: #5065

PUSH.AWAY(V): (הדף / h.d.p) To drive or force out or away; discharge or eject. Strong's: #1920

PUSTULE: (fem.: אבעבועה / a'va'bu'ah) A swelling irritation that festers on the skin. An inflammatory pustule as an eruption. Strong's: #0076

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